Rachetness to the max

I have been a fan of and have been following this youtube sensation Tommy Sottomayor for awhile now…http://www.youtube.com/user/tommynewsnetwork1?feature=watch…. The reason why I like this brother’s videos is because he sheds light on rachetness in the community and how it proves how we are the most insecure and fucked up people on the planet…especially those in the diaspora. People who hate on Sottomayor really have very little reasons to and often proves his rants have many ammunition to pull from. After I had just emigrated to North America, I used to hear how Caucasians are the nastiest, most whack people around. Over the time I have seen knee-grows out nasty and out whack Caucasians at a pace that is astounding. Last week the Lord of the rings look-a-like troll Lil Wayne dropped something called a rap lyric in which he talked about fucking a pussy so bad it would end up looking like the face of murdered teen Emmett Till’s face. Outside of the disgust and anger some felt, others came to this toads defence by saying he is a talented artist. As if that has anything to do with the price of eggs in Egypt. Last week  at the Heat-Laker’s game Lil smeagol was kicked out of the game for obviously going over the top with his enthusiasm. Now to get kicked out of a sporting event, especially on national TV, one needed to be extra aggressive and threatening to the athlete.  There seems to be a conscientious that the performing animals in the entertainment zoo, had no right to dignity, respect and safety. So then Lil bitch gollum decided he was going to respond to the alleged dis from the Miami Heat:

“Let’s finish having a good time.
When I say ‘F*ck,’ you say ‘NBA.’ F*ck!
When I say ‘F*ck,’ you say ‘Miami Heat.’ F*ck!
You let them n*ggas know I’m from the streets so
I ain’t going on no Twitter beef — take it to the f*cking streets n*gga.
F*ck all these n*ggas. F*ck LeBron, f*ck D-Wade, f*ck all them n*ggas man.
And, and, and I f*cked Chris Bosh’s wife.”

Brothers and sisters, this is a representative of the rachetness that Tommy talks about often and is the result of a dysfunctional family… one usually without a man or a male presence-and what this dysfunctionality breeds. Now whatever you may think of Chris Bosh, know this for a fact. He is the product of a two parent family, is articulate, does not dress like some reject from a homeless shelter and don’t act like the most common of denominator. It’s interesting that while I am not a fan of this metro sexual look that these dudes rock these days, at least he’s not wearing a dress. But then again cats call Chris Bosh a homosexual because….? Well I don’t know, but Kanye in a dress is hardcore and Prince is sexy…wtf! Also whatever you may think of his wife of choice, she white, light or damn near white or whatever the lighting is, knee-grows need to get out of people’s business and fix your own sad pathetic lives.


Chris Bosh’s Wife Responds To Lil Wayne? “What Goes Around Comes Around

Among us people the ultimate insult is to dis on a knee-grows mother (even if she doesn’t deserves it, because we have been condition to put her on a pedestal unconditionally) while they next worse  is to dis on his girlfriend or wife. This little nasty ass chi chi bwoy, who has been seen publicly sucking on some rough faced nukka’s lips gets to dis on a man’s wife just to prove some out dated whack ass shit pseudo machismo shtick.

mqdefault I can see how his “white daddy” in the music industry sitting down stroking his boner as Lil Kiss a rough neck on the lips, raises the rachetness level by insulting some one who had never done anything to him. Maybe Lil Wayne should be Clive Davis’s bitch instead of Steve J’s bitch. When people like the ancestor Steve Cokely, Bobby Hemmit or Irritated Genie talks about the kind of activities these performing circus animals engage in behind the scene, the is often the finished products that comes out eventually…like this …

Remember when all these knee-grows would praise this beast up because he gave them blood money to get their shin on, on stage?



How is this ratchet? No it’s not obviously ratchet, but many of these stars are ratchet raised  and just because they have a little money don’t really change the character unless conscious intervention is implemented. This rachetness is why these entertainers in particular, engage in orgies, homosexuality, and breaking out ghetto style.

I agree with Tommy Sottomayor that the problem with the dysfunctional males and females is the rise of the single female run homes. Overstand that the system set it up to reward females for breeding with multiple dusty knee-grows, either kicking them out of the home, or watch them walk out because they already have 15 other “kids” with 6 other females. These females who grow up dysfunctional, in turn raise dysfunctional males and females and the cycle continues. IN a society that limits the involvement of fathers in a child’s life and one that makes it impossible and illegal for a man to correct an out of control female. He would either be shamed for correcting her, or challenged publicly if he takes strong measures to correct an out of control female.  Knee-grow females are the champions of non accountability, where they willingly criticize Caucasian females, African men and even dark skin people in the community. We dis on each other when we don’t practice the self hating acts of trying to look like negropeans. Yet we also dis on each other when we DON’T try to act all ghetto and stupid.

