Cultural Imperialism: The Sexual Rights Agenda (documentary)

Two levels of Imperialism and colonialism.

U.S. Prepares to Attack Syria — 60% of Americans Are Against It, Obama Has No UN Approval, and No Proof of Who Was Behind Gas Attacks. The race to an entire worl at war and deppopulation has now escalated.

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When Di bottom drop out!

The title for this thread is in reference to an old Jamaican proverb, heard in the Bob Marley song I shot the sheriff, “…Ev’ry day the bucket a-go-a well
 One day the bottom a-go drop out”…” As a small Island that has had a significant impact on the rest of the world for 51 years, Jamaica is often known for  many things positive and negative. Many of the positive have been and still are not appreciated or effectively documented for the larger population out side the Island. Many of the negatives have either been blown up beyond its proportion or are dismissed and shoved to the side as a hateful depiction of a “Jamaican thing”. Overstand that all things are contextual, whether we recognize, or admit them and it’s this contextualization that allows us to drive to the root of any ill evident and allows us to come up with an effective remedy. The first video was posted on my sister friends Awo’s Facebook page. Of course this prompted me to do some more searching because, taken out of context by anti-Jamaican factions, inside and outside the Island, would make it seem like this form of activity was created in a vacuum. The video depicts the heartless and sick attempt of an Uncle to sell his 14 year old niece to a Yurugu foreigner for $300. Unfortunately for him and fortunately for the girl, the man he was attempting to make that sale to was part of a larger sting operation. Take a look at the video and check out my comment on her Facebook site.

Jamaican Man Selling His 13 Year Old Niece For $300 Usd

I wrote… “Poverty of spirit and mind will make people do this. I overstand that parents sometimes actually do this in Jamaica, including mothers. i know cats who brag about sharing mother and daughter. Things like this need to be addressed wherever Afrikan people have little material wealth, because it is the worship of materialism, coupled with moral lack that is creating generations of defective people. I applaud who ever did this sting operation and look forward to them stinging Yurugu and men of all ethnicities, going to the Caribbean, Afrika and Asia trying to buy young boys and girls.”  Around 1984-85 a friend of mine had taken a year long job as a flight attendant to one of those Arab countries and not only came back with horrifying stories of the sluttiness of many of the female flight attendants (the excuse was that they were college age students seeing the world). These females were willing to whore for Arab money, some even risking death in a society that sees females as a commodity to be discarded at whim. There was also a paper she showed me about the amount of  western (Caucasian) business men, flying to the Philippines, and Thailand to buy sex from teens and pubescent children.  Now If you don’t know, many of these children are either street involved children or children of poorer families suppressed under the boot of a corrupt and foreign government. in these countries it is China and in a country like Malaysian, they are also Muslim. This should be a wake up call for Afrikan countries thinking trading one traditional colonial power in Europe for a newer one in Asia and Arabia will ease a burden you can really solve yourself. By the way many of these poorer and street involved children are of the darker melanated hue. the ones not often lucky enough to leave those countries and emigrate to the west. Thus giving lie to the belief that all Asians look a like.

Many so called developing countries in the world are experiencing unprecedented set back in moral corruption and ethical judgment. Overstand that many of the ancients had no concept of poverty similar to what Europe experienced because Afrika not only practiced Ubuntu (hue-man kindness) and Umoja ( unity), but were not tied to the worship of materialism in the way that the west came to embrace and then in turned infected the rest of Afrika. On a lush and very fertile Island, people refuse to make the land produce out of some misguided pursuit for materialism, resulting in the drive to do whatever to achieve whatever.


Street Boys of Jamaica – Part I and II- Risk Factors of Street Boys in Kingston

Of course one cannot address the notion of sex or sex for sale without addressing the increase in homosexual prostitution, something prevalent around the world wherever this narrative is found. Yet only in Jamaica is there a hue and cry when a violent end to a unpleasant surprise is blown out of proportion and used a has an agenda instead of dealing with the bigger picture.


The bigger picture i spoke about is the fact that there is a lack of moral compass in Jamaica, exacerbated by the influence of AmeriKKKlan and Brutish influence and clandestine involvement and carried out by highly paid Judases in the government and on the ground in ares of the Island which believes that corruption is good for the bottom line. Jamaica’s problem is not anti-homosexual hatred. Jamaica’s problem is not over sexualisation of children. Jamaica’s problem is not rent-a-dred, weed or violence. Jamaica’s problem is a descent into moral decay triggered by an hateful and manipulative IMF, a disgruntled departing colonial master, an interfering colonial infiltrator and European luckies who would rather pocket money and take care of self interest than to take care of the Island on a whole so that prosperity would be something their grand children can talk proudly about.  When heterosexuals castigate homosexuals for immoral depredations make sure you are not practicing, your own child rapes, public sex acts in the form of passa passa and other degenerate sex shows, styled as dance hall entertainment.

CPI:  Context, Purpose, and intent. It defines who we are and how we are seen.