The World’s Worst Atrocities

This is how the West (ern world) was won and how the current Western economy rose. And we are shocked by the atrocities in Europe and North America today.

Re played from Mutabaruka’s radio program, the cutting edge. Tell me again about some death camp in Germany?

The crazy bitch syndrome!


This is a fair warning. This post contains vulgarity, some element of angry ranting and expressions that might hit you in the most unpleasant way. Some of you —females in particular–may be offended by this post, so continue at your own risk of being offended.  However, this is why I started MY BLOG, so i can self express the things that piss me off, as well as to share information I believe is relevant.


There are a lot of deluded and stupid females out there, in modern society! Many qualify as bitches. Crazy bitches, stupid bitches, conniving bitches and just plain fucked in the head bitches. Normally, I would be quicker to call some simple ass, no account male, a bitch, a lot faster than I would call a female one. That’s just how i came up. But one has to call a bitch a bitch, regardless of how one is inclined.  A lot of females are on this goddess tip, queen tip, especially in the African community. We seem to forget that self proclamation without the work or support of your peers just make you look like a dumb ass.  The narrative from long ago rightfully points to the fact that the original deity was first worshiped in the form of the female image. The feminine energy was considered the better of the two energies because of its balance and restorative nature as opposed to the masculine and  destructive one. The original healers and spiritual guides were praised in the feminine and female state. I know that. His-storical and ourstorical documentation says so. I am not one to overlook the fact that while Africa was the first to hold the feminine in high esteem, Africa also abused and oppressed the feminine and the female long before the rise and dominance of this so called Western “civilization”.

Yet, no other society has done more to create a segment of females that qualifies for the bitch category like the Western “civilization”!    The rampant and out of control emotionalism all you knee-grow females exhibit needs to be put in check. Feminazism was never meant for you, yet you embrace that foreign doctrine to the detriment of your common sense, the relationship between you and your natural complement and worse between you and your off springs. I recently came across an image on the internet that just blew my mind and more than made me realize that the women in my community and or ethnic group, need to get your shit together. Now I am not coming from an unbiased place, but what pisses me off is not so much this stupid bitch’s ongoing acting out, but the enabling bitches who like a good saga and are often more opinionated than they are willing to use common sense.  Check put this brief video…

According to the information I could gather…Dwyane Wade’s ex-wife, Siohvaughn Funches, had sued Wade over proceeds from his endorsements but then promptly dropped the suit. After leaving a court hearing, she then staged a sit-in outside of the Daley Center in Chicago with a sign to protest for her rights as an ex-wife and “the mother of Wade’s children”. ‘NBA Miami Heat star, mother of his children on the streets,’ Siohvaughn Funches’ sign read. She said she was driven to the act after a frustrating several days in court, as the post-divorce saga between the one-time high-school sweethearts continues to play out. After a grueling week of court developments in which Funches sought to fire her attorney — her legal representation paid for by Wade, she has gone through 12 lawyers — and a week in which she was arrested by Circuit Court Judge Thomas Carr for appearing late in court, she claims she’d had it. Leaving Friday’s hearing, Funches plopped down on a mat outside the downtown courts building, with her sign and her sister and mother at her side supporting her. Isn’t it convenient that this sign was prepared and ready after the case was thrown out? According to this crazy and stupid bitch…‘Dwyane Wade is offering to pay only some of what he owes me if I sign an agreement never again to discuss what happened in our marriage or with our children. I refuse . I finally told Carr I just wanted to end the case and keep my freedom and my voice. I told him I didn’t want anything from Dwyane. The judge demanded the trial continue. I couldn’t believe it.’ Funches said the judge arrested her because she came to court late from taking a final exam at her law school program. Then, her lawyer went behind her back and dropped a lawsuit she filed against Wade over proceeds from the NBA champion’s endorsement deals, she maintained. She also claimed her lawyer negotiated a settlement agreement without consulting with her or gaining her permission. Her attorney, Michael Haber, could not be reached for comment. Now this is very significant. Haber earlier this month had filed a motion asking to leave the case, but ended up continuing on as her lawyer. He represents her both in criminal court and on the child custody case.

