Sexuality 101: Sexual ideologues


  1. A system of ideas and ideals, esp. one that forms the basis of economic or political policy: “the ideology of republicanism”.
  2. The ideas and manner of thinking of a group, social class, or individual: “a critique of bourgeois ideology” 
1 : an impractical idealist : theorist
2 : an often blindly partisan advocate or adherent of a particular ideology

Examples of IDEOLOGUE
<as long as there are ideologues controlling both sides of the aisle, legislative compromise is out of the question>
proved to be impractical ideologues who had no idea how to run a country>

Everybody has an ideology. It is your world view. It is wrapped up in traditional practices, that maybe sensible and consistent, such as the belief that breast feeding is a better avenue to connecting the mother to the child, while ensuring the child’s first few month/years are spent intaking a healthy dose of nourishment. Some ideology are not consistently positive to either the practitioner or those the ideology is forced on. An example of this is the imposition of a alien cultural practice on another that displaces the original groups own traditions and practices. This displacement gives rise to what psychologist calls, cognitive dissonance. Cognitive dissonance is a term used to describe the feeling of discomfort that results from holding two conflicting beliefs. When there is a discrepancy between beliefs and behaviors, something must change in order to eliminate or reduce the dissonance. Cognitive dissonance plays a role in many value judgments, decisions and evaluations. Becoming aware of how conflicting beliefs impact the decision-making process is a great way to improve your ability to make faster and more accurate choices. However,  there are three key strategies towards reducing or minimize cognitive dissonance:

  1. Focus on more supportive beliefs that outweigh the dissonant belief or behavior.
  2. Reduce the importance of the conflicting belief.
  3. Change the conflicting belief so that it is consistent with other beliefs or behaviors. <<<<<<<<<<

The Ma’afa (“terrible occurrence” or “reoccurring disaster”) that was rained down on the collective heads of the original dark matter people included a series of fixed Pavlovian practices that, over a period of four hundred years changed our ideology and traditions from free thinking people, with a high culture and golden world view, to that of a schizophrenic entity, who like Pavlov’s dogs can be easily taught to salivate at the IDEA of something “good” coming their way. The Ma’afa against us has never ceased, it was just changed with the times, in order to be more effective in training us as lower animals. Once the architects of our Ma’afa,  would have exclusively beat, maim and brutalized our culture and ideology out of us in the example of the Willie Lynch methodology. Today they still  brutalize us to ensure physical compliance to this society’s mores; but they also legislate and psychologically indoctrinated us out of our original practices and constantly enforced a foreign doctrine and lifestyle on us. By dangling the loss of jobs, personal freedom, or the idea of social ostracism to keep us in check, the doers of Isfet (confusion) once again ensures our emotional and psychological compliance to the mores of Yurugu, the mythical deity who strove against Amma’s natural order. The most insidious ways to get us to change our ideological practices and cultural traditions,  includes the  re-writing and stealing of our story, killing our truth sayers and story tellers, destroying pour monuments and edifices….all to ensure our tales are inaccurate, and to indoctrinate us socially, academically and spiritually into a false paradigm where ancient spiritual practices have become a commodity and natures principles have become obsolete and disparaged as outdated and unsophisticated.

In the UK–of course, she being the bastard child of the Greco-Roman empires–teachers have been encouraged to introduce pornography into the classroom, using sex education lessons to explain that porn is ‘not all bad’ and ‘hugely diverse’. The recommendations, included in an educational guide, suggest that teachers confront ‘myths’ about porn and inform children as young as five about sexualisation. The guidance could have significant influence in British schools after the Government’s decision to keep sex education lessons voluntary, leaving schools to devise their own ways of teaching the subject.  Read more here: My readers would have also remembered me mentioning how Hillary Clinton wanted to teach the children of none European cultures as young as five years old, how to masturbate to ensure that they have….I really don’t know…a healthy sexual awareness. You may also I recall just last year the United snakes told countries ravaged by European made disasters that unless they practice birth control, or if certain countries fail to  make homosexuality a legislated norm…they should forget about getting an aid. All the while the gang of thieves and and thugs at the UN, continues to be complicit in the disasters, both economically, politically and socially. invested on theses countries. What you just read are examples of ideologues, controlling people from birth to death and in between, imposing their particular brand of world view , with sufficient reward and consequences/punishments for those who resist.  The book confessions of an economic hit man details some of these punishments. The use of media only serves to augment, re-enforce and overstimulate the innervated spirit, with low vibratory frequencies in order to effectively condition us for more of the same, and as our mental defence fall down, we easily become hypnotized to change our conflicting beliefs to be consistent with a foreign one. After awhile this conflicting belief becomes our norm and as another day comes, we move farther and farther away from the world view of our ancestors and our original culture.


A coming out party?

