Homosexuality the last frontier of Afrikan genocide

This post is a republish from a 5 year old one. I think it is even more relevant today.

This week there was a bazaar study produced, in which a Gallup poll indicated that ‘White people are less likely to be gay’. Apparently the poll revealed that knee-grows in Amerikkka have highest percentage of ‘LGBT’ adults in U.S.  The article stated that:

• The gallup survey, was supposedly based on interviews with more than 121,000 people and showed that 3.4% of U.S. adults were lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender (LGBT)
• Highest proportion in black community, at 4.6%, followed by Asians (4.3%), Hispanics (4%) and Caucasians (3.2%)
• Poll found 44% of LGBT adults were Democratic, and 13% Republican

This information was shared between me by a brother whom I trust and we ended up talking about what this means to us as an ethnic group, as a culture and our place in the economical-social-political European dominated environment in the west. My third eye saw through the veil of a supposed reputable source confirming something that is not only is an antithesis to Afrikan culture, but something been now promoted as ours to be embraced…outside the context of white supremacy and post slavery trauma. Before I go into one of my long ass diatribe, I would like to first disclose what my third eye shining has revealed to me.

Statistics and Polls:

A. Statistics and polls are generally as reliable as the methodology imparted. The intention of the survey and the types of subjects and questions one can design.

B. Surveys and studies can be crafted to fit a certain end,. I.e., most Afrikans in America, who are single female with more than one child, tend to be on welfare. Such a study will gloss over the fact that population wise Afrikans in America is smaller than Caucasians (42 Million to 227 million), who are the largest group on welfare. When one, through the mathematical sleight of hand called averages, do some calculations, one tends to find a higher percentage of welfare mothers are the much smaller population of Afrikans as compared to the larger but lesser percentages of Caucasians.

Are you following me so far?

C. If 100 people from group (a) are questioned about their sexual peccadilloes and 20 indicated an extreme set of behaviors, 20 would avg. out to be 20%. Now if group (b) is asked the same question and 10 people from that group say yeah…I get freaky sometime! Those 10 people would avg. out as 20% also. Now 10 out of 50 appear to be a much larger number than 20 out of 100 is it not?

D. Now if you add group (c) who has 150 people, the percentage would still be 20% but the raw number of respondents would be 30. Yet a duplicitous pollster would proclaim that Group (b) has more people having freaky sex than group (c), with group (a) coming in close second. The homosexual…LGBT survey is calculated to illicit a certain response not so much from the Caucasian peoples or even more conservative and more homogeneous groups like the East Asians and South Asians or even the Arabs, who while having homosexual peoples in their groups, they are not as upfront as the Caucasians about it like knee-rows tend to be. Neither are any of these groups targeted for Eugenics programs such as abortions, crack-cocaine, homosexuality, AIDS and other genetic warfare acts. So why aren’t others targeted, and knee-grow are? Well for two reasons (1) knee-grows are not a homogeneous or a unified people, at the moment, (2) Afrikans are a direct challenge to Caucasian genetic survival.

A homogeneous group is: ho•mo•ge•neous; adjective \ˌhō-mə-ˈjē-nē-əs, -nyəs\
: made up of the same kind of people or things
: of the same or a similar kind or nature

Since 1964, or just after the civil rights bill was officially passed, there was a concentrated effort by the government to institute several things into the Afrikan community. Right after the civil rights bill was passed; homosexuality was promoted to us as a means of birth control, alongside abortion, in the Afrikan community. Knee-grows fail to see that Homosexuality is being promoted to us as a social engineering procedure, which is gradually destroying our foundation sources of family happiness and health, both personally and societal. This is not just from the overall western society, but for the Afrikan community as well. In the video below, Dr. Umar Johnson gives a brief break down of how the battle for the minds and souls of Afrikan people started and how it is continuing.

Dr, Umar Johnson: Homosexuality is genocide for the Afrikan people

In this video, Dr. Phil Valentine, delves briefly into the biological results of one front of the homosexualization of the Afrikan community

Phil Valentine Scientific Breakdown of Homosexuality


There is an ancient Greek saying, which states: “Woman for children, Man for true Love!

