What is really happening with the NOI?


This cat below has stated on his Youtube video that the NOI sold out to Scientology. Below are excerpts, written and video of his alleged experience and knowledge of this.

Published on Feb 11, 2013

In this video you will hear a recorded phone call between high-ranking members of The United Nation of Islam (UNOI), under Royall Jenkins. The assistant to Royall Jenkins is explaining to members of their organization about a discussion he had with “Mark” in Connecticut who is a high ranking member of Scientology.

Mark explained to him that it was Louis Farrakhan who sought out Scientology to help him with his illnesses. Scientology told him he was beyond their help and advised him to get a real operation and then come back to them. He goes on to explain that Farrakhan was paid 2.3 million dollars to sell his people on Scientology as well as receiving a percentage of kickbacks.

This is only the tip of the iceberg in this explosive recording. There are other equally distressing revelations made. For some time now people have wondered the motivation for the Nation of Islam (NOI) to getting in bed with Scientology, money and general relationship. Many of these questions are addressed in this audio.

The UNOI is a breakaway faction of the NOI and was courted by Scientology when Farrakhan first show interest in them. While the UNOI did not go along like the NOI they did leave a door of communication open. One possibility for why Mark might have provided such inside information to the leaders of the UNOI is that he thought he could appeal to their greed and they might want the same deal that the NOI got.


Now before we get all up in arms and start breathing fire. keep in mind this is not the NOI of Malcolm X. Hell it’s not even the NOI of Elijah Muhammad, who I think Farrakhan is more in line with than El Hajj Malik Al Shabazz. I mean..this is the current look of the NOI;

Keep in mind when Farrakhan first decided to dedicate himself to rebuilding the NOI, after Elijah’s son Warith Deen Muhammad dismantled it, he accused Warith of betraying Elijah. But here is Farrakhan…

While Islam itself profess to accept anybody that embraces it, the NOI was created on a very specific set of pillars. NOI if Farrakhan has decided that he was going to be orthodox, that is fine, but can he truly call the organization the Nation of Islam, when its purpose was for the so called lost found people in Amerikkka..the Afrikan children of imprisoned warriors of Imperialism and colonialism of Afrika?



in case you don’t know…this lovely sophisticated looking lady is no other than Karrine Steffan or Superhead to those of us not in the know. If you didn’t know Farrakhan kept suspect company, now you know.

with super head

Don’t be surprised at this, because this is one of the iconic images of the NOI, that many of us often ignore. I mean the imagery was slapping us in the face.


There is also this bit of information from the website Southern Poverty Law, titled: Black Supremacist Nation of Islam Pushes White-Dominated Scientology by Leah Nelson on June 7, 2011.

Anyway here is the video:

3 thoughts on “What is really happening with the NOI?

  1. The NOI has lost their way. They have some good teachings but they have been bought off in my opinion. Scientology?? WTF?! Are you serious? This is insane! L. Ron Hibbard hated black folks. How can you follow his teachings? Not to mention I hear it some of it is based in Satanism. Either way you look at it–it’s not for black folks. Louis Farah-CON is misleading his people. His is doing his own thing now. Elijah Muhammad believed in separation and doing for self. Then I see a picture of Louis and his son with his white wife?? Race mixing with the beast?? Hell NO!! The NOI are completely lost. And they can’t seem to think for themselves. They just follow blindly whatever Louis tells then to do. That’s pathetic! They should be able to use their brain. That’s why God gave it to you!


    1. well there is a reason why the NOI is still relevant to the downtrodden, the substance abusers, those looking up at the foot bottom of society. Once some one with critical thinking ability, or one of the down trodden wakes up, they tend to leave….just like any other cult will have defections. Thanks for stopping by Prince!


      1. Critical thinking is becoming a thing of the past it seems. It’s a sad situation to witness. This explains why so many are sheep today.


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