Niggaz: The bastard child of that manufactured drone called the knee-grow. Said to be ignorant and trifling, Niggaz are said to infest like cock roaches. Niggaz are also said to be a stealth weapon by white supremacy and can be seeing looking like the following…

Trinidad-James-wearing-skirt  21vaughan_road_swag_still.jpg.size.xxlarge.letterbox556242_469395403127908_916664578_n


525264_489106227823217_1374360907_n  154564_10151585716174918_1736666_n  737658_10151606408409918_2126441898_o


544821_504866232865848_1638391357_n  249861_570522429628542_252613548_n  309287_481095821902749_1473134103_n

The surgeon general warns right thinking people to stay away from Niggaz, associating with them has been scientifically proven to be  bad for your community, your image and your health. However they are very good for the over all economy of foreigners in thier own community.



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