Below are two pictures of Alicia Keys and her son. Do you know people are insulting the little boy because of his hair?



How can human beings look at this little boy and pour hate on him because of his hair? They don’t dog out his mother for getting pregnant for a married man and having him leave his wife for her. Noooo! they insult the little boy because he doesn’t have pretty hair I guess.

Knee-gresses also will get out of control and wild when they leave a relationship, not wanting to leave it in a dignified fashion. I watched a video where this knee-grow male was ending his relationship with a female and she decided to jump in front of his car, nearly got run over, but turns around and saying that he tried to kill her. This rachet ass female is screwing…not dating…screwing a basketball player and after they broke up was serving up the 411 on him. Stop me if you have heard this one before. And she has even dissed on another females choice as being homosexual. One of the regular go to insult these rachet ass knee-grows will throw out.


 Knee-grow females will continue to do shit like this because low life knee=grow males encourage them or enable them when they fall out like this.  Pussy on the mind, pussy hound, thirsty starving nukkas with very little purpose in life other than to act rachet.



And years later or even before that when the rachetness is played out, they find Jesus and will give all their worldly possession to build another knee-grows fortune. Even accepting his holy milk. Creflo dollar lives in this, while his congregation lives in poverty. I am mad at an associate of mine who refused to ride with me on creating our own church. I do the organizing and due to his knowledge of the bible, he does the preaching. Trust me when I say i could bring a lot of these suckers back to the light, and show them how to enjoy prosperity here on earth and not fill some pimps pocket. Alas this is one bullshit i doubt I can pull off as sincerely as people like Creflo Dollor.


Check out Tommy ranting on some more rachetness and check out how people are having fun at this low life brutish knee-grow in the first video.

5 thoughts on “Rachetness to the max

  1. Well there’s no doubt that when it comes to putting ghetto ignorance on display,very few can top black folks. But as far as nastiness and filth goes—-I still think white folks take the cake. Just check out Cynical Afrikan’s blog. They take disgusting to a whole different level!lol
    Now as far as Lil Wendy goes,we know this fool is a disgrace to black folks worldwide. He’s nothing but a homo-thug. Just like most rappers today. But he shouldn’t be talking about the wives of other men. Especially since he has about seven or eight baby mammas. But I think he prefers men anyway. But that’s the current climate of hip hop nowadays. So I’m not the least bit surprised at his disgraceful behavior. The entertainment industry loves to reward those that will stoop to the lowest common denominator. And since many of our people are poor and made to feel worthless,there’s no shortage of those ready to put their “ghetto ignorance” on display. It’s a damn shame! We got to do bother.


    1. I agree with you African, but I must comment on this statement…”But as far as nastiness and filth goes—-I still think white folks take the cake. Just check out Cynical Afrikan’s blog. They take disgusting to a whole different level!lol”…We don’t even know we do this, this deflection. if you talk about Caucasian men committing acts of pedophilia, Asian men gambling away their homes and marriage, South Asian males raping and killing those darker than themselves or even Arabs killing women just because, non of them will say…”but black people do it too!” Or “what about black people how come we don’t talk about them?”

      We are the only group that does this. You know, Cynical Afrikan knows and I know that Caucasians engage in some nasty shit. Even they know that. But because they do it does not absolve us from correcting this mess in our community. I agree whole hearted with you about the industry, but the people who do the least, who complain the least and who support these self hating knee-grows are the ones who themselves are engaging in rachetness. This is why Lil Gollum can become a star instead of street walking like is Lil nukkas ass should have been doing because we help the record industry build him up.

      Thanks for your comment brother.


      1. Yeah I see what you’re saying. I do agree that there are people in our community engaging in some shameful behavior. For me it’s not so much deflection,I just believe they are the originators of this sick behavior. Back in Greece and Rome they promoted homosexuality,bestiality and pedophilia. I even seen cave drawings in Europe of men having sex with buffalo and goats! Not sure of any of that going on in the motherland.lol But you’re right,regardless of how they act we still have to clean up our act. We can’t worry about them—they’re going to keep doing their thing. However this may give us a clue on where we learned this sick behavior from,right?


      2. I appreciate your comment brother. This is something I myself have had to deal with as I mature, because knowing who they are and their history is one thing, but we should as you say, focus on our growth, because there are too much rachetness happening here.



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