My religion…

The yurugu inspired dictionary states that religion is the belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power, esp. a personal God or gods. This implies that being superhuman, our freedom here on earth is out of our hands, yet at the same time our connection with that superhuman forces is also personal and tangible. Which is it?

In many parts of Afrika today and across the globe, people practice a personal form of spirituality akin to that of the ancient Afrikan ancestors. The overstanding is that we are gods made flesh and our connection to the cosmos is a personal one that each individual carries with in him or herself. The connection to the cosmos and nature—part of the cosmological entirety, was felt most acutely by the feminine half of the god self. She it was due to her having the ability to produce life had an empathy and psychic communication with nature. She was able to find water in dry times, find edible vegetables during nomadic times and was seen as the spiritual bridge to those who had become spirit or energies once again. This is not to say that her other half, the masculine part, did not have the ability to connect, but that this connection was more rare than hers. His connection was mainly that of protecting and ensuring that information given to the feminine connection, oracles or emissaries (no matter what you may call them) is made flesh in the form of communities, cities and empires. The masculine half is vested with physical strength and stamina and the cold logic of a conditional love. The ability to be decisive in ensuring that the community or civilization is protected, secure and always evolving physically. Her ability is to be empathic, intuitive and unconditional in her love. Her ability is to ensure that the community and civilization is balanced socially and that ubantu and uhuru is always maintained socially and spiritually. Somewhere along the way, whether through jealousy, spiritual insight that was misinterpreted or just power lust, the complementary association of the feminine as the connection to the ancestors, was interrupted. her powers given to the physically more powerful, more aggressive masculine, who sought to consolidate his power into a conditional order based on the rule of law, the rule of logic and the rule of force. This became religion. The personal connection become totems and symbols for which the community HAD to pledge fealty to in order for those in the leadership position to maintain their power.

Today you will not find anybody in the world that does not seek a connection to the energies of the cosmos. How they do it and what they call it is what differentiate spirituality from religion. My religion is not about an imaginary yurugu male whose forefathers enslaved my people and has conditioned me to a life of continuous servitude. My religion is a spirituality manifest in the flesh that teaches me has I think so I am. My religion teaches me that “MAN KNOW THYSELF AND BY KNOWING THYSELF YE SHALL KNOW GOD! If my potential is a god potential what for do I seek god in the sky, in a book, in a building, in some one else’s world view or in fanaticism?

My religion is about manifesting the god potential in the flesh. Making MY comfort and MY effort about making MY community FREE from foreign infestation and foreign religion. MY religious symbols look like me, sounds like me and lifts ME up! The only religion I have seen that marries the belief in the spiritual connection to the flesh for Afrikan people is what Garvy stresses. Pan Afrikanism has its limits because it seeks to taint the Afrikancentrism with the foreign doctrines of socialism. Arabism is a foreign doctrine to Afrika, Judaism is a foreign doctrine to Afrika and Christianity is a foreign doctrine to Afrika. Garvyism is not about inclusion, because wherever Afrikans seek inclusion he is always in the subservient position. Garvyism is not about separation, because it is hue-man nature to interact with others and world has grown to be a small neighbourhood. Garvyism is about the power to compete and express my Afrikan self through my Afrikan eyes, without conditions and without fear. In my religion, there is no bad English, as long as you overstand me. To imply that I may speak bad English is to imply that this form of communication is the standard above more ancient forms of language. In my religion the highly melanated skin is the epitome of beauty, the standard by which I judge all others. In my religion Afrika is heaven on earth and right now heaven needs to cleaned up and restored to its rightful place as the place where “god” first gave birth to all creatures. In my religion…I am not a slave, enslaved, an indentured worker, an integrationist, a minority OR powerless. In my religion my dollar circulates up to 16 times. In my religion, my neighbour in business looks like me, just like in china town, his neighbor looks like him. In my religion I control my means of production, my bartering system and I consume what I produce.

This is my religion. It is my personal religion. If you like how I do it, you can ask me some more questions on how it works. If you feel brave enough and free in your mind, you can seek to make it a part of your life. Rest assured I will not lead you anywhere, I can only speak on the guiding principles of this religion. it is up to you to fit these principles into your life. Just know one thing, this is not a religion of integration. Neither is it a religion of piracy and capitalism. It is however a religion based on ubantu and uhuru.