The truth about Mulana Karenga

For the longest time I was aware of the violent  tribal war between the US organization and the Black Panthers, but up until now the details have been sketchy. I became aware of Karenga’s involvement as a FBI informant, but not much was explained beyond that.  This article gives some insight into one of the many ways the Amerikkklan tyrants effectively broke the backs of the Liberation movement. And by the Huey P Newton was set up and murdered.


CIA Informant: Ron Karenga (RAT 416-NZA) & Kwanzaa Exposed:
by Shango Oya

During the era of 1969-1972 a large-scale politicization of prisons throughout the U.S. flourished, particularly in California, and was causing the enemy no end of problems. Led by the writings of Malcolm X, George Jackson, Eldridge Cleaver, Huey Newton, Marcus Garvey, Che Guevara, Mao Tse Tung and Ho Chi Mihn, Afrikan prisoners in particular, were becoming conscious of themselves as prisoners in a larger war against our race. As a result the imprisoned Afrikans began to organize, study and compose creative pro-Afrikan ideas, writings and works assert their natural human rights, unify as a force and drop systematic self-destructive behavior. This widespread organization was the beginning of what was to known as the powerful Prisoner’s Rights Movement. The success of this Prisoner’s Movement began to spread like wildfire throughout prison systems in the U.S. and as far as the UK. It even crossed racial lines, as Latinos, Native peoples, Asians and even whites started to support and emulate this bold new dynamic and to target our common enemy.

In response to this perceived threat, the CIA, FBI and coordinated military intelligence groups (Office of Naval Intelligence and Army Intelligence in particular) and engaged in several operational initiatives of murder, sabotage and destruction. Jonathan Jackson and his brother George were set up and murdered, prison race gangs (Black Guerilla Family, Aryan Brotherhood, Mexican Mafia, La Nuestra Familia, etc.) were encouraged, assisted and fostered to target and kill political prisoners, and progressive groups within the prisons. These elements were funded and used to spread death, drugs and criminal mayhem as a move to destroy the gains of the Prisoner’s Movement. Snitches and all manner of provocateurs were cultivated, trained and inserted amongst the revolutionary prisoners and groups. Division Five in concert with other departments of the FBI, specifically set-up and bad-jacketed/snitch-jacketed targeted prisoners for inmate incited hostilities and murder. Later, in the case of the revolutionary Attica uprising, the Prisoner’s Movement was violently suppressed on personal orders from Nelson Rockefeller, with scores of prisoners brutally beaten, tortured and murdered as examples to others in and out of the penal system.

The strength of the Prisoner’s Rights Movement was born out of imprisoned Afrikans consciously transforming themselves into revolutionary Afrikan warriors to serve the people. Their successes were noted and the CIA, in concert with Division Five of the FBI, the Stanford Research Institute, the California Bureau of Prisons, and the LAPD’s CCS (Criminal Conspiracy Section, organized a project known as The Black Cultural Association (BCA). The BCA was a specific behavior modification and psychological experimentation unit housed within the California State Prison and Medical Facility at Vacaville. Funding and direction for the BCA came from the CIA via the Stanford Research Institute (SRI) as well as the LEAA (Law Enforcement Assistance Administration of the U.S. Department of Justice). The cover story was “the development of black pride” for the Afrikan prisoners. Heading up this department was a psychotic house **** by the name of Colton Westbrook. Westbrook came from a U.S. Army background as a specialist in Psychological Warfare and Terror Ops for the CIA’s Phoenix Project in Southeast Asia. Westbrook provided logistical support for CIA’s Phoenix Program and his particular job was the indoctrination of assassination and terrorist cadres also known as synthetic terror groups or pseudo-gangs. The Phoenix Project was a sustained policy of political assassinations, rigged elections, outright terror campaigns against civilians, political imprisonment in American-made tiger cages, torture and Psy Ops propaganda by CIA agents. CIA Director William Colby promised at his Senate confirmation hearings in July 1973 that he would curb the CIA’s activities at home and abroad. Instead, he has imported the Phoenix Program directly into the United States.