Now the fucked up thing is you have some stupid ass females, plenty of enabling bitches (both males and females), supporting this nut bar, by stating that Dwayne Wade cheated on her and the kicker…she helped him become the star that he is now. Bull shit!. Just like Tim Duncan’s ex is now claiming in their divorce proceeding that Duncan has always been  bi-sexual and had his boyfriend move in with them, I find that these bitches will go to the lowest level to fuck over a dude. Even in a society that leans towards the female in situation s like this. And yes! To all you angry knee-grow females…Tim Duncan’s ex wife is Caucasian, so put on your party hats. But Dwayne’s ex is not! So slow your god dam roll. Let me make something clear to the simps and “ignant” fools out there. Up until the divorce proceedings, I have never heard of  Siohvaughn Funches’s story of taking him in to her home and helping him become a NBA star. I have seen the sixty minute program, where he talked about his mothers drug dependency and how his older sister took care of him. The story also talked about them moving to Florida from Chicago where Dwayne, grew into the man he is now. There was a gap in that story….because the media is fucked up like that….that left out the fact that Dwayne’s father lived in Florida and it was to him both siblings went to live with. Of course this part never came up until this year on another segment on his life as a father, which talks about his father’s influence on him. Incidentally, Dwayne’s father separated from his mother due in part to her drug addiction. So all you enabling bitches need to give me something substantial about her taking him into her home and having him living with her and her family. Now the kicker is..she made him a star. Yeah! She taught him how to shoot a basketball, how to dribble. She was there with him teaching him and helping to hone the skill set that made him a super star. Fuck off with that bull shit!

Now to all you females who have celebrity husbands..hell, all you knee-rows that have celebrity spouses, be they male and female. There are certain things that come with that territory. People are going to step all over you to get to them. Period. You best know that. Deal with it. Whether you, leave it alone, accept it,or walk away from it, you better deal with it with full knowledge that your man OR woman, maybe fucking somebody! Now the narrative from Siohvaughn Funches, was that her ex-husband cheated with his current girlfriend. Again her story. Did he do it before they fell out? Did he turn to Gabriel Union for solace and for peace of mind? Because you females seem to ignore that us men need solace and …you know…emotional support…respect and…you know simple shit like that!  Now am I saying he was AC Green in his demeanor? For non basketball aficionados, look up A.C. Green.  No I am not saying he is or was not cheating or WAS cheating. Again this is her story. In the divorce proceedings she claimed Dwayne and Gabriel, was screwing in front of the children. Then I hear simps saying that Gabriel was a hoe, screwing left and right. Whether she was or was not, isn’t this what Feminazism gave females, the right to fuck around like the males? Or is it only a no, no when a woman wants to get at a ex through his girlfriend? I am confused. Remember Floyd Mayweather and that bullshit assault charge? Even though THAT dumb ass bitch said on record that Floyd would never put hands on her, she still accused him of assault. And even recently put pictures up of him in bed with her..two dumb bitches made for each pother.

Now this is the kicker…Dwayne Wade settled with this stupid and obviously emotionally unstable bitch for one million dollars, plus 30, 000 dollars per month. She had custody of his two sons and STILL denied him regular access to his sons. Typical female in this post Feminazi society, rich or poor, knee-grow or non knee-grow, using the children as weapons against the father. I can tell you from first hand experience that it is tough for any male to get sympathy in this fucked up just-us shitstym when dealing with divorces and child custody. Spousal or child support. It is just hard! Yet this stupid bitch succeeded in having her sons taken from her and given to a man who is a professional athlete and who travels something like 8 month out of a year. Enabling bitches are saying it’s because of his money. Er…no! this is an African male in a society that does not approve of any masculine maleness of any ethnicity, much less one of the darker hue, no matter his coinage. No! they awarded him custody because she has proven to be emotionally unstable and thus a danger to the boys. Normally these cock suckers in the legal world, would have had the child snatchers take the children and farm them out to some strangers, or in some group home, if it was you or I with shallow pockets. I think this is where Wade’s money had an influence.

And this woman is studying to be a lawyer? Oh my! So you all need to stop enabling this female. She is claiming or insinuating that she has no home? She is claiming that Wade renege on endorsement deal? I have never heard of an athlete agreeing to share endorsement deal with his wife contractually. Yet this crazy, stupid, dumb bitch went as far as giving a subpoena to the General Manager of the Miami Heat for disclosure of  her ex husband’s finances? She went through 12 lawyers. The vulture she had in both her divorce proceedings and the current nonsense, was paid for by her ex husband. He quit her simple ass. This…lawyer, gave up free money because he couldn’t deal with her bullshit. Now how sympathetic do you really thing this figure is? There is a little line going around the net. It is a man’s duty to respect a woman..but it is her duty to give him something to respect. Why are people asking Dwayne Wade or any man to respect her or females like her, when they don’t offer anything to respect? And what is it with y’all knee-grows, who get bent out of shape with this love off money over common sense, your children and your damn, desire for vengence?