The New cointelpro—-Predators in our midst!

  1. “The most difficult subjects can be explained to the most slow-
    witted man if he has not formed any idea of them already; but the
    simplest thing cannot be made clear to the most intelligent man if
    he is firmly persuaded that he knows already, without a shadow of
    doubt, what is laid before him.”

    ― Leo Tolstoy

For the longest while I have railed against the ignorance and unbelievable stupidity of my ethnic group. It is so unfathomable to try and overstand some of the most base nonsense we come up with, at times. Yet no more so than our insipid hatred for each other. This hatred is so vicious and viral, that at the drop of a word we are willing to savage each other out of jealousy, spite or projection. Many knee-grows and even supposedly conscious folks BELIEVE their intelligence and “knowledge” make them suitable to pass condemnation on people they know not or care to know.  I do not ascribe to the nonsense that one should not judge, I believe we ALL must judge in order to make decisions moving forward, judging is not the issue. To know this requires  one  take the re-lie-gious books out of their collective asses. NO! Condemning and condemnation is the fault we are cursed with after FAULTY judgment is passed without research, discernment or knowledge. Thus the warning should be DO NOT PASS FAULTY JUDGMENT OR CONDEMNATION WITHOUT SUFFICIENT KNOWLEDGE!…or something like that.

Social media and the internet, are two of the worst vehicle for the ignorant and those with faulty judgment who masturbate incessantly behind their computers and anonymous titles, seeking to prove for some fucked up reasons, why they have great knowledge or insight with out a shadow of a doubt, based on some clearly simple shit spread by similar folks with similar self hatred.  Tolstoy’s quote is so very relevant in light of series of “stuff” passed around by some unknown folks, sucked up as truth by people who on first blush one would thing would have more intelligence than a rutabaga. Lately actor Taye Diggs name has been banded about, for the following quotes:

“Let’s just say its not a stereotype that black women are less submissive and harder to deal with. Being around all them black women made me really miss my wife”
“I’m just saying the last black woman I was with name Stella”
Somebody will be upset and say i got rich and deserted my female people; No offense, but the only black woman I ever loved is my mama.”

All these quotes were supposedly gleamed from an interview he had with TMZ, the notorious gossip website. Yet when i searched for that interview I found many accusation about him being a snob, or chasing off burglars, but not for the above quotes. Maybe my internet research skills have diminished, perhaps some one can right my wrong about this, but the only site I found these quotes on was a site called creambmp. Ignorant females and males, pseudo feminist and manginas, all jump on the “fuck Taye Diggs” band wagon, savaging the cat and using these quotes as a means to besmirch the character of ALL Afrikan men, whether the have a Afrikan female or not as our compliment. Knee-grows, for the past 60 years have build a cottage industry savaging the Afrikan male, his character, his worth in this White Supremacist shitstym. While the knee-grow female has always lead the charge, more painful are the savaging by these simps and emasculated males…bastard sons of single mothers…as Tommy Sottomayor likes to say. I would give a $100 to any one who has gone on that website creambmp and after perusing that site, come back and still insist that Tay Diggs actually said this shit. All one has to do is scroll down the site to see an absurd amount of crap posted on that site to realize that this is a site promoting worthless lies and other foul shit. I wouldn’t say it is a worthless site, as it has been effective in getting tongues wagging. Check out some of the other post on this reprobate site:

  1. Rapper Dmx Files a Restraining Order Against Crack…
  2. CBS: Obama Announces Unlimited Spend Limit on Foodstamp Cards During Thanksgiving Week…
  3. Miley Cyrus Adopts a Black Baby…
  4. Bandz a Make Her Dead? Atlanta Stripper Suffocates to Death After Being Drowned in Singles…
  5. Rapper Drake in Critical Condition After Attempt to Save Stripper from Drunk Man Goes Wrong…
  6. George Zimmerman Pays Adrian Peterson’s Child Killer’s Bail…

Really now folks…really? The Tay Diggs post has so far garnered 221 comments with the majority savaging him and most men. Of course we have the obligatory, “people can love who they want to love” crowed, who throw out banal puff response with out actual commenting on what was in the article. When I checked out the site, the apparent moderator, looks like a cross between Trinidad James and Antoine Dodson, doing the intruder interview.

I mean the picture of this cat looks very moist…as Tarig Nasheed likes to say. Which brings me to King Flex himself and the character assassination being done on him. Last week on my facebook group, something was posted that Tariq Nasheed was a homosexual, Puerto Rican and that his child’s mother was either a half breed or the most interesting , older Yurugu female possible. Pictures were circulated showing a very “light skinned” child in his arms, accusing Nasheed of not being black (whatever that means), of being an abuser of women, one who shuns knee-grow females and a whole host of transgressions.

