Sexuality 101: Finally post…raising the vibration

The goddess scams and other bullshit

999475_10200907085934550_1680014095_nFor awhile now, I have noticed the increasing presentation by  the Afrikan females in the diaspora,  of the feminine as a stand alone or stand apart, from her natural complement the masculine.  Further investigation has shown that most proponents of this world view, initially emphasized “sexual freedom” as a dominant personality of feminine sensuality.  This idea of the sexualized feminine really grew out of the feminazi movement, where women were seen as superior to men,in every “important way”, while the males are thought of as necessary evil and who were regulated to base cave men grunting and rutting… causing wars and strife, wherever they go.  Most knee-grow females today have embraced that world view.  Many inculcating this idea into their own belief around relationships and personal happiness. It morphed into the current phenomena such as the celebrity couple, Carl and Kenya Stevens and their Juju mama love academy, where the practice of open sexuality and open relationship is deemed natural and the more natural form of self expression.  Now while the Juju Mama academy does not promote a separation of the sexes, but more of a swinger type of existence (for want of a better word) they have been used as one of several spring-board towards the fake feminine promotion of gender separation, similar to the ones they accuse men of doing.  Similarly the promotion of a swinger type of relationship as more advanced than a monogamous one, over simplifies notion that the matriarchal centered existence is any different from the patriarchal one.  Neither  is anyway superior to the other.  I have been on record as saying that I oppose this idea of us calling ourselves gods and goddesses, kings and queens, when we neither behave or think divinely or royally.  I have in the past opined that a divine being or a royal person is either installed through force of conquest or through the decree of their subjects, supporters or  followers. I also believe that both positions requires the person to act, behave and present themselves in a way that supports the specific position and who exist in a complementary way with a natural order of things. Whether they act as as a divine being or royalty, dispensing wrath or benevolence. To take on the mantle of divine or royalty ensures that these self appointed individuals serve or rule their subject through fear or love.

Now to be fair,  those who embrace the goddess world view, I have not heard promote any kind of violence. However what they promote is love.  Female love…naked female love. Open sexuality as an expression of their diviness. Expressing their goddessness through sexuality/sensuality, sometimes with the absence of the masculine presence, sometimes with the presence of the male as a balance. However, as I began this post by stating, I have noticed an increased flavour of lesbianism expressed in this goddess movement, which is the antithesis of what the original overstanding of the duality of the spirit of us as hue-mans is about. As well this is a contradictory overstanding of how the universe works.  Recently I saw a Face book post which stated something like this:  Man+ Woman=optional; Man+Man=yucky mess’; Woman+woman= divine bliss.  When I asked for clarification, I was told that basically men are necessary for breeding, and supplying sperm.  This is Feminazism and the narcissistic vampire culture of homosexuality in a nut shell.  Just because females say it doesn’t make it any more right than if a male says it.  in fact it is worse, because the feminine principles and energy is also promoted as being the highest example of the universal design in action. Somewhere in our slave journey, the comatose knee-grows have engaged in a tit for tat guerrilla battle with each other, where once the knee-grow male oppressed the females and used whatever reasons needed to prove it, now you have females using the same tactics to build up their own self-esteem. Considering  that this is a male run world (although increasingly what kind of man doing the running is up to question) where male physicalness and aggressiveness have oppressed women. Now through the attack on the family and the feminine/ masculine  principle, we have women grabbing the chance to oppress males, with aggressiveness and the support of the legal system. Overstand that not all Afrikan males oppress, hate, or reject Afrikan females, yet we are lumped in the same group as the patriarchal, misogynistic ones. subsequently not all Afrikan females buy into the entrapment of the divine feminine without her complement. What has come out of all of this is a feminine version of  the “black man is god” stupidness…the ” goddess is divine” nonsense, where merely being a female is enough to qualify. Yet more and more, these practitioners promote, sexuality through solely  worshiping the female body,  communing with females primarily and only, all the while not overstanding, just like the males, particularly the European or European males, that we are complementary and not apart from each other. Not if we want to ultimately achieve the things we claim to seek. Afrikan unity, Ma’at in the family of Afrikan and Ma’at on the earth and among other species.

“The first accomplishment of the African woman, in partnership with the man, was the creation of a FUNCTIONING family unit. This major step in human development laid the foundations of the organization of all subsequent societies and institutions. In Africa the woman’s `place was NOT only with her family. She often ruled nations with UNQUESTIONED AUTHORITY” — John Henrik Clarke,

The above types of women, great and successful,  could not rule without the support of men. Yet why is it that beyond every successful man there is a woman, but every successful woman needs no man to support her?  It would seem that both the male and females need to get off this independent roller coaster and overstand what the divine principles spoke about in ancient times, really means. A complementary, duality of spirit, mind and body.

