Post Apart-hate Azania and Mandela’s Legacy

The recent transition of former South Afrikan president, Nelson Mandela, has been met with grief, out pouring of tributes and reminiscence of the life of a man who is alleged to have been the catalyst of a period forever seared into our consciousness. Nelson Mandela is being held up as the greatest Afrikan leader of modern times by…..western media and the architects of many of the colonial and imperial invasion of the Afrikan continent. Western European countries, including Amerikkka, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Israel. Too bad the narrative of Nelson Mandela’s greatness is a fictional tale that is told to hoodwink and bamboozle the gullible and ignorant to imperialism and colonialism on the whole Afrikan continent.

“Mandela let us down. He agreed to a bad deal for the blacks. Economically, we are still on the outside. The economy is very much ‘white’. It has a few token blacks, but so many who gave their life in the struggle have died unrewarded.” —Winnie Mandela

“Nelson Mandela is the white man’s favourite politician/”- Thabo M’beki.

The statement by Mbeki, a member of the ANC and Winnie Mandela, two who would know Mandela better than you or I, is indicative of a man who had effectively sold his country to the settler invaders and became the most revered knee-grow yard dog to European oppressors. Although originally considered a freedom fighter in the struggle to liberate Azania from the clutches of European savagery and settler invader oppression, Mandela soon became one of Apart-hate’s most fervent supporters. He was a fervent supporter with his acquiescence to having Azania remain in the filthy paws of the settler colonists. To show their gratitude, the settler invaders, who originally branded him a terrorist, swiftly turned him into a pop star and a demigod through propaganda and the willing ignorance of many Afrikan people in the west. As a freedom fighter, Nelson Mandela was compared to, and elevated to the levels of the likes of Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe, Fidel Castro of Cuba, Osama Bin Laden while he was fighting to free Afghanistan from Soviet occupation, the late Yasser Arafat of occupied Palestine and thousands of others fighting for freedom from the global terror of mainly western imperialism.

In the beginning

Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela, was born 18th July 1918, and is commonly known as the greatest fighter against anti-Apartheid and leader of the African National Congress (ANC). According to the narrative Mandela said he was inspired by Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi in his attempt to free South Africa from European settler invader and state sponsored terrorism and anti-Afrikan hatred. besides the fact that Gandhi himself did not like Afrikans and was insulted when told to ride on a train with “niggers”, this was the man that Mandela sited as his most influential individual when it came to political struggles. This influence ensured that, like Gandhi, he was committed to self-defense against violence if peaceful means failed. However, unlike Gandhi, Mandela was not walking around free, nor did he have the type of national unity that the Indian continent experienced at the heights of his popularity. As a younger man, Mandela was also a member of the armed wing of the ANC, the Umkhonto we Sizwe. Yurugu branded him a Communist and a terrorist. He was arrested, charged with many ‘crimes’ and convicted of sabotage for trying to overthrow the imperialist settler invader regime, that was supported by Western Europeans countries, including Amerikkka, Canadian, Australians, New Zealanders, and also Israelis after its own Western supported creation of the illegal Apart-hate colony called Israel; on the backs of the North Eastern Afrikan country called in Palestine in 1948.

Most of us lacking basic knowledge of ourstory, fail to connect the dots that, while Apart-hate was introduced by National Party (NP) in 1948 and became governing political policy, the colonization and exploitation of Azania was practiced in South Africa long before. The so called atrocities of Nazis Germany pales compared to the numerous ones committed against Afrikans in Azania and other countries including the Kongo. While Nelson Mandela was spending 27 years of his life in the prison, other opposition figures were kidnapped and murdered. Steve Biko, (who was gaining great popularity under his Black consciousness movement ) was stopped at a road block, stripped naked, tortured and murdered in custody because his captors knew he could not be bought nor would they be able to change his psychological make-up in seeking justice for Africans in Azania.

Spending 27 years in a place like Robben Island can have the desired effect of breaking down anybody. However, the settler invaders were successful in obtaining the desired results in the case of Nelson Mandela who they brainwashed in prison; It was fortunate for him that he broke, or they would have murdered him too. However, unfortunately for the youth and families of todays Azania, Mandela did break and in this post Apart-hate Azania we see the results of the Nelson Mandela experiment. With Steve Biko and other activists eliminated, only the name of Nelson Mandela reverberated round the world as a mere symbol of freedom, but no more. It is no doubt that, Nelson Mandela was source of inspiration to many, based on the injustice he suffered and the type of personality he had. However, many forgot the continued struggles, murder and resistance by those not celebrated by the Western media, who were either physically exterminated, damaged or character assassinated by Yurugu….such as that of Winnie Mandela.

