what do my readers think?


What do you all think about this picture? Someone on my face book has equated this with white pride and has subtly accused my of being afraid of homosexuals (that’s what homophobia means).  When I was in college, talking loud and being Africentric, I was accused of hating “white” people!  Give me your comment on this picture, I want to hear what you are saying.

in the meantime…I will leave you with this….



11 thoughts on “what do my readers think?

  1. Prince said : “you would get more support saying you were gay than if you were pro-black”

    Nothing but truth. To be gay is to accept white supremacy to be pro-black automatically pits you against it.


    1. This was why the cat, who was (a) A socialist (b) Pan Afrikanist (c) Feminist and now (d) an Anarchist..implied that heterosexual pride is related to white pride. The sad reality is I like my white people being white. It’s when they act like “wiggers”, that pisses me off…sort of like negropeans.


    1. Brother, I read somewhere that when a civilization starts to decline is when the mores of that society becomes inconsistent with the natural order of things. in fact in my second post about Sexuality 101…I mentioned that they have invented a new word called heteronormative. According to the homosexual who invented this word, it describes heterosexuals who are biased in assuming that heterosexual sex is the only sex there is. I also included something called the homosexual manifesto where the demands and threat for pedophilia was a clear cut theme of this group. Oh! there is an agenda alright and whether or not we directly fight against it via violence (which I don’t condone) or indirectly (showing mature verbal opposition) we are lumped into the category of abusers, haters and violent prone.


      1. Heteronormative? WTF?! Now I’ve heard everything. These homos needs to stop with this crap! It’s really sickening!


      2. Lol…Look it up brother…shits for real! Just to be me, I am gonna try to figure out away to make a t-shirt like my pic here. Living in the city i do, I know fools are gonna go ape shit.


      3. You’re not lying! I just looked it up. It’s hard to keep track of all these new words they come up with. Good look on the t shirts. I would definitely purchase one!lol I’m actually thinking about creating my own t shirts for my blog. I just have to think of a good logo.


  2. I see nothing wrong with the picture. But I’m not surprised people are upset. We currently live in a culture that embraces all types of sexual perversions..Oops! I meant preferences. You must accept all sexual lifestyles as normal or be labeled a bigot and intolerant. This culture has completely gone down the toilet. The powers that be want to create a modern day Rome. A place where homosexuality,pedophilia,transgender and beastiality is seen as normal. As a matter of fact, in this day and age you would get more support saying you were gay than if you were pro black.lol That’s a pretty sad state to be in. But that shows you the levels of decadence this society will accept.


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