stealing Afrikan children

A while back, 2010, I penned a post called Child snatching and accessorizing in the 21st Centuary where I questioned the almost sporting like desire by yurugu celebrities need to pass over their own children and going to Afrika to adopt. I believed that they were/are using our children as accessories and trophies to enhance their cool points in each others eyes. Well it seems since then, not only has they child snatching phenomena escalating and has escalated, we still are blissfully ignorant as a people as to how we are losing our younger generations to various avenues of yurugu designs. While we are the greatest consumers on the planet without any production power, we fail to overstand that we can’t even hold that distinction without bodies to be consumers. The western yurugu ruled governments are invading our ancestral homelands to steal our resources and lands. And when we flee their manufactured conflicts, they murder and imprison us over here on their stolen soil. The child snatching committed since and before 2010 is reminiscent of the people snatching and enslavement of Afrikans, they did during the Ma’afa. By now the intelligent reader are quite aware of the 14 amendment that states that Afrikans can be free,except when they are charged with a crime. What we are not aware of is the institution of the child snatching agency that is actually NOT a government department, but is endorsed and defended by the government. Just like the taxation department is a private corporation, created to remove scrutiny from government theft of work for pay, the child welfare agency or whatever they call it, was created to encourage the snatching of children, primarily Afrikan children to (a) decimate families (b) make money off the backs of these children and (c) enthrall them to yurugu lifestyle and horrors.

Not only has the internet seen the rise of incidents of adoptive and foster parents who sexually or physically abuse and murder their charges, but we constantly ask how can those people get pass the screening process. They get by because yurugu has  87% chance for success built into the system that builds and supports them. So if a yurugu fails to achieve some modicum of success in this society, they  are like Paul Mooney states are a waste of their skin. It is sad and honest to say that diasporic Afrikans do not adopt or become foster parents at a level that would make us relevant. Yet those who would, have and are trying to do so are constantly facing road blocks and blatant anti-Afrikan designs to prevent them from doing what their hearts lead them to. Don’t get me wrong, some of us shouldn’t adopt or become foster parents, because I personally know of knee-grow who abuse their charges, hell knee-grows who abuse their natural children. But so do other ethnic groups, which shouldn’t prevent us from being allowed to adopt and or be foster parents. A question was asked on facebook whether knee-grow females are less inclined to leave Amerikkka and go to Afrika than the males and many who responded point to the status that they enjoy under their Yurugu daddy, with welfare, child support and such. What yurugu has also done is create this disease in the minds of certain females that they are the sole deciding factor in a child’s life and the male is just a sperm provider, a child support ATM unit and a scape goat when the child grows up anti-social.

Terry Achane




Who remembers the story of Terry Achane, 31, a drill instructor in South Carolina, whose wife at the time, gave up his daughter for adoption without his consent or knowledge. See the story here. Now despite him being able to take care of the child. Him being gainfully employed by the government AND despite the courts in Utah—a state that makes adaptation the easiest—telling the adoptive parents to return the child, the yurugu family garnered enough sympathy to launch a lawsuit to try and prevent the father form having his child.



white people

They accused the man of being an unfit parent when it was the female who was unfit. Yet no punishment for abandonment was meted out to her, because the yurugu system and the yurugu individual benefited the most from snatching this child….and other children it seems.

Last night I was listening to a blogtalkradio broadcast called the Lotus Place, where the subject of Dorothy Dunning, African grandmother in Amerikkka, who was threatened and prevented by a yurugu couple and the child snatching system from gaining access to her grandchildren. Apparently Mrs Dunning, who is married and financially capable of taking care of her two young grand daughters, tried to gain access to the girls after finding out the girlfriend of her drug addicted son had willingly gave up the girls out of spite, to child services. The grandmother has been fighting from 2009, a 4 1/2 year struggle to keep her grand children from the child snatchers. Over this period they have put up all kinds of barrier to preventing the family member from gaining access and custody of the grand daughters. According to Mrs Dunning the yurugu kidnapping couple had even threatened Mrs Dunning’s life and promised she will never see her children again.  She was told,  “ you will never see your children again black bitch! Apparently in one of his terms as President, Bill Clinton had passed a law stating that a foster family have as much right as natural family , if the child is in their custody for a period of time. So the case with Terry Achane and now Mrs Dunning to name two, became a case of how long the child/children remained in the custody of the foster of adoptive parent before they can legally challenge the natural family members for full custody.

images  This made easier with the help of Child Services, who are using the children as commodities, just like in the plantation days. In those days Afrikan children are often taken away from their own families and given to a yurugu families. Today, these yurugu families can gain custody of African children even when family members are capable of providing excellent care. In the case of Dorothy Dunning, she and her husband have been fighting for years for their grandchildren and have depleted their life savings, while the yurugu family receives $3,500 a month to take care of her grandchildren. To make matters worse the child snatching family has a 9 bedroom house that’s being paid for with tax payer’s money. They have even declared the girls special needs so they can receive $3,500 a piece per month. The yurugu family has five foster children at the moment. All their foster children are Afrikan children and all have been declared special needs. That’s $17,000 a month. Can you imagine a knee-grow getting away with this? Can you imagine the long term effects on the children’s lives from being designated special needs and not knowing their natural families?

To date The Dunning family has lost the case because the just-us system declared that the child snatchers had the right to keep the baby….She has not given up the fight and has rallied supporters for her cause. However, we as a people must cease acting inappropriately. We need to become more involved in the lives of our children as a village once again. We must adopt when we can, become foster parents when we can and stop put emphasis on getting an exotic pet, car or fight to get experimented on under in-vitro fertilization. And for the love of all things rational, why are impoverished females breeding and producing another mouth? Why are impoverished males breeding impoverished females? This solution is bigger than these questions, but while we struggle to ask what happened, yurugu is making things happen and we are losing another generation that has already been lost to a plethora of attacks on us.

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