Those ignorant of the fight against Apart-hate fail to overstand how ludicrous the notion was to believe that Mandela was leading any kind of anti-Apart hate struggle from prison. Just when the dinosaur of Apart-hate was about to take its last breath the Europeans in the west decided to strike a deal with Nelson Mandela—the one time terrorist– while he was still in prison. As part of this process, the illegal dictator President P.W. Botha made contact with Mandela in 1985 upon the advice of the British and other European governments (the countries that reneged on the Zimbabwe deal to turn over land to the Afrikans, as well as the USA and Israel. In 1988, the British government authorized the organization of the Free Nelson Mandela concert at Wembley Stadium. This was a concert solely for him, at the time when Mandela was in his 25th year of internment and a time when other ANC senior leaders, such as Walter Sisulu, Andrew Mlangeni, Ahmed Kathrada and Raymond Mhlaba, were also incarcerated. This wasn’t about ending Apart-hate though, but to organize the next step of the continuous control of Azania.

Among the many interesting things to occur from Mandela’s 25th year incarceration to transition were the following:

·         Nelson Mandela agreed a deal in which no action would be taken against any “White man” , this was the explicit agenda of the Truth and reconciliation sham.

·         Mandela agreed that the White supremacists, who also have monopoly in the exploitation of its gold and diamond mines, would keep everything they had stolen and continue to manage the economy of the country.

·         Mandela also agreed to discontinue the nuclear weapons program the Apart-hate settler invaders were pursuing with Apart-hate Israel because they did not want nuclear weapons to fall into the hands of Africans.

·         It was from this agreement that de Klerk announced the release of Nelson Mandela in February 1990, after 27 years of incarceration.

Mandela was swiftly forced down the throats of gullible people, who were starving for that one hero to lead us to the promise land. A problem we continually suffer under the re-lie-gious brainwashing of seeking that messianic figure. Older, more frail and without the benefit of rehabilitation or psychological decompression after 27 years apart from mainstream society, Nelson Mandela was elected President of the ANC in 1991, and took part in the country’s first multi-party elections in 1994 when he was become the FIRST democratically elected President of South Africa-turned Azania-turned South Afrika. For this he was he was jointly awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1993 with the bastard settler invader, F W de Klerk.

Mandela only remained President for four years (1994 – 1999) after which Thabo M’beki became President. Mandela was clearly a failure for Afrikans, but became a symbol of success for Yurugu, after the failure of bringing people like Mugabe of Zimbabwe, Samara Machel of Mozambique and Sam Nujoma of Namibia under their folds as stooges and yard dogs for White Supremacy. This was the real reason he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. Outside of the influence of Western Media manipulation, Nelson Mandela is seen by many as a traitor and a European agent at the beck and call of White European supremacists. Mandela is subservient to his European masters who, with his consent, use him as a pawn to influence world affairs in their favor. From his early release, instead of concerning himself with the monumental tasks within his own country, especially having been in prison for 27 years and totally disoriented, he indulged in overseas missions at the behest of his masters. The following key points were taken from an article written by M Rafic Soormally of London,  on
16 July 2008

·         In 1992, Mandela ‘proposed’ to President George Bush (Sr) to try the two Libyans framed in the Lockerbie Pan Am Flight 103 crash over Scotland in 1988 in a third European (not African) country, and ‘persuaded’ Colonel Muammar Gaddafi to comply.

·         In a corrupt deal made with Gaddafi, who the Americans tried to assassinate but missed and killed his adopted daughter in the bombing of Tripoli, the two suspects were delivered to the Dutch authorities, the Netherlands being one of the supporters of Apart-hate. One was freed, but the second, Libyan agent Megrahi, was convicted on the most flimsy of ‘evidence’ (Ref. Robert Fisk & Mrs Irvine whose brother, Bill Cadman, was killed in the crash).

·         In 1999, Mandela agreed to intermediate between Israel, another ally of Apart-hate South Africa, and its neighbours. During his visit to Iran, he was more concerned with the fate of the 13 Jews accused of spying for Israel and the United States. As a supporter of the Palestinian struggle, Mandela said that Israel should withdraw to pre-1967 borders, but at the same time, he was effectively against such withdrawal unless Arab States recognized the Apart-hate State in Palestine, and he saw Israel as an economic powerhouse in the Middle East. He makes no mention of the theft of Palestinian lands, the holocaust and exodus of the Palestinian people, let alone the will of Palestinians.

