Why I’ll never wear hair extensions again, by british pop star Jamelia

In my many years on this space ship earth, there are three cardinal rules of man-woman interaction that I as a man am not supposed to question a woman about. Her age, her weight and her hair. All three are enacted for bullshit reasons and speaks to the modern female’s insecurity and doubts about her value and self worth.  Obese females get into a conniption when the cause of their weight issue comes to fore, even while they force themselves into dress sizes two sizes too small to fit their fat assess in. Females who believe that not speaking about their age will somehow arrest their chronological progress, even while they live a lifestyle, emotionally, physically and spiritually that compromises growing old gracefully. However, nothing is as sinister, as fucked up and detrimental to us…both the female and by association the male, than the pursuit of dead furs and hair hats in order to deny mother Afrika her rightful place of prominence in our lives.


Below is a story to a link of one female’s tiny steps in a journey towards self discovery. I pray she continues the journey and evolve some more out of this corrupted notion tht the original dark matter peoples can only look to the North countries for self worth. Man Know Thy Self …and Thou will Know God!


Shout out to truth be told from the blog http://diaryofanegress.com, who first alerted me to the following two videos. Check out her after video comment:

“After I saw this video, my first reaction was anger. I know how they feel. Then after I calmed down and thought to myself how EVERY group targets us because we are determined to be eternal consumers, not providers, I sat back and realized that we have not one person to blame but ourselves”

These two women tried to steal weave at a chinese store and got violated for it; while the owners desperately tried to hang on to them while they waited for the police