This website, stated that: “Tariq Nasheed is a black man who also goes by the name KING FLEX. He trains black men to dislike & disrespect black women. Tariq Nasheed demanded black people to support his movie The Eugenics, so we can make more black movies, but he then made a movie that had mostly whites, Hispanics & Asians. None of the make up artists, directors, etc. are black. The main star of The Eugenics is a GAY HISPANIC named Nyell Seruga – not a STRAIGHT BLACK man as he claims Nyell is.

You can check out the blog if you want. Now Tariq Nasheed doesn’t need me to defend him. He can do it adequately himself. Still keeping with the them of my post, I am going to show you that whomever put this site up, definitely has an agenda and it is to tear down a “black man” who is not only successful, but is not about worshiping woman or simping for pussy. The poster claimed that “He trains black men to dislike & disrespect black women.” This makes me believe that either a female or a thirsty pussy hound,put this sight up, because this is what they do. When an Afrikan man acts masculine, he is deemed a threat to both of those two groups. The female who lacks accountability and is in denial,living on bitter bitch boulevard and the pussy hound, who believes sucking a female;s ass will get him some pussy…ratchet or not! “Tariq Nasheed demanded black people to support his movie The Eugenics, so we can make more black movies,“. Mmmmm! i did not know that doing a kick starter campaign is tantamount to making demands on you separating hard earned dollars from your pockets. These no doubt are like the people who savage Spike Lee for his Kick starter program, yet fail to do so when more mainstream Yurugu directors do the same. In our community we lament the dirth of Afrikan themed movies that are made by us and have many of us behind the scene, yet refuse to help fund such movies, then turn around and lament the absence of….get the picture? “but he then made a movie that had mostly whites, Hispanics & Asians. None of the make up artists, directors, etc. are black” No where does the poster supply proof of what any of the behind the scene people look like. Just saying it is all knee-grows need to run screaming down the street. I listen to an interview with Tariq where he dealt with the lack of knee-grow females in his movies. He said as a man living in LA and moving in that environment, he found many of these “black” actresses are either not real actresses, just wanna be video girls looking for a twerking video, or extremely unprofessional people. He talked about many who were initially hired for casting, soon came with a myriad of excuses..”I had baby sitting issues”, among the most used. Baby sitting issues? Really? As an actress? “The main star of The Eugenics is a GAY HISPANIC named Nyell Seruga – not a STRAIGHT BLACK man as he claims Nyell is” And so? Of course they have supplied no proof of this and even if he was..(a) Nyell Seruga looks like an Afrikan to me, who happens to have a Spanish speaking nationality (know the fucking difference here) and (b) Tariq Nasheed has been on record has saying he has no issues with homosexuals, as he has numerous homosexual acquaintances. But then maybe that’s is why the accuse him of being homosexual?

The blog is full of conjuncture and judgmental with numerous misleading information that equals savage condemnation to the point where it seems people are saying Hidden colors was an attempt at getting rich from our community. I swear on the name of Jesus and other dead “white men”, we are so fucked in the head. Now why would a knee-grow do this? I even have people claiming that Tariq is not a black leader. Now what is the heavens and below the earth does that mean? I have never heard him say he was a black leader. I have heard him say he is a mack, A ladies man if you will, and he teaches simps and tricks (cats who spend -trick off-money on women to get affection) to step up their dating or relationship game by being strong with their words, their confidence, their mind and their comportment. He also teaches men to be honest in a relationship, whether you are in it for the long term or not. And get this he also teaches women and couples how to work with each other to have a better relationship. But then he is not on Oprah doling out Dr. Phil like wisdom. If this is what disliking and disrespecting a woman means…we are in trouble. Of course these people never highlight the numerous females that are followers of Tariq Nasheed…it messes up the propaganda of woman hating.

When checking out the blog, I noticed that the site was put up in September of this year and the ONLY postings were 6 dedicated to savaging Tariq Nasheed. And interesting enough the author of the blog, calls himself TJ Sottomayor. This moniker is supposed to subconsciously make us believe that an associate of Tarig Nasheed…one TJ Sottomayor was the author savaging him. I guess since a few tried to create enmity between the two and failed, they went back to the drawing board for some more shit to disturb. Tommy Sottomayor is the most hated Afrikan man on the internet. Primarily by ratchet knee-grow, hair hating having, lace front weave wearing  females and of course bastard sons of single mothers, simps and manginas. They even had a site called 1000 men against Tommy Sottomayor, because the dude had the audacity to comment on videos already on the internet about knee-grow females and males acting like savages. I have yet to see a site called 1000 men against the fratricide in Chicago and other ghettos in Amerikkka. I have yet to see a site called 1000 men against police brutality against Afrikan people. I have yet to see a site 1— men striving to create an economic base taking the billions of  dollars we spend on hair, game boys, Nike and 350 dollar belt buckle, while kicking the Arabs and Asians out of our community, since they take our money with one hand and slap us in the face with anti-Afrikan hatred with the other. These devils have put Sottomayor’s criminal arrest records on the Internet. Putting the name and address of his mother, grand mother and child’s mother on the internet at a time and in an atmosphere where people are killing people for not liking or unfriending them on Facebook. Several month ago, I came across a youtube video where the creator claimed that Sottomayor was a pedophile and was engaged in secret child sex ring. The main pretext for this was his choice to have a black boys rock movement, similar to the black girls rock movement. I guess it is ok to celebrate little black girls but not little black boys. The interesting thing though was that the channel was created only a couple of month prior to posting and that was the ONLY posting on Sottomayor from that channel.

