Why we must build for ourselves


In 1917, the social and economic discontent experienced by the Afrikans in Amerikkka, which was intensified with post European tribal war disillusionment, erupted into a violent confrontation between the us and certain Yurugu elements in East St Louis. The growing discontent and bloody confrontations escalated and peaked in the infamous Red Summer of 1919. During this “Red Summer” numerous Afrikans and Afrikan communities were set upon by packs of wild savages, intent on burning, maiming, raping, murdering and destroying. This was this atmosphere that the right Honorable Marcus Mosiah Garvey arrived to see, when he set foot on the shores of that land, stolen from the aboriginal peoples, that had held our ancestors as prisoners of imperialist and colonial wars. Dubbed the Ma’afa, it was the greatest holocaust in ourstory and history. The Ma’afa was a European excursion into Afrika, where that continent experienced centuries long genocidal wars of destruction that eventually transferred each man, woman and child from free and sovereign people into caged and oppressed beings, living in an animal like condition of hope despair and said disillusionment. This occurred both on the Afrikan continent and the North Amerikkklan one…to this day. Garvey had arrived on the shores of Amerikkka for the sole purpose of meeting a man he admired in Booker T Washington. His interest in Washington, was due to the man’s philosophy  of “The wisest of my race understand that the agitation of questions of social equality is the extremest folly and that progress in the enjoyment of all the privileges that will come to us must be the result of severe and constant struggle rather than artificial forcing. The opportunity to earn a dollar in a factory just now is worth infinitely more than to spend a dollar in an opera house.”

Washington believed that opportunities for integration into the so called Amerikkklan fabric was limited due to the ongoing anti-Afrikan hatred, openly expressed by private and public figures and legislations and could only be tackled through the overstanding that racial subordination was a necessary evil, at least until such time as blacks could prove themselves worthy of full civil and political rights.” As far as Afrikans in Amerikkka were concerned, Washington insisted that “industrial education would enable them to lift themselves up by their bootstraps and escape the trap of sharecropping and debt.”  When I first read these words I was not a fan of Washington, because I erroneously thought he was implying that we were inferior. However, what Washington was saying was that we were already inferior in our eyes and in the eyes and in the eyes of the Yurugu oppressors. He felt that the best way to over come this was not to beg for acceptance, but to prove our acceptance apart from Yurugu, by using what we have at that moment. Using labour to build ourselves and pour community up we can physically and economically prove ou equal to Yurugu. And if he did not accept it, well…we had our success to fall on. Washington was willing to bet on the fact that Yurugu would pay for us to go away and in promise we would not involve ourselves in his politics.  One has to overstand that at that time that we were behind the eight ball and needed to become strong economically and as a community BEFORE seeking to play a hand in the political scene. This did not play well with integrationists or those agitating for forced recognition of us as more than 3/5 a human being.

Education in North Amerikkka is about the indoctrination of citizens to prop up the capitalist system of oppression. It has since been transformed from industrialization (the real impetus to the Amerikkklan tribal wars between the Union and Confederate states), from industrialization to customer service and technology, though never changing the real intent which was to keep the common folks in servitude to wealthy elites. None in Amerikkka’s his-story exemplified this servile role as the Afrikans both socially, academically, politically and judicially, in the eyes of both natural born and those immigrants from across the globe. Yes! Washington overstood that until Afrikans in Amerikkka is accepted and respected in the eyes of Yurugu, we had to use industry to build our communities and characters. Something the Amerikkklan jingoism preached and sold to the European immigrants when they said… “Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed, to me: I lift my lamp beside the golden door.”  The jingoism was sold to immigrants as Amerikkka being a land of opportunity and wealth if one was willing to work for it.

This was in fact true…for all! Yet at the same time, this reality was denied to the former enslaved prisoners of imperialism and colonialism. Throughout history and ourstory, Yurugu, is best known, not for creating anything out of the void, but by building on things either stolen, or taught to them by civilizations that they either conquered or had conquered them …however briefly. In fact the one thing that Yurugu was exceptionally good at was killing maiming and destroying things and people.