This statement is as valid in that cultures lore as “Man Know Thyself”! is valid in Afrikan lore. Each statement is a testament to what the ethnic group and culture values and embraces as a corner stone to cultural relevance and ethnic viability.  I remember as an 18 year old, I came across one library in a distinct Khazaar area, where I stumbled upon a book about Greek military might and their fighting prowess. Skimming through the book I came across a letter penned by a Greek general and leader on a particular military campaign, who wrote to his love, of the difficulty he had experienced missing them.

The author of the book then proceeded to break down the letter as not the muse of a man to his wife, but to that of a young boy…his lover. My 18 year old just transplanted self from the Island, couldn’t wrap my head around this. Reading further the author stated that in Greek culture, there were actually three types of females. They were the breeder, the wife (mostly for alliances) and prostitutes. The author went further by stating that true love in Greek culture was between two males, preferably an older mentor and a younger mentee. Pederasty in ancient Greece was a socially acknowledged erotic relationship between an adult male and a younger male (the Eromenos) usually in his teens and this lifestyle was celebrated in their literature and even their myth.

These two videos are compiled by homosexuals themselves the second of which claim to be homosexual -Christians, so take the videos with certain overstanding that this is a defense of homosexuality. However they do give us an insight into their culture and origin.

Homosexuality in Ancient Greece


Recent allegations of the fraudulent hoax of a Greek culture turned up last year that showed Greece did not have a high culture of their own. This served to bolster and support the earlier archaeological and anthropological theory that the MACEDONIAN culture of the Mediterranean was mainly a product of Afrikan influence via Kimit and Ethiopia. The main base from which the Macedonian civilization sprung was the Island of Crete. Eventually when the Afrikan culture faded as an influence and the Grecian grew into their own, moving from the Island to the interior where it interacted with the so-called Asiatic, a distinct culture developed that eventually took particular Afrikan figures and turned them into their own gods and their own mythos. One such god was Aesculapius, who was really the multi-genius called Imhotep. Another was Zeus, modeled after an Afrikan personality, this Greek god became the symbol of that cultures excuse for certain excesses unlike that which was taught by the Afrikans of the mystery system.

Zeus and Ganymede — The real Greek myth

The thing was that many of the re-invented mythos deviated from certain aspects of the Afrikan social and spiritual set, to be wholly their own and to encapsulate the emotional and societal practices and norms of the distinctive people of the North Country now called Caucasians. Today the ancient Greek and Roman approach to homosexuality has not deviated much from the ancient ones. An example below is an excerpt from a recent event in Italian (Roman) parliament:

Italian politicians showing their true rainbow colors

The M5S party, a political party in Italy, staged a protest to extend anti-discrimination laws to the LGBT community. This way they brought attention to their cause spread much further than the walls of Parliament. Some context, for those who don’t speak Italian: The person speaking during most of the video is named Silvia Giordano, a member of the Italian Chamber of Deputies. This protest is happening because, right now, same-sex couples living in Italy have no shared rights to property, social security and inheritance. They also can’t get married. A rough translation of what Giordano is saying:

“Mr. President (of the House of Deputies), beyond the thousands of excuses and quibbles, we’re talking here of matters of the heart, of feelings, of emotions. Because a kiss and a hug have not and will never hurt anyone. In fact, they are part of what contributes most to making us human. We want to make that clear. And so we’re going to pull back the veil and to demonstrate that there is truly nothing to be afraid of. And we, Mr. President, are not afraid.”

The deputies, members of the M5S party, then hold up signs protesting a political compromise that’s restricting the rights of LGBT Italians — while the rest turn to their colleagues and demonstrate just how unscary a kiss is.

