On reparations

I have seen posts around the net, where it stated that the late Johnny Cochran was allegedly in the process of putting together documents that would have placed a specific dollar figure on the reparation movements demand for compensation, for centuries of abuse by the Amerikkklan government. A lot of people are on this program, and rightfully so, because Amerikkka owes it’s riches…no..every wealthy European and Western democracy owes their wealth from off the backs of the diaspora and continental Afrikans for over 400 years of inhumane abuse. But we will never get reparations, no matter how much we desire it. Why? became we do not practice group power dynamics. Group power dynamics would see us act as a block. A monolithic block of togetherness, economically, socially, politically and even militarily.  Because we do not have viable communities. Nor does the dollar pass through 12 different hands before leaving the neighbourhoods we live in predominately. We beg for what we need and work/slave for what we want and consider getting a degree in an artsy fartsy program much more relevant that a tech trade or owning business and corporations catering to diaspora and continental Afrikans.

We fight to tear down signs over wash rooms and drinking fountain, instead of cleaning up our own yards and homes and making where we are the best it could be. It is said by the old folks that the “white man’s Ice is colder” and his shit smells better. We are informed by family members that “god is white, not black”, that Afrikans are savages and the “white man civilized us”. Hell more than a couple of performing monkeys..soulja boy , to name one, stated that he was glad for slavery, because some how we benefited from it and claiming that “slavery helped black people get out of Africa”..

When knee-grows like Floyd Mayweather and others say “I am not an Afrikan”, he is correct because Afrika is a continent not a country so it would be difficult to say from what country in Afrika we come. But they are also correct in that statements, because embracing your genetic lineage is a practice by every ethnic group…except for the bitch made knee-grows. Caucasians will say I am European, Asians will say I am Korean, Chinese,Japanese etc, without identifying a specific region or country. But the man-u-factured being called the knee-grow on one hand will deny their genetic relationship to the mother continent, while at the same time expect the robbers and criminals who stole us away from the continent to repay us for centuries of the worst holocaust ever. Until we overstand the way we have been kept as footstools for other ethnic groups to walk on. Until we overstand the mechanism set in place to put and keep us in indentured servitude as consumers instead of producers, any call for reparations will result in the kind of actions that have long been laughed at, at our expense.

I know this video below is old, but somethings are so true, it can never really get old until it is 100% replaced with a better narrative. Until we practice Sankofa…not even going back to Afrika, but go back to the time when an immigrant from Jamaica, galvanized Afrikans around the globe, galvanized other none European cultures to throw off the yoke of imperialism and practice self-love and self-determination. Until we as diaspora and continental Afrikans heed the teachings and blue prints of the Honorable Marcus Garvey and manifest it into the kind of entity the UNIA became until sambos and cut throats sold us out,we will continue to incur the wrath of Yurugu with the spirit and mentality of a rampaging Visigoth, vandals and marauders, who would bomb, burn and lynch individuals and property like they did during the red summer of 1921.

Practicing group dynamics today ensures not only that we grab a piece of relevancy in an increasingly competitive world, but we would learn how to cherish and defend it by any means possible. After all this is not our grandfather’s time….this is a good thing, but also a bad thing, depending on your world view.

This is for all you reparations who seek compensation without a contextual position…..