 Six Quotes from the book by Michael Bradley, the Iceman Inheritance:

“Precisely because we realize ourselves to be unstable, much effort has been expended in attempts to make sense out of our own apparently senseless behavior.” [p. 13]


“I will propose in this essay that the white race possesses an atypical level of aggression.” [p. 28]


“It is in the sphere of abnormal violence that we Caucasoids excel among races. …. Intellectual violence is statistically rare among other races. Intellectual violence is typical of Caucasoids. Our wars of religion, our Inquisition, our philosophical conflicts have no parallel among yellow, red, brown or black men. It is this kind of violence that makes our history appear senseless to other men, and senseless and baffling even to ourselves.” [p. 14]


“The Caucasoids, uniquely among the races of Mankind, evolved in a glacial environment.” [p. 26]


“There is an increasing body of scientific data suggesting that this group of men did develop in a narrow zone of life between fire and ice…between the cave fires and the savage cold of the Wurm I ice age. ….These special adaptations had incidental side effects which resulted in an exceptionally aggressive psychology, an extreme expression of the cronos complex, and a higher level of psychosexual conflict compared to all other races of men.” [p. 26]


Yurugu, because he never created anything of substance of his own, was left to keep the true builders of Amerikkka’s industry and wealth, under their feet, in servitude, in order to prop up their industry and give them feel good moments of superiority. Whenever the indentured servants venture afar from the script, by removing themselves from among Yurugu and sought to do for self, we see the reactions in the so called Red Summer of 1919 and in perhaps the most astounding example of jealous and systemic malfeasance, in the attack on “Black Wall Street” in 1921. This was the climate that the Right honorable Marcus Garvey arrived in. Unfortunately for him, Washington died before he landed and his original invitation was rescinded by the Boule knee-grow and new head of Tuskegee university, Dr. Robert R Morton. During his time traveling across Amerikkka, Garvey noted why Washington’s call for the Afrikans to lift themselves up by their bootstraps and escape the trap of sharecropping and debt, was very essential if they wanted to exist as men and not mules and beasts of burden.

Garvey’s fame and success grew because he presented an alternative to begging for what we need and working for what we want. This was evident in the rise of an organization of more than a million people strong , self funded and self directed, across the globe, at a time when entities like the Niagara group (since morphed into the NAACP) was created by the Amerikkklan government, Khazaar agents and communist interest to spy on and derail any aspiration of self direction of Afrikan people in the country. The Government under it’s most powerful enforcement agency at the time and headed by  J Edgar Hoover, released noted yard dogs, such as W.E.B. Dubois and A. Phillip Randolph to attack Garvey’s darker skin colour, his diction, his accent and his integrity. Later they inserted traitor agents to sow discontent and destroy the greatest Afrikan self determinant movement in the Diaspora to date.The yard dog Dubois created this philospohy of a talented tenth that would “lead” the sullied and unwashed, as the edumacated saw the majority of us. Their solution was for the Afrikans in Amerikkka  to beg for what they needed and work for what they wanted and in so doing created the kind of classism and colorism that is still evident today in our community, when our ONLY goal is to practice community building and creating legacies for us and our children.

Yet even after Garvey was betrayed and railroaded, we continued to practice our own form of cultural and communal nepotism, which became an increasingly difficult task as we also embraced education and integration as the primary means for acceptance in the White Supremacy system. We are the only people in the World who believes that politics and education as a discipline is the sure fire way to be accepted and is most important for growing powerful in Amerikkka as opposed to embracing the education and politics of collective economic strength. This is a direct contradiction to reality and opposition to other ethnic groups, who overstood that economic power first, then education and political power afterwards. The over emphasis on education in the oppressors academic and re-lie-gious institutions, conditioned us to shun industrialization and to embrace intellectual servitude which has lead us to the state we are now, where we consume over 1 billion dollars, but produce barely a percentage of that. A state where most of us prop up the technological economy as laborers or consumers, yet control or barely produce anything in that field for ourselves here in North Amerikkka.

For Yurugu, everything is warfare. This includes Sexual congress, child rearing and of course genetic survival. Sun Tzu said war is deception. Yurugu, in order to defeat a numerical and creative superior, devised deceptive measures to defeat us…with the help of academia, re-lie-gious and selected yard dogs that come as thief in the night to redirect our energies for the greater good of their masters.

