Tewerking and the modorn sexual gyrations versus our traditional sacred dance

Part of the following is excerpted from my Facebook friend Dan Djudah Khemhai’s research that was communicated with yours truly this week. This young brother is  phenomenal in his researching of the Afrikan presence in North Africa, an area right now that has been co-opted by bastard children of invader settlers called the modern Arab. Here the brother was schooling me on the various sacred dances in certain Afrikan culture, that has been denigrated and tainted into a modern form sexual theater.


I remember when Ahati Kilindi IYI, master teacher of the Afrikan martial science of Aha Saki, lectured on the aftermath of some of the earliest organized battle. As it was relayed to us, when the men came back from war with the tales of the battle, the women would take the story and would retell it later to the community. However, they would add color and imagery to the story telling in the form of dramatic effects and movement demonstration.

Empty Hands – Kilindi Iyi

You can see a series of movement demonstrated by Kilindi that on the surface looks like some dance moves, but are really complex attack defensive movements of the martial science of which he teaches.

These series of movement demonstration, many millennium  later, was called dance or dancing.  Dancing since that time become the second most compelling form of conveying  thoughts feelings and behind the tradition oration of the ancients. Even more so that pictures. Modern dance has since taken on an entire life of it’s own, separated from the cultural traditions and structure, dancing has sometimes become a series of disjointed movement or sometimes a complex series of scientific and mathematical diagram without the sacred story telling or spiritual presence. The whirling dervish dance mimics the alignment and movement of the cosmological bodies, while the rain dance and other similar dances of the aboriginal people on Turtle Island or in the South Pacific tells a tale of creation and all the events there in since creation. Many ancient cultures still retain some semblance of their cultural dance as a story telling except the displaced children of Afrika, who were taken as prisoners of imperialist and colonialist wars for domination of Afrika and thus the planet. During our sojourn in the European dominated land of North America, our ancestors had to hide their traditional story telling and sacred information sharing within the gospel of the oppressors, when telling of “freedom train” and “chariots coming forth to carry us home”. Some of the more offensive information were hidden in the form of dancing that soon was called capoeira (Brasilia and Angola respectfully)

A Capoeira Angola

the low to the ground movement of co[oeria angola is said to be necessary as they were down in the bushes and low to the ground to hide from the scrutiny of the plantation owners and Don Lemons of that era.

There is also the Stick fighting in Trinidad… Arima

which is similar to the Zulu stick fighting in Azania and Zululand

However, while these are all traditional martial practices with a dance component to disguise the violent aspect  of the practice, few Overstand that their are other sacred dances similar to the North Afrikan Dervish which tells a more spiritual story.

According to brother Dan Djudah Khemhai’… “Also terking was traditionally a dance of newly initiated pubescent young virgins, after initiation they would dance the mapouka. Combined with talismanic spells, in the form of waste beads, ankle, arm gri gri, the dance intoxicated Young male initiates into a frenzy to never seperate. It was said once mapouka was danced for you you never divorce.

This is mapouka , sadly it has been commercialized by French Africans living in France turning into a degenerate underground porno industry like entertainment, robbing it of it’s true culturally value and purpose. It was intended as a premarital ritual to captivate a man’s soul, and invoke in him deep feelings of wanting the marriage and devotion to the woman of his choice, and her choice. In a big square a woman would entice her choice, which is ancient Cushite Mama power of choice, and after an initiation her spirit will guide her .

…………. Take a look at the same dance same purpose in Somalia.

“……….Same purpose in United Arab Emirates, the Muslims in surrounding areas hate this, and blame Abantu for this degenerate culture. There is some validity to this slander it is Abantu(Cushite) in origin. Recent Dna research has found that all Amazigh(Berber) even if they phenotypically look different are traceable to Abantu.

or this that look so much like belly dancing

Now these dance above by the original people of Northern Afrika, called Arabia is noty shown to degrade the women, but to show a connection between the sacred dances of our ancient tradition and how they are still practiced, despite Arabized attempts to eradicate them or Europeanized attempts to turn them into pornography.

Dan Djudah Khemhai also mentioned Bororo nomadic Peul of North Cameroon and Niger. “The painting of the face and make up which is already spiritual power, coupled with gri gri-talisman’s and grueling transcendental chants and dancing is done to guarantee all men whether handsome or not to be attractive, no such thing as ugly, gets a wife. Not that their trying to be girl like or effeminate as a lot of pro-gay critics try to assume.”  My readers please overstand that in this mating ritual the women choose the most desirable mate. These men are like the peacock bird in that they preen and prance for the affection of the women. And as my brother said

According to the brother “….. In Congo as all over Africa winnie dance symbolize the Goddess in the center of her universe, and her gyrating she is stirring the universe to create whatever is in her thought. Same goes for the men. The missionaries understood this and quickly tried to deny communal dances. I guarantee a filthy hand of a zionist or Arab corrupted it., as they did in the U.S. by promoting so much Africans in porn.It is known former turk-greek rape offspring Prince Faad sponsored porn in America recruiting exclusively Blacks. The result is all over the world the viewers want a sister to do what they see, this is very harmful and upsets the balance on how our women will be treated. The point is a sacred valuable cultural ritual dance is being degraded as sexual entertainment. We need to institute twerking and give it a higher purpose and value. It has been used to degrade our mothers, sisters and daughters. I feel a council of initiatory Elders need to train young women on their spiritual value and same as young men. Then the dance will take on its true purpose the young couple combined with the support of the village council now in all cities will stay together. Don’t think it’s not needed in Africa, in the big cities many cultural valuable traditions a slipping into a quest for western decadence which leads to the same social problems we have witnessed and experienced.


I would love for my brother Dan Djudah Khemhai’ to do some further in depth research into the Afrikan sacred dance from a non homosexual or non lesbian point of view, where an holistic view is presented and the only agenda is that of a sacred Afrikan one.