There are predators among us. Liken to the house knee-grow Malik Al Shabazz talks about, who when hearing the cry of freedom, would run to massa and tell of the plot. These same knee-grow would fight harder for the oppressors, house and lively hood than the oppressor himself. Just like good yard dogs! These predators are whom, J Edgar Hoover used to bring down Marcus Garvey during a time when the Anti-Afrikan Amerikkklan government, became afraid of what the Afrikan man and woman could do if we were to unify and create an economic and political bloc, dedicated to Afrikans at home and abroad. When these yard dogs conspired to bring the great man down, all they had was an empty envelope; said to be mail sent, about a ship that didn’t belong to the UNIA, the word of an agent provocateur and the vicious lies of the government and other yard dogs like the talented tenth, NAACP and similar groups. None of these yard dogs wanted Afrikan people in Amerikkka  to be free. Today we don’t need a directive from the government spy network to decimate each other. We would gladly do it for ourselves in some demented belief that we are exposing fake people among us. This is what many have done to Ayo Kimathi, when he was exposed as a DHS worker. Now the fact that this original information came form a Yurugu organization called Southern Poverty Network or something like that, didn’t slow the attacking and savaging of the man as a spy, causing many people to seek to discredit all he has done prior to this exposure. One of the biggest attackers was a cat called King Noble, who is an admitted lover of pornography and has numerous pictures of naked female s on his site. This cat is selling himself as a king and is noble…King Noble. Even when the Kimathi tried to explain that there was no money giving lectures to ungrateful dogs who would, turn around and bootleg his videos, making more money than he. He quite rightfully stated that the DHS is a large agency and not everybody is out on the street, locking up people. I am sure their are many people who work for the government, who may have opinions on a lot of things similarly to what Kimathi talks about, but you wouldn’t call them agents. I have been in the game a long time and I still see, after more than 20 years, people refusing to pay for the knowledge but would bootleg the information or balk at paying for the information. Even now people are bootlegging Hidden Colors.

When I was a much younger man, filled with a false sense of my own importance, puffed up in righteous anger and falsely believing my energy can free my people, I would notice that many of the elders who had actually got their assess kicked and beaten and jailed, tended to be dispirited by the same old, same old cycle we fall into. Like these men and women, as they get older, I grow tired of pointing to the stars and have people watching my finger. I have grown tired of the most vocal element doing the least work. The infighting over stupid shit. Blaming the oppressor for putting us ourstorically in this mess AND keeping us in the mess, as if we don’t have a role to both stay a slave or become free. People have a comment on the personal character of these men mentioned above, yet all who have savaged them, have never nor ever intended to see value in what they say and the knowledge they bring. We are the only ethnic group that seek a celebrity leader, instead of each of us doing our part for the whole. They reasons why we can always be countered is because we put all out eggs in one basket. And when we come together as an organization, corruption, infighting and all kinds of skull duggary erupts. No wonder many of us would chose to hitch our horses to the white supremacy system. Many “black” people would rather shun us than deal with the parochial stuff we do, while providing no nation building effort, tools, skills, money or intent.

Years ago Keidi Obi Awadu produced a lecture tape called the NU Klux Klan, detailing how we are the new Klan doing our own lynching of each other. I propose that we are also the New Cointelpro, digging for dirt and exposing those we think need to be expose. And it is usually successful people…mostly Afrikan men, who are either going about their business or men who are trying to get us to leave the plantation. Due to the fact that many accused Tommy Sottomayor of being homosexual, I have been accused myself of being homosexual, because I watch his video and comment positively on stuff he says. I guess, since I listen to Tariq Nasheed, I can be accused of disliking & disrespecting “black women” too.   For people who follow me here and on my facebook, I will state that I support Tommy Sottomayor, Tariq Nasheed and  Ayo Kimathi. I would ask very politely that if you don’t like my stance to not follow me. Any attempt at seeking to debate me would be met with deletions and placement in a Spam folder or blocked. As Baba John Henrik Clark says, I debate my equals, all others I teach. My sites are not a democratic site where people can come up on and talk shit and I debate you. I don’t go to other people’s site and challenge the administrators or posters. lastly, while I won’t be hitching my wagon to the white supremacy system…I can see myself retreating eventually as far from many of us as possible. I now fear the oppressor less than the yard dogs who would fight tooth and nail to maintain the system whole seeking to pull me down and prevent me from being the authentic man I would be.The sad thing is that many of these yard dog, house knee-grows are those who call them selves “black conscious……


Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.

Leo Tolstoy

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