Keep in mind anti-Afrikan hatred in Italy is at an all time high, with one female politician constantly being attacked for her Afrikan skin and features. She is called a monkey and has had bananas thrown at her. Afrikan refugees are interned in ghettos, attacked and discriminated against, just like other parts of Europe. Yet these people are showing you what they think is most important thing to debate. We see it as news information across the internet of Yurugu’s intention to live outside of natures laws…yet this bias poll is trying to indicate that more  knee-grows are homosexuals than they are.

As Dr. Umar stated one of the outcomes of homosexuality is pedophilia and is part of the Greco-Roman cultural norm. This is a norm that influenced current western culture and in turn is infecting the rest of the world.

Planned White Parenthood:Inbreds Planned To Systematically Rape Their Children Before They Were Born – And Did

Knee-grows likes to proclaim that “we are not all alike”. Yet when anti-Afrikan attacks occur, knee-grows say why are they doing it to US! Well some anyway. We are so inundated, corrupted, conditioned and infected by the poisoned of Western world view, that we lack the ability and courage to challenge the damaging effects such infection has on our cellular structure and our spiritual existence. Some would die in their ignorance and will not acknowledge their ignorance. Some will embrace their ignorance and feel this is all they know or feel comfortable knowing. A homogeneous group has a cultural imperative, where a firm cultural foundation is necessary for the strength and longevity of the group. The knee-grow is the only group of people, that exist under a foreign culture and embraces a foreign culture and norms. The knee-grow is also the only group that willingly reject the traditions, attire and social construct of their ethnic group and culture for an inferior one. The latest poll mentioned above, indicates the triumph of the psychological and genetic attack on Afrikan culture and peoples and by the amount —4.6%, —who have decided to engage in behavior that is a totally anti traditional Afrikan cultural perspective, and by their very participation in this poll, are proud to be deviants from their Afrikan background, while acting normal in a European one. Again, the eugenicists are having fun in their genocidal efforts.

Your curiosity about the choice terms genetic annihilations and genocide is valid. But if you pay attention you will overstand that there is a clear demarcation between certain segments of this society. It’s all around us and it is most situated in the area of politics, entertainment, education and re-lie-gion. Four of the nine people activity areas of which our minds, spirit and intellect are controlled, suborned and manipulated by people whose agenda is different from ours. The nine people areas are:

  1. Education
  2. Entertainment
  3. Economics
  4. Labour
  5. Law
  6. War
  7. Politics
  8. Religion
  9. Sex

How many of you knew that this was the original story of this Disney mind fuck?


How many of you knew that this was the entire story of this vampire tale?

Narcissus – the true story, a gay tragedy

And this…?

Gay Soldiers’ Love Story

Arabized Afrikans will sometimes disparage Christians for their failure to adhere to the tenets of their holly books. Some would say the Christians are acting more European than Christians, but how does an Arabized Afrikan deal with the world view of the center of a culture their own prophet once called the most sinful on earth. Ahhh! Like all fanatics they will gloss over what they choose not to deal with….or accept it as normal.

Pedophilia is OK in Islam

Afghan dancing boys _ Bacha bazi

Male Children & Homosexual Prostitutes in Pakistan

Homosexuality from ancient to modern China

While the internet will gladly propagate homosexuality in Afrika and in some other Afrikan dominant areas, no where have I seen anything to indicate that a system had been and is still evident in Afrikan environment.  And I am talking about pre-Christian and pre-Islamic Afrika. So please do not come to me with re-lie-gious excuses for shunning that sort of activity. Only a homosexual supporter or practitioner would say it is ok to be heterosexual and still engage in homosexual acts. I mean the very title of the two belies the fact that the acts are separate and if anything shows a spiritual disregard for the feminine complement and antithesis to what nature ordains.


I have had knee-grows who…quoting homosexual scholars implied that that Afrika had a thriving homosexual culture and was a societal norm. However as Dr. Umar Johnson stated, while we are aware of certain acts outside of the socially structured one, we as Afrikans did not murder them, but instead saw them as someone with mental health issues that was treated accordingly.

