It doesn’t matter if you have religious conviction or not. This travesty shows how western society ( I refuse to call it civilization) is bent on enslaving those who don’t march to the beat they designate for us. First of all, western society has taken prayer out of schools. Yet with the same snake tongue teach your children about masturbation and homosexuality as normal, without informing the parent AND as low as grade three!

Check out this video:

Yet some cat is allowed to bring his boyfriend to a senior prom and everybody falls out of their chairs to praise it as some type of brave act. This is not a Creationist vs. an Evolutionary argument here. This is a straight up culling of people who don’t follow the states agenda. In fact this isn’t even the over the top bull shit that Robert Guerrero kept spouting just before he was undressed on May 4th. This was a quiet self acknowledgment that no sensible person can hate on…except those who desire to control our lives.


3 thoughts on “WoW!

  1. Wish I could say I’m shocked. This is very disturbing indeed. It shows you where this country is headed.


    1. Actually it’s in Canada on the outskirts of Toronto. That’s why i said it doesn’t matter where they are, pigs will be pigs. If they could jack up Caucasian men like this, think about what they do to us?


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