·         Winnie Mandela, the ex-wife of Nelson Mandela and former President of the ANC Women’s League, said Apart-hate Israel can be defeated, just as Apart-hate  in South Africa was defeated, however it is curious that shortly after being released from prison, Nelson divorced Winnie, who maintained the struggle in his name and was vilified for it by the western media and most knee-grows. Was this another price he had to pay for his freedom?

·         Although Mandela criticized American venture in Iraq and for undermining the United Nations, he fails to ask himself what good were the UN during all the years of South African Apart-hate . He is not going to occupied Iraq, Afghanistan and Kashmir because this is not in the interests of his masters.

Mandela in Parliament Square

·         Like a European statesman, Nelson Mandela’s statue is in Parliament Square, which many Black Africans regard as Apart-hate Square, where he joins the architects of Apart-hate . During the unveiling ceremony of his statue on 29th August 2007, Mandela said with shocking callousness : “We half-joked that we hoped that one day a statue of a black person would be erected here alongside that of General Smuts”. General Ian Smuts was the leader of the Boers and other settler invaders in early South Africa.

·         Nelson Mandela never sought justice for the sufferings of the South African people. There was no SOWETO TRIAL like there was the Nuremberg Trial, nor did he campaign for one. He never invoked the South African holocaust like so many other holocausts on the African continent. His campaign is mainly against AIDS which, based upon white supremacist propaganda, he accepts AIDS as an African disease, which is totally and utterly false.

·         On the occasion of his 90th birthday celebrations in London, Mandela’s comments about Zimbabwe have been blown out of all proportions to favour the architects of Apart-hate  against Robert Mugabe. And people wondered why Mugabe tor into him as a coward.

·         Many of the guests at Mandela’s 90th birthday London concert held at Hyde Park on 27th June 2008 were full supporters and financiers of Apart-hate Israel which still has interests in Zimbabwe (and South Africa), especially in its diamond mines [Ref. Oppenheimer], interests which are presently felt to be under threat.

·         Through fascist propaganda, Nelson Mandela has been turned into a European pop star and a demigod. As a gift for his 90th birthday, George Bush the younger signed into law a bill removing Mandela and other members of the African National Congress from a three-decade-old terrorist watch list.

·         The architects of Apart-hate  believed that they could buy Robert Mugabe like they bought Nelson Mandela. Remember what Mbeki said? Nelson Mandela is ” the white man’s favourite politician”. Mugabe on the other hand is regarded as a liberation hero in Africa, much more of a hero than Nelson Mandela. The demonization of Mugabe started when he decided, under his agricultural Reform, to redistribute lands to the indigenous people, lands which were stolen by settler invaders in that country. Regarding the last elections, which may be regarded as unfair as George Bush’s (Jr) elections, or less unfair than those in Iraq and Afghanistan under the violence of European occupation, or as in pro-European Musharraf’s Pakistan, the BBC kept showing ad nauseum some Black Zimbabweans running around, but commenting that they were looking for the supporters of opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai to intimidate (beat up and even kill) but without showing any proof to back up their comments.

·         For his part, Morgan Tsvangirai, leader of the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) pulled out of the elections and sought Refuge in the Dutch Embassy, a strong supporter of Apartheid, alleging that he feared for his life. But he later came out and, mysteriously, did not ‘fear’ for his life any more. In fact, Morgan Tsvangirai was ordered to pull out of the presidential elections by his European masters who were hoping that this would undermine Robert Mugabe, thus forcing a cancellation of the elections they have been calling for. To their disappointment, the elections went ahead and Mugabe was duly elected and sworn in as President. Tsvangirai was invited to the ceremony, but boycotted it.

·         The pro-Israel French Foreign Minister, Bernard Kouchner, toldFrance 2 television on 1st July 2008 that the EU will only accept a Zimbabwean government headed by opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai, but does not say on what ground since Tsvangirai pulled out of the elections. The Zimbabwean authorities clearly see Tsvangirai as a European agent and a traitor who is at the source of violence in Zimbabwe. This is how Europeans always interfere into the internal affairs of other countries, interference which Robert Mugabe has set out to eradicate. Other examples of such interference are Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Lebanon and more.

·         For her part, the British Queen decided to strip Mugabe of his honorary title without explaining why he was given such a title in the first place – most probably because the British wanted to bribe Mugabe into accepting land theft by the British and others. Tony Benn Refused such title for very good reasons.