A career CIA man, Westbrook worked under cover with A.I.D. (the Agency for International Development). Handling undercover black ops assignments throughout Cambodia, Thailand, India, Japan, Hong Kong, Philippines, Okinawa and Soviet Union. He later went on to supervising the CIA’s drug operations throughout Asia before finally being summoned to establish and direct the BCA at the California Medical Facility at Vacaville (a psychiatric state prison) in California. The California Medical Facility at Vacaville in actuality housed the Maximum Psychiatric Diagnostic Unit, or MPDU. This MPDU’s function was to receive and “treat” the worst “troublemakers” from prisons throughout the state. Westbrook adopted the name “Yajiuma” as part of his cover and then inserted his “pro-Afrikan” group, the Black Cultural Association into the inmate population. Westbrook/Yajiuma set about creating the BCA as honeypot to attract Afrikans who fit a specific psychological profile under the auspices of a cultural haven and pro-black self-development center. Under Project MKSEARCH, the Stanford Research Institute and CIA Research and Development programs worked with drugs such as Librium, and Magnesium Pemoline, which were administered illegally to certain BCA members at the California Medical Facility at Vacaville. Westbrook’s assignment in the Black Cultural Association behavior modification unit was to recruit future agents for CIA domestic intelligence programs. Seemingly random killings, assassinations, and operations such as the Zebra murders in San Francisco, are linked to this prison control and training, through the imposition of mind-altering drugs, psycho-surgeries, chemo-surgeries, use of electric shock and electrode implants, and mind control programming such as Clear Eyes assassin training. The code-named “Zebra” killings (so-called by police because the crimes involved black on white crimes) took place in San Francisco during a six-month period from 1973 to 1974 and occurred during the time of CIA/FBI involvement in Vacaville and COINTELPRO operations in California. The murder spree involved shootings, stabbings, and hackings with machetes and was running roughly concurrent to the time that the SLA (Symbionese Liberation Army) was active. The crimes were allegedly perpetrated by so-called American Black Muslims motivated by “revenge on the white race”. Given the history of such tactics as the use of disinformation and smear campaigns against “subversive” groups, it is possible that this was also part of a CIA/FBI project to discredit the Muslim movement in America, and that the murders were said to have been committed by whites in black face make-up. For a 179-day period, the “Zebra” killers brutally assaulted, robbed, and sodomized a total of twenty-three persons, leaving fifteen dead. Also running concurrently was the string of occult connected murders attributed to a so-called maniac dubbed the Zodiac Killer. Compelling new evidence reveals that this too was a coordinated part of the U.S. intelligence agencies’ synthetic terror operations, and that the “Zodiac Killer” was actually Team Zodiac. A terror squad composed of satanic cult organized killers and patsies, very much like the ones they established within the Manson Family and Son of Sam terror teams.


Westbrook, working with the LAPD’s CCS (Criminal Conspiracy Section) and Division Five of the FBI, used certain newly “Africanized” and modified recruits to set up two primary synthetic terror groups known as the Us organization with police agent Ron N. Everett a.k.a. Ron Karenga; and the SLA, or Symbionese Liberation Army with police informer and provocateur Donald DeFreeze. According to CCS police snitch and provocateur Louis Tackwood, Ron Karenga and his Us (later known as the United Slaves) organization were funded by the Ford Foundation, the LAPD and his good friend Mayor Sam Yorty through municipal funds. Financing to the tune of over $50,000 per year, plus two offices and five apartments, as indicated in the September 6, 1969 edition of the Black Panther newspaper. The Wall Street Journal revealed that Karenga “Maintained close ties to the eastern Rockefeller family” and that “A few weeks after the assassination of Martin Luther King… Mr. Karenga slipped into Sacramento for a private chat with Governor Ronald Reagan, at the governors request. The black nationalist also met clandestinely with Los Angeles Police Chief Thomas Reddin after King had been killed.”Louis E. Tackwood was the liaison man between Karenga and DeFreeze and LAPD’s  CCS division. Aptly named, the Criminal Conspiracy Section’s sole purpose and agenda was to target and destroy black militants and their organizations, through conspiracies involving informers, agent provocateurs, programmed assassins and set-up men. As well as “militant” synthetic terror groups to sabotage and discredit the Afrikan liberation movement in general. Through Tackwood, Ron Karenga and his United Slaves (we should’ve known they were punks by their ******* name alone!) were given their assignments to “Work in opposition to other Black groups within the Black community, which attracted large numbers of Blacks.” Karenga was directly ordered to “Curtail the Panther Party’s growth, no matter what the cost, and that no rang-a-tang (CCS slang for US members) —that’s what we called his people— would ever be convicted of murder.” Tackwood also stated that he provided Karenga with assassination orders from the FBI to kill Panther leaders Elmore Geronimo Pratt, and Alprentice “Bunchy” Carter.

Why target “Bunchy” Carter?

The Southern California chapter of the Black Panther Party was formed in 1968 by Alprentice “Bunchy” Carter. Carter was the former head of the 5,000-strong Slauson gang and its hard-core unit, the Slauson Renegades, and was known in the area as “the Mayor of the Ghetto”. While spending four years in Soledad prison on charges of armed robbery, he became a Muslim and a follower of Malcolm X. In 1967, Carter met Black Panther Party Minister of Defense Huey Newton and immediately became a Panther on the spot. Newton recognized Carter’s formidable organization and leadership skills and tasked him with forming and leading the Southern California BPP chapter. In early 1968, he was given the revolutionary position of Deputy Minister of Defense.

Mae Brussell on Ron Karenga, originator of Kwanzaa: “Black leader of the US Organization. In December, 1967, Detective Sergeant R. Farwell recruited Donald DeFreeze to work for the Public Disorder Intelligence Unit, of the CCS (Criminal Conspiracy Section, LAPD). Its purpose was to monitor black political activities in California. Karenga worked with DeFreeze and the LAPD, as part of a “f**k-f**k unit,” running guns to various black militant groups, hoping to set off a gang war between the Black Panthers and the US Organization. US member Melvin Cotton Smith helped set up Black Panther busts for the police. The Steiner brothers, working with Karenga and the LAPD, killed Panther leaders John Huggins and Alpretnice Carter at UCLA.”

Members of Karenga’s group were at Vacaville with DeFreeze.

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  1. Rule number one:

    Never join anything. If Garvey’s right hand man could set him up and help get him deported, anything is possible.


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