4 thoughts on “Homies Over Hoes

  1. “Sounds like some gay $hit to me!” LOL!! So very true! I have the entire collection of Boondocks. I’ve always ben a fan of the comic strip lone before the tv show came out. It was funny yet very political at the same time. They sneaked in a lot of truth in that cartoon that wen over some people’s heads. Did you see the episode with the Tyler Perry-like film producer? Perry was not happy at all with that episode insinuating that he was a homosexual. It’s one of my favorite Boondocks episodes. It’s worth buying the dvd collection just for one episode!lol


      1. Yeah I hear you brother. You’ll have to get one od the dvd sets. You will love some of the episodes. There was a lot of original thinking on that show. You don’t see that one television too much these days. Let alone on a cartoon!lol
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