The masculine and feminine principles.

Prin·ci·ple (pr n s -p l). n. 1. A basic truth, law, or assumption

Definition of PRINCIPLE
1:  a comprehensive and fundamental law, doctrine, or assumption: b (1) : a rule or code of conduct (2) : habitual devotion to right principles <a man of principle>
c : the laws or facts of nature underlying the working of an artificial device.
2: a primary source : origin
3:  a : an underlying faculty or endowment <such principles of human nature as greed and curiosity>;b : an ingredient (as a chemical) that exhibits or imparts a characteristic quality
4: capitalized Christian Science : a divine principle : god — in principle : with respect to fundamentals <prepared to accept the proposition in principle>

When the ancients ones observed the cosmos, they overstood that there are forces that ebb and flowed at different times and on different frequencies, that affected them and the planet. They chose to label each manifestation of these forces by what they observed in their everyday lives. That of the nature of male and female. During a time where the social structure was often more challenging or differently challenging than now, the forceful movement of a storm for instance would be equated with the male principle in its aggressiveness, while the beauty and seemingly gentle appearance of a flower is associated with the female. The Ancient symbol of Yin/Yang is another attempt to explain the duality in nature and thus the need for our complementary halves to unite to become one.  Please note i am just using these analogies for demonstration purposes. Through out our fall from divine overstanding to where we are currently at odds with the universe, we have misplaced the simple expression of principles, turning them into hard truth. Just like there is no “MAN” called god, but a recognition of our potentiality, so too is there no feminine without a masculine. When people ask me to get in touch with my feminine side, I tell them I have no feminine side. Not because I don’t overstand divine principles, but to express to them that I know this is an argument to shame me in to being less of a man and more of an accommodating simp, who will not take a stand or express myself boldly, intelligently and consistently.  Of course it is always females who says this, because we currently live in a society where a firm, voice is mistaken for aggressiveness and threatening.  I often preface certain debate with the following…”from my point of view” and  “AS A MAN!” This is not to say that a man cannot be gentle and or soft-spoken without being mistaken for a push over. Neither does it imply that a woman who is assertive (note the word) should necessarily be mistaken for not being feminine. It is the ebb and flow of the cosmos inside our innnerverse, that mimics the ebb and flow of the outerverse.  People mistake the PRINCIPLES of energy transference and state, for whatever they want it to be and not what it should.


With the advent of this anachronistic word called patriarchy, there arose a fear of the woman’s sexuality, her feminine powers to connect to the cosmological movement that most men can’t do instinctively. There are those who promote the concept of goddess and open feminine sexuality, encouraging other females to explore their sexual powers. They claimed that once sexually aroused the female will open new dimensions of reality. Yet the duality of the cosmos and the principle of complements prevents a woman from being whole without the balanced presence of the male principle. This is just as evident when men try to promote masculinity and masculine principles without the presence of the female principle.  It creates an imbalance on the energy plane that is manifested physically, emotionally and spiritually.  The picture above is a rendition of the concept of the Vagina being symbolic of the pathway to the egg of life. Through this pathway all of creation comes forth.  What is intentionally left out is the necessity of having the sperm, which initiates the creative and creation process which is needed to travel up that pathway, penetrate the egg and cause a nuclear reaction of two opposing yet complementary forces to create life. When angry females…and they are angry when they reduce the male to a sperm donor…when angry females reject the true contribution and necessity of the masculine principle and presence, she rejects the idea that we each have one wing and can only fly as a whole when we come together. One cannot just intake the sperm without the complementary presence of the male present, as each uplift the other while in a spiritual moment. To copulate while not in a spiritual moment, or to masturbate, thus dissipating the asili energy that is in the blood and is at the center of creation diminishes both the male and the females ability to climb that tree of life, we hear others talk about. To conclude…the practice of sexual energy transference, is more than fucking. It is more than getting your rocks off. This is a spiritual awakening and a journey to a union between the self …the innerverse and the outerverse. This is why in ancient times sexual unions all had rituals, IE, incense, body oils, chanting and meditation before and during, certain times of the day/month. And developing skills and techniques that have been now commercialized without the sacredness at its base. This is what the goddess movement is really about. As for the so called god movement around sex….just go to ancient Greece and Rome…




 A divine true ism…. He supports her, she gives him balance ( © Howard Schatz)