“…. If the Negro is not careful he will drink in all the poison of modern civilization and die from the effects of it …”—Marcus Garvey

“The ships brought no gays. They brought all men with their manhood, and women with their womanhood, and men who knew what to do their manhood, with no confusion. When Nature or God or whoever you want to call it, designed man and woman, he purposefully designed them to go together. He did not design man to romance man. By design here’s not only a perfect fit with the lady, it is a glorious fit. It is something that should be approached with a certain degree of sacredness in its own time and in its own place. This is why you cannot compare the Afrikan attitude with the European attitude; they are coming from different cultural points of view. The European living in various climates and the Arab living in the sand, made different uses of the female and developed a different attitude for the female. Taken out of the Afrikan environment and placed in the European environment, you may develop the same traits of the European without knowing that many of those traits are about as UN-Afrikan as they can be.”
— Nana Dr John Henrik Clarke —

Again the poll mentioned above is but another front in the war for the souls of Afrikan folks and with the willing accomplice among us. When we read about the following we ass-sume them to be not the norm but some sort of one off acts. By saying that most knee-grows embrace homosexuals, the pollsters are also saying that most of us will engage in these forms of behavior, as they have already got us to believe that it is natural, genetic and something that “god” don’t judge.

White Catholic Priest Caught Raping A 15 Year-Old Boy     More men are raped in the US than women, figures on prison assaults reveal

Now this is in itself very troubling because there is an increase in homosexual acts with in the Afrikan community. And while I reject the propaganda that we are more so than Yurugu, the question begs to ask is why there is an increase? Well go back to the videos of Dr. Umar Johnson and Dr. Phil Valentine and listen to their explanation. Then consider what is being taught in the public fool shitstym. And after doing that consider the prison culture.

With the rise of the prison culture and the fact that nearly half of prisoners are Afrikan males in a country we are 13% is not only a sign of genocidal acts, but also an agenda to make males and female prisoners useless to each other if they ever get released into the general population.

Turned Out – Sexual Assault Behind Bars (full)

“We {euro peons} appreciate sexual stimulation, but we tend to shy away from reproduction… Our {euro peons} stimulatory sexual adaptations are absolutely unique in terms of both quantity and quality. We {euro peons} naturally enjoy the stimulation, but we know the psychological implications of reproduction. Offspring are an identity-threat. Our temporal identities are selfish. Therefore, we {euro peons} often voluntarily place ourselves in a position where we are exposed to sexual stimulation but where intercourse is impossible.”

This is an excerpt from the Iceman’s inheritance by Michael Bradley. I have yet to hear of read a similar world view from an Afrikan study.

4 thoughts on “Homosexuality the last frontier of Afrikan genocide

  1. Excellent as always. Baba Fuller also warned that the white man wants to “turn us into a darker version of himself.”


    1. Greetings sister, it’s always a profound joy to know you are with me. Check out this mess here ….

      Helen Reece, a reader in law at the London School of Economics, called on Theresa May, the Home Secretary, to relax rules which automatically ban sex offenders from caring for children, saying that this could breach their human rights.

      In an article in the respected Child and Family Law Quarterly, Miss Reece suggested that reoffending rates were not high among sex criminals, adding: “despite growing public concern over paedophilia, the numbers of child sex murders are very low.”

      A review is currently ongoing into the Vetting and Barring Scheme, introduced following the 2002 Soham murders, amid concerns by ministers that it is too heavy handed.

      As well as banning certain offenders, the law currently requires adults coming into regular contact with children other than their own to be screened.

      Mrs May ordered the review amid concerns about the vetting of ordinary volunteers such as parents who drive children to football practice and church flower arrangers read more @ http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/politics/conservative/8201521/Sex-offenders-including-paedophiles-should-be-allowed-to-adopt-Theresa-May-told.html

      There are knee-grows that are defending homosexuality as a natural biological fact and at the same time disparaging Pan-Afrikanism as con men and haters.

      Like the title says, this is the last barrier to our genocide…we already are a people with diminishing spirituality!


      1. Not all will survive this war. And i’m perfectly ok with that. Just focus on the ones who are awake/ becoming awake.

        We’ll need them to fight with us.


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