It is interesting reviewing the comments made by former NFL linebacker Brendon Ayanbadejo, earlier this year. Ayanbadejo pretty much guaranteed that  before the start of the new NFL  season, we would be treated to the collective revelation of at least four NFL players openly declaring their homosexuality. Since then the eldest child of former suspected homosexual himself Earvin “Magic” Johnson, became a sort of exhibit A as his homosexuality was talked about across the sports world. I hesitate to say he “came out of the closet”, because based on the pictures circulating, it was quite obvious that he, EJ was open about his sexual choices for a long time, or his was the grandest of coming out parties ever. In the entertainment world, just like breaking news stories and pulling out before ejaculating….timing is everything. So it is less than interesting that after Ayanbadejo’s declaration, both Ej’s announcement and that of former Baylor bears woman basketball star, Britney Griner’s own announcement became topics of interests to the media to push, promote and talk about. However, the media being filled with illusionists  and a sorcerers mind control aspect, would have us believe that not only is this great that Magic’s son is homosexual, but with his fathers endorsement, it now puts the onus on those not sportive of the homosexual lifestyle to either hitch their horse to that wagon out of fear of being marginalized or be accused of being  oppressive and in violation of a homosexuals civil/human rights.  So far in western society, opposition to a homosexual life style is regulated to the social refuse bins, peopled by Nazis, “racist (whatever the hell that is), religious fanatics, hate mongers and terrible hue-man beings. Those who opposed this lifestyle are made to feel that our opposition is not valid and we should be embarrassed and ashamed of encroaching on the civil rights of the homosexuals.  After all, as a dark matter descendant, I have been told by the academicians and spin doctors that “gay is the new black” and  their “struggle” for acceptance is similar to Afrikan people in Amerikka for all of my people’s sojourn in this wilderness. Since the recent revelation of Britney Griner, free agent NFL player Kerry Rhodes, was tabbed as a homosexual male, masquerading as a heterosexual,  and is more of the same  of an influx of news where so many knee-grows are coming out of the mythical closet.  Rhodes lifestyle came into question, when pictures  with his supposed assistant showed a westernized male much too comfortable inside another man’s personal space, to be just friends or employer-employee. What is unfortunate at this time for Rhodes is that he while he has denied all speculations of his lifestyle, the former assistant, has been on line  revealing detailed information for the world to see and be titillated by. Rhodes assistant has been insistent and persistent in exposing him as a homosexual, including going on gossip outlet to reveal intimate details of their supposed affairs. Kerry Rhodes as a long history of and is supposedly steal having sex with females as well. Alleged Text Messages  Guys having fun photos and other sundry details. Now this is not to attack Rhodes, but this latest story serves to illustrate two things. First their are more of us engaged in this activity then we know or care to admit. Second, the powers that be are hell bent on not only converting as much young people into homosexuality as possible, but that they are extremely eager to push it in our faces. The icons THEY chose for us has been shown to be false idols and pied pipers in our community.

Another issue that is affecting our community is the number of males that are homosexuals, but chose to lie about it and continue to have sex with women….then again you have males that proudly declare their bi-sexuality and women still sleep with them. Then these same females turn around and accuse homosexual males having sex with females as passing on venereal diseases to them. Ah no bitches! you getting venereal diseases because you can’t keep your legs closed and are willing to fuck, suck or breed for just anybody. Before you jump on the “down low” train, overstand that most of the sexual transmitted disease in our community is not being passed around by closeted homosexual males, but through the recreational sexual activities of mainly the heterosexual females, but the  heterosexual males as well. having sex with a closeted homosexual male just adds to an already detrimental problem, which is the lack of spiritual, sexual and cultural maturity we exhibit in our sexual choices and world view. Please go back and re-listen to the lecture – is homosexuality destructive for the black family-at the end of the lat post,  regarding the responsibilities needed to have a functioning individual, community and nation. When there is no clear overstanding as to who we are and what our roles are, not just as Afrikan/Meritu people, but as beings placed in this sphere to journey towards our purpose, we end up like this confused individual, who believes the realm between “he” and “she”, should be dissolved.

Alfred Kinsey was the singular most important individual in the de-criminalizing of every single law we ever had to protect women and children. Why do so many predators serve little or no prison time and get released back into society? Dr. Judith Reisman, who served on President Reagan’s Investigation on the influence of pornography, states that the laws that once protected women and children were changed based on the Kinsey Report’s fraudulent data!  Kinsey was directly involved in these laws being changed. In 1949 he testified in California as the world’s foremost expert on human sexuality, and he went State by State to testify against tough sex laws and advocated that pedophiles should all be released from prison, because they did not repeat their crimes, and that parole would reduce our sex crimes. Kinsey was advocated for, and his research was paid for, by the very elite Rockefeller Foundation. Lawmakers and committees were persuaded to accept and believe Kinsey, and so laws were changed and sex penalties reduced. Complicating this problem is the cases of judges, compromised by their own addiction to pornography — also documented across the nation.

The shit has gotten so stale that animal rights activists are now advocating for longer jail term for animal abusers, than for pedophile sex predators of all persuasions. According to the information that has been out for more than a minute now…when a predator is caught for the first time, he or she (hooray for equality) has already had an average of 61 victims under his belt (no pun here). A matter of fact the average sex predator, mostly pedophiles and homosexual predators average between 75 to 350 victims in their life times. This is why I am very displeased with Dr. Umar Johnson, in his debate with the Irritated Genie as he was disrespectful of Genie’s recommendation that a sex predator should be terminated with prejudice. Every known studies show that these monsters NEVER CHANGE their behavior, in the face of over whelming therapy. The studies also show that, not only are homosexuals often products of rape or abuse themselves as youngsters, but so are predators. While Dr. Johnson’s assertions about therapy is noble, the facts have proven that this is a case of Sisyphus pushing that damn boulder up hill, over and over. Now I am not accusing homosexuals of predator behavior. BUT….the homosexual lifestyle is a vampire lifestyle, where often new victims are “turned” to that lifestyle, as new is the in thing and is the primary way, even while there are some who practice monogamy. And if any homosexual is truly honest, they will agree with the above statement.


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