 How to Keep Black People Down-Movie”Trick BaBy’

 Over the last 100 plus years, outside of lynching and extra judicial assassinations…two major occurrences have come about that set Afrikans in the west on a course that has prevented nation building similar to what any other ethnic group does. One is the civil rights bill, which served to full fill our collective addiction to Yurugu’s world-view and perpetuated our Stockholm syndrome in a white supremacist society:

 I am Kalinga! (I’m Gonna Git You Sucka)

 The other occurrence was the rise and legislation of Feminism, which has nothing to do with equal rights for women, but everything to do with creating an anti-family, anti- masculine and anti-feminine vehicle by which the elites could remove the man…the Afrikan man specifically …as the main economic provider of the family and have him compete with his complement in a selfish pursuit of “getting mine” over collective economics. Of course those two occurrences were not the ONLY ones, but they stand out as watershed moment when the final nails in the coffin of self determination as a community and collective was shattered and made us primarily consumers, even in the face of repeated disdain, anti-Afrikan hatred and even physical attacks while handing over our money to others. Our failure to build our own economy as a collective, trade, barter and support each other, has left us distrustful of each other, covetous of other people’s things and negligent in teaching our children to be industrial. Instead we urge them to be academics, then  sit back and watch the Asians (for example) as they condition their own to conquer science, technology and other countries economies.

Overstand that if a man does not build for himself, his future complement and future legacies, he is about nothing. if a woman does not build for herself, her future complement and future legacies, she is about nothing. However, great still is if we fail to build together, we become individual and disconnected crabs, aiming to climb over each other to run into the oppressors pot to be boiled alive.  Afrikan people are like modern death dealers in the institution called hospital, where instead of seeking a cause of illness, will treat the symptoms as the cause and thus will medicate against the symptom and not the cause. No real solution is presented and none is rendered.  Afrikan people often wax nostalgic and vaingloriously about great pyramids of Kimit, great civilization across the continent, yet fail to own a functional institute where a Douala can practice her craft to stave off an increase in pediatric death. Afrikan people have failed to set up our own institute of hire learning that was NOT CREATED, by Yurugu philanthropists or funded by Yurugu or used as a re-lie-gious conditioning chamber.

We don’t even own any entertainment industry, independent of Yurugu’s backing that would show us in a positive light, showing Afrikan love in a revolutionary light and Afrikan men and women being heroes and sheroes, fighting crime, fighting space aliens or telling our authentic narratives. Yurugu tells our tales, chooses our celebrities, our deities and values systems. A classic example is an upcoming Yurugu based propaganda from Europe about the Kimitian god Ausar, written, produced, directed and acted in by people who don’t look like us. Another example is this insulting piece of filth called Boardwalk Empire, where Yurugu has taken liberty with the legacy of the UNIA and the memories of the Most Honorable Marcus Garvey. Yurugu will always find a sell out to whore for a few coins as they shit on our ancestors memories and dance hypnotically for their puppet masters.


 Boardwalk Empire – Dr. Valentin Narcisse invests in Heroin Business.

 This is reprinted from http://blogs.wsj.com/speakeasy by Ishmael Reed.

This is 2013 and no one can say that they don’t have the knowledge or skills to build for ourselves. What we lack is the collective will and genuine trust and love of our Afrikan selves, which is needed in order to unify. We would savage each other, the individual consumer and retailer both, all the while extol the virtues of the other ethnic groups, wondering how they become a success. They become a success from our pocket and their own desire to work for what they want and work for what they need. Work! We are some of the hardest working, best motivated labour forces when it comes to getting a paycheck. But the least motivated when it comes to practicing collective economics, collective Unity and finding collective purposes based on a socio-economic level. Because we don’t love ourselves, we don’t love or want to build collectively. None the less we lament why we don’t get together. This is confusing, frustrating and soul killing. Afrikan people don’t need to reinvent the economic wheel. The philosophy and Opinions of Marcus Garvey lays it out for us. Almost every Afrikan organization from the Moorish Temple, the Nation of Islam to even the Viet Cong overstood and practice what Garvey preached….the father of Vietnam liberation Ho Chi Minh was a frequent attendees at Garvey’s lectures, along with osagyefo kwame nkrumah. And those two leaders lead their respective countries to independence from colonial rule.

We have to build collectively because all the other stuff we have attempted have failed. We have to build collectively because we are dying as a sovereign people and  have become a beggar people. We must build because the alternative is unacceptable…permanently viewed as wretcheds of the earth!


4 thoughts on “Why we must build for ourselves

  1. Brother, not sure why there aren’t more responses on this. We really do need to wake up and come together. I was visiting family and talking about this last weekend, Marcus had it right all along. I run my own little business and support my brothers and sisters who do as well. One person at a time and I think we can rebuild.


    1. Ase’ and thanks for responding. I am not worried if there is not a flood of response because in this day and age to be popular is not necessarily a good thing. It takes 1-2, working in conjunction and in faith to start a revolution. The ideas in this post is not mine or new, just a clarion call for those who need that spark. I am heeding my own words and believe strongly in your efforts. One person at a time….Ase’


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