The greatest weapon in the hands of the oppressor…..

The great Afrikan liberation leader, Steve Biko said, “the greatest weapon in the hands of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed!” Social scientists and psychologist have engaged in behavioral studies and mind manipulations ever since 1710. when the Virginia colony in Amerikkka, decided to enact a little known law and practice called Meritorious Manumission. In this practice, an enslaved knee-grow can earn his freedom from life long slavery, if he does four things.

  1. See the world through the eyes of a yurugu male and strive to save his life despite the danger to their own
  2. Protect the slave masters property
  3. Enrich the slave master by seeding to him any invention that can make his lie better
  4. And inform or snitch on any rebellious slave, that dares to run a way or even talk of running away.

This practice was immortalized in the fabled Willie Lynch letter, were the scientific creation of the Amerikkklan phenomena called the knee-grow was documented and was assured to take 300 years before going on auto pilot. This remarkable feat of social engineering was duplicated by the Communists during the Korean invasion by European imperialist interests in the 1950’s. Today it is called re-education and is totally dissimilar to torture, because it does not break the body, but the mind and the emotional perspective. And we know perspective and or context is everything! This is why today we are more educated but are not smarter. We have wealth but know the value of nothing. We claim to be civilized but are more barbaric in or thoughts and actions.

Two days ago the Atlanta Black Star, an on-line news source, published an article with the interesting title the

8-interesting-reasons black people reject being called African-Americans”.  It is quite a study in sociology and psychology that in 2014, the descendant of the captured prisoners of imperialist and colonialist wars, waged by barbaric and aggressive European powers against Afrika and its people, are still debating this topic. In the article reference to the two most recently controversial statement by Entertainer Keisha Cole and music producer Suge Knight, were the basis to once again debate the merits of identity. In the case of Keisha Cole, I totally agree with her stance that she is not Afrikan. For that matter she is not black either but bi-racial. When half- breeds like her are given love and adoration by knee-grows, without any validation on her part, other than the ability to exercise certain traits of one half of her parentage, it is quite amusing to hear them reject that very same DNA and throw it back into the faces of her sycophants

I am not one who will even embrace a highly melanated person, unless they can validate their worth through thought, speech and actions as they relate to Afrika, Afrikan people on the continent and in the diaspora, and whether they embrace liberating Afrika from the still existing clutches of European domination. In the case of Suge Knight, the utterance of a dumb fuck, thuggish knee-grow, should never be relied upon as any evidence of rational discourse. His history has shown the world a violent, self hating and hulking brute, that is as despised and as feared as nothing more than a pit bull without a leash. Yet unfortunately his statement that I would rather be called a nigger than an Afrikan Amerikkklan, because he wasn’t born there, echoes the sentiment of quiet a few celebrities, such as Boxer Floyd Mayweather, as an example.

Many educators and lecturers among us have been warning us that unless we get into the digital age and educate ourselves, we will fall further behind the socio-economic ladder. The reality though is that many knee-grows are into tech gadgetry. Are into the digital age…even though most of us don’t augment this by reading a book for recreation…but play lots of worlds of war crafts and video games. Our reality is not being digitally relevant is our problem, not being culturally relevant is also our problem. We havr chosen not to be functional in our approach to our very own survival. When asked about him being of Jamaican birth, the great Marcus Garvey proclaimed that he would never give up a continent for an Island. This is being culturally relevant. This is having a functional approach to survival. The Amerikkklan knee-grow, and I personally choose to call those who reject Afrika, other Afrikans out side of Amerikkka or plain common sense, is the only creature manufactured as a social experiment that is consistently been tweaked once for added value and now for irrelevance. The article mentions also the complete lunacy of dead weights like those who called themselves Israelites, stating that the Africans brought over in slave ships were actually descendants of the 12 Hebrew tribes of Israel,and that some members neither identify themselves as Africans nor Amerikkklans, rendering the term “African-American” irrelevant to them. Some sects of the Black Hebrew Israelites maintain that the Afrikans who were sold into slavery and Afrikans born on the African continent are two different nations of people, hence they claim no African heritage at all.They prefer to be called Hebrew Israelites. This is one of the products of over 400 years of mind fuck, soul killing atrocities that Yurugu refuses to take responsibility for and those who claim to speak for us, refuse to address.

I mean even the Pope himself, after mounds of archaeological, anthropological, historical and ourstorical evidences refuse to be silenced, has come out and stated that the bible stories are not true. Yet like a crack head or a wino hoping to have that last hit before swearing off, cats like the so called Black Hebrews, continue to suck on that phantasmagorial pipe, smoking and drinking of that poison of re-lie-gion. The same one that was used and justified for their original enslavement and depiction as sub-human. The other set of useless waste of space are the Members of the group called the Moorish Science Temple of America. The believe that the people who were kidnapped by the Europeans and brought to the Amerikkkas are originally of Moorish ancestry, specifically from Morocco. Adherents of the group, founded in 1913 by one Timothy Drew a.k.a. Nobel Drew Ali, object to terms such Negro, Colored, Black, Ethiopian, Afro/African American because they don’t associate the people with their true cultural heritage and land. Members prefer names like Moor, Moorish-American Moslem, or Asiatic.

This is another problem with not reading or only reading a specified piece of information created to mentally enslave. If these cats actually did read our story and his-story. If they could cypher out the anti-Afrikan bullshit put out by yurugu, they would see that the term more has less to do with Morocco, one of several original Afrikan land peopled by the Berbers…Afrikans… to this day, in the area now called the Middle East, but previously part of North East Afrika. It is because of the mental enslavement and continuous attempts by yurugu to deny us our association with our cultural and ancestral relationships, why the knee-grow shuns any association with Afrika and would create fictitious identities that defy common sense and academia. But then in the case of re-lie-gion, there is nothing commonsensical or academic in that field.

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