·         Thabo M’beki rightly says that « When the White man kicks you down, he also tells you how to react ». Furthermore, M’beki said: « Sometimes when you are in a helicopter and look down, you don’t have to ask which one is a white suburb and which one is an African location. You can see it from the trees [..] That’s what we inherited and that’s what we must change ». He went on to say « “a long long time ago” there was a white man who was the president of Zimbabwe who said when he was asked when his country would be called Zimbabwe he said “never in a thousand years”. Two years later that country was called Zimbabwe. »

·         The South African people and the rest of Africa closely follow the developments in Zimbabwe. Europeans are deeply worried that South Africans may decide to do the same, given their amount of suffering over more than a century, and the crippling disadvantage they have inherited. John Pilger confirms how « The struggle against apartheid has begun again in South Africa » [New Statesman, 10th April 2008].

·         African countries should ensure that their people are taught their history properly based upon credible African historians, and not allow racist powers to meddle in their internal affairs. This is the real disease which is plaguing Africa. Freedom does not mean voting for a pro-European corrupt leader in an African country. Europeans are in no position to teach Africans about democracy, freedom and liberty. Nelson Mandela’s subservience to his European masters is glaring and most regrettable. Their strategy is to try and elevate South Africa as an African superpower under their aegis in order to dominate the African continent, a design which they always had under previous South African and present Israeli Apartheid.

·         Conclusion
Nelson Mandela is free to let the British write his autobiography (Ref. Anthony Sampson), landscape his garden (Ref. Ground Force), put up his statue in Parliament Square alongside the statue of pro-Zionist and racist General Jan Christian Smuts, also PM of South Africa between 1939 and 1948, and visit the British war-mongering Queen in her Palace, but he should not pretend to speak in the name of Africa which has suffered so much without justice in sight when he is blatantly acting as a European poodle. Mandela is far from being the symbol of freedom.

·         Nelson Mandela is often regarded as an African traitor who sold the African cause to the Zionist-controlled West and who agreed not to seek justice for the victims and survivors of African holocausts. For the White Man, justice for Blacks against Whites amounts to vengeance, and Mandela subserviently bowed down to this nonsense. Nelson Mandela must go down in history for what he really is and not as some form of messiah and idol manufactured by the European West. Mandela never truly freed South Africa.

If    If one is to believe the European media, none but Mandela was big enough to over come the decade of of Apart-hate. Yet WE who swallow that lie fail to realize that NO ONE is greater than the struggle and their maybe more deserving people who actually fought against settler invaders  and died, never getting the kind of press that Nelson Mandela received. This includes Winnie Mandela and following notable men.

      Robert Sobukwe

      As the world reflects on the ANC’s struggle since 1912, South Africa also remembers a leader who is often overlooked by the international community: Robert Sobukwe, founder of the Pan-Africanist Congress. Sobukwe would never see his dream of “South Africa’s youth, walking tall, in a country they call their own.” He is a man with a remarkable legacy. In particular, his monumental call to action against the pass laws, on 21st March 1960. Heeding the call, thousands of black South Africans left their pass books at home and marched to their police stations, demanding arrest. “You had to give non-violence a chance. That was Sobukwe’s mission.” Protesters paid the price: police opened fire in the Sharpeville massacre and Sobukwe suffered years of imprisonment. But the protest left an indelible mark on international consciousness and helped clear the path for the ANC to change South African politics.

Steve Biko

No Afrikan University student in the west or on the Southern Afrikan continent can ever say that Steve Biko was not the most influential figure in their lives during the decades long fight to throw off the oppressive terrorism of the settler invader presence in Azania.

Samora Mache

Mozambique played a strong roll in the Apart-hate struggle as it was from this nation that many ANC members sought refuge from the armed might of the settler invaders. Fighting its own struggle against imperialism and colonialism Mozambique under Machel, emerged to become a strong ally of the ANC and the people’s struggle.  Samora Machel died when his plane crashed under mysterious circumstances in the Lebombo Mountains in 1986. It was a time of heightened political tensions in the region and many have always maintained that the crash was no accident. This video is from an investigative report on that crash , where speaking in exclusive interviews, Hans Louw, a former Special Forces and CCB operative revisits the facts behind the myths surrounding the infamous event, revealing that he was part of a major South African government plot to bring the presidential plane down.

In the end, this one wishes Mandela a safe passage as he crosses over to meet his ancestors. However, the struggle for Afrikan liberation is not over for the people of Azania. Thee myth that under Mandela everything was good has deluded us into failing to see that Azania today is one of the moist impoverished and dangerous and segregated places to live. While we reminisce about him, do not be fooled into thinking that he was nothing but a figure head for Apart-hate and our own lack of knowledge.