In the aftermath of the Martin debocle, what are we going to do?

According to the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement (MXGM) it was noted that at least 136 unarmed Afrikans in Amerikkka were executed by po-lice, wanna be cop security guards and self-appointed vigilantes in extra judicial lynching in 2012. Overall, one Afrikan person was killed in an extra judicial shooting every 28 hours.

Since teenager Trayvon Martin was summarily and ritually executed, by the son of an ex  Khazaar judge by the name of George Zimmerman, over one and one half year ago, it was recorded that more than 300 Afrikan people lost their lives to gun violence, often through extra judicial operations, but also through the systemic created self hatred induced on people who have hitched their horse on to a white supremacist wagon. Two of this execution happened within days of Trayvon’s execution. (1) A 76 year old cave beast, John Henry Spooner, who murdered a 13 year old child, Darius Symons, while the boy was taken out the garbage for his mother. (2) A vigilante cave beast that shot up a car load of Afrikan youth, killing one, because he didn’t like the loud music they were playing.

Yet the sheeples and enslaved knee-rows continue to place their trust and faith in an oppressive shitstym that was crafted on imperialist and colonialist policy that enshrined these same policies on paper indicating that Afrikans are less than hogs and dogs and are 3/5th of what they, Yurugu, consider human. Out in the streets people are protesting.  Some celebrities are voicing their opinions about the state of mind of the Jurors, the prosecutors and the stand your ground law and what it pertains for Afrikan people in Florida and the 28 other states this law is enshrined.  Two celebrities of note…. Steveland Morris, Aka, Stevie Wonder and Gerald Lavert from the iconic group the Ojays, have stated that they will not perform in any of the states these laws are enacted.  These are noble gestures by two grown men with children. But this is only a noble gesture.  They are feel good statements that have no real effects for a number of reasons. The first is that in reality, both brothers are past their due date. And while they are legends in the music industry, they are not really relevant to many today outside of nostalgia. When boot licking ass kissing, spit licking nukkas like Jay-Z can call Harry Belafonte a boy, because baba dared to suggest that celebrities use their fame for something substantial, it cast a dirty light on a coon and sambo, whose only love is money, and not righteousness. This bitches niggardly response only shows that “niggers are scared of revolution” and still will not do shit “just because they’re black”.

There are many who are marching and being angry about this decision, but I urge you to stop marching, stop holding town hall meetings and stop going in front of a god damn camera and give your opinion that will fall on deaf ears. What we need to do is to force the just-us shitstym to respond in a way that is meaningful. Now I take the Elijah Muhammad approach. The Marcus Garvey approach and seek separation. But not everybody is willing to separate from their god…the “white man”. We need to follow Yurugu in how he strategies. Strategy is seeing the big picture. It is planning for A, B, C, D and E if necessary. The Knee-grows is always being tactical. Tactics are like the boulder being pushed down a hill. If you step out of the way of the boulder, it continues down the hill because that is all it does, besides lying still on TOP of the hill. We need to be strategic and one strategy that immediately comes to mind is to boycott the state of Florida. Then Boycott all the 28 other states. Then practice self determination, as promoted by the earlier NOI, under Elijah and the U.N.I.A under the Honorable Marcus Mosiah Garvey , most preferably. We need to practice Sankofa and go back and fetch the strategy of the 1958 Birmingham Alabama bus boycott. For more than one year, the Afrikan of Birmingham refuse to ride the city owned Bus Company, thus incurring financial losses on those red necks. They were forced to beg us to come back on the bus and did away with the back of the bus bullshit. Afrikans in Florida, for now need to start boycotting EVERY non Afrikan owned business. Every single one of them. Not just Yurugu, but all the other ethnic groups that hide behind us when Yurugu drops the hammer of ethnic hatred.  Somebody told me that Florida doesn’t have many Afrikan owned business to patronize. Neither did Birmingham in 1958. Yet during that one year span, Afrikan Taxi Company and other business become a reality. This all went down the drain though when after the boycott was called off, knee-grows went back to patronizing Yurugu businesses. This was where the boycott failed. We have a golden opportunity to go beyond 1958 Alabama. By taking our billions of consumer dollars out of their pockets and into our own, we can make much more of a statement than having marches and town hall meetings.. And unlike 1958 Alabama or 1921 Tulsa Oklahoma, we have guns and cats willing to defend our right to do for selves and our properties.

Taken from the site “

“Mrs. Lee you are a successful restaurant owner. What do you mean when you say that the Black man is potentially more powerful than you?”

 “Well the problem is that my suppliers are Korean.

 My employees are all Korean.

 My gas man is Korean.

 The man who does my produce is Korean.

 The stationery supplier is Korean.

 Korean person makes and dry cleans our uniforms.

 My barber is Korean.

 My children go to Korean Private School

 I buy my cars from Korean dealer.

 Window Cleaner is Korean.

 If I feel slighted and I need to flex my muscle, there would be nobody to boycott. But Black man, buy everything from somebody else and he has the power to just stop. But please don’t tell him”

So people let us use strategy, not marches. Let’s see five years down the road, not whether or not we appear on CNN. If someone doesn’t appreciate your presence, make them appreciate your absence. This is for future Trayvon Martins. This is for future Afrikan men, women and youth, being murdered by vigilante wanna be po-lice dogs and actual po-lice dogs who in seeking to maintain their slave catcher roots, are willing to score brownie points in an Amerikkka, set up on the bones of the aboriginals and the bones of the originals. Regardless of what stupid ass wipes say…this country, North Amerikkka, Europe was built on and is being maintained by Afrikan wealth and resources, including the sweat of our brow. It’s not enough to withhold your dollars for one=two 12 month of the year, then go back to being disrespected and abused. It’s not enough to lament  that the “white man” is not employing you. Create your own damn jobs.  Right now Detroit was declared bankrupt by a corrupt shitstym of gentrification. Asians are buying up many dilapidated homes for as little as $100, while nukkas are in Detroit shooting each pother instead of these interlopers. Where are the wealthy nukkas like Mr “my presence is charity” ass licking Jay Z? He ain’t boycotting Florida, neither are many on this fake ass list.



Not if they want a career! Not if they want to continue to coon for massa while getting paid!

Since the civil wrong movement we have been mislead, we were taught this fake equal rites bullshit, to merge our markets with Yurugu, which in turn stop the progress of Afrikan economic independence. Since the 1960s,  we have to beg them to deliver on their lies about equity…while certain chosen yard dogs…these knee-grow poli-tricksters, preachers, etc.. have been purposely misleading you in a direction against your best interest. An Afrikan  economic base which is almost 1.4 trillion and counting. Some of us don’t even own our balls, because it takes balls to step out of this shitstym and build from the ground up

A week after the Zimmerman fuckery of a verdict, rallies and prayer vigils were held across the country to demand that the Justice Department bring criminal charges against George Zimmerman for violating Trayvon Martin’s civil rights. Are you kidding me? violating his civil rights?  One knee-grow stank ass on the jury recently came out and claimed she thought Zimmerman was guilty but felt she had to go the legal way. This is the point of my rant here. The legal way is what is fucking us up. The legal way is used to subject us to unnatural actions. The legal way is for people who swear fealty to the legal way.  Well boycotting AND THEN doing for self is the natural way, under whatever god you profess to worship. The natural way was around before the advent of admiralty law and it will be here after.

My good sister “truthbetold” has a great list on her site , detailing a list of companies you should boycott. Check her out!

Y’all better get on that super train before them mysterious caskets in Kentucky has you name on it.