The side chick vs the main chick: a tutorial in knowing your position.

I saw the following on Face book and thought it was just another rant about nothing, until I actually spent the time listening to her. This just goes to show you that you can never dismiss anything that doesn’t come in the package you may not like. I am now wondering who this sister is because I would love to have some dialogue with her. I have always stated that intelligence and education are not mutually inclusive and I could see many educated people would dismiss her, mainly because she doesn’t speak the queens English. And after you get past her accent, then you will see many here who would dismiss her blue print as bullshit. But is it really bullshit or is it those who disagree with her, would rather not put in the work she recommends, but keep doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result?

Here is the link:

I had promised a few non Jamaicans who couldn’t follow her rapid delivery, that I would translate it. Now it is not verbatim but most of what she is saying is contained in the translation”

“There is a difference between the side chick and the wifey. And when I say wifey, I don’t just mean having a ring on the finger, because many men today can’t afford to buy a ring to put on  your finger. I mean the man’s main squeeze, his main chick, the 1st lady. You get what I am saying? I now understand that it is not just side chicks that don’t understand their position. It is not just side chicks that are driving out of their lanes. Many of you wifey, act like you fell out of the sky and in to your current position, or you attain that because you just look good. Thinking that will make you lose your man. As soon as some of you get into your position (as a wifey) you start getting lackadaisical. You start dropping back, start getting complacent. And if you keep doing that, you will end up with problems. Just like anything else, you gain a position, through your performance and if you fall back on your performance, you will lose your position. Many side chicks are waiting  for your man and you should understand that as a main chick. Side chicks are a dime a doze. Side chicks are waiting for your man to fall out of your hands. Just like in Jamaica, when you see a dog standing with his tongue hanging out and his eyes bulging, waiting for the food to fall out of your hands. I f you have never seen what those dogs look like, I will show you ( visual demonstration of a panting dog)

First thing. As a wifey you cannot be laying in bed, while your man has already gotten out of bed. That’s a side chick’s position. Stay in your lane. A side chick can do it because the man is leaving her to go to his home.As a wifey, you know you have to get up and tidy up around the house, even if you have to do something as simple as make him a cup of tea, so he will get some relief. Many of you are jockeying for the position of wifey, but I understand that many of you don’t even want to cook.I am telling you that is really low, because men love their bellies. If you don’t know, a man loves a good meal, and he will go out and find a side chick that would do that for him. A side chick will do that for him. No matter how she has to do it, she will do it. No matter what it is, to get him to come back. It doesn’t matter if there is no food for her children, because that’s how side chicks are. Another thing . As a wife, if you have problems at home, don’t  bring it out into the streets, to share it with ratchet knee-grows. it doesn’t matter who that person may be. Because you don’t know who the side chick could be. A side chick may come as a friend. They may come as enemies or as just a passer by. So when you out there talking your business, you don’t know who’s in in your business. So anywhere you are complaining about where you have relationship problems, that is where the side chick will be good at. When you have your man problem, keep it at home until you can work it out. And if it can’t be resolved don’t let man stress kill you.

But don’t bring it to the streets and share it with all kinds of women. The next thing, as a main chick, you can’t be too jealous or engage in nagging. As a main chick you have to give the your man the benefit of the doubt. You have to trust your man. if you can’t do these things, you can’t manage the wifey position. Because often you will have problems if you don’t end up with a good man. You have to know what your are doing. It’s not everywhere he goes, you must question where he is going, what time he’s coming back, who he is going with, why is he going. Men have no time for that. When you’re nagging him, you create more space for the side chick to slip into. When you behave that way, the man will go seek comfort in the arms of a side chick, to ease his mind and feel accepted and to keep away from the nagging. So know what you are doing. The next thing as a main chick, you are not supposed to be ever seen or heard, no where in the streets arguing with a side chick. This is what a side chick would try to do. But as a wifey best know that you and the side chick are not in the same category. the minute you do that , is the minute your standards drop. Keep to yourself. If you have a problem at home, deal with it at home. Don’t take it to the streets to other woman. You have to let them know you are not the same as them. The next thing i notice, is that in the bedroom, you son’t want to do certain things. It is there you are going to have a problem. I don’t know if your grandmother or great grandmother did things different, but baby girl this is a new millennium. This is the 21st century and things and times have changed. there are different things that occur in the bed room. And if you don’t do them, the man will go out side to get it done. What you fail to understand is that the side chick will go above and beyond. They will go in hard, because the don’t have to go home. Her intentions is to to take your man. If you get to complacent and don’t want to do certain things, you gonna have problems. i am telling you the men are tired of the virgin Mary act. You have to get with the program. If you don’t get with the program you will get out of the program you better straighten out your act. If you don’t do the extra curricular work, you will have problems…I am telling you!”

Like I said this is not a verbatim translation, but it is close enough so the reader can get the gist of what she is saying. The problem I see is the reaction of a lot of females. instead of seeing the value in what she is saying, what I am reading is the common attitude of most females today. Once you click on the page you can see some for the reaction for your own observation.  Just ignore the simping and mangina acts. Sensible people know what that is about.



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