More media propaganda to kill Afrikan masculinity


 In light of the recent post 25 year attack on director Spike Lee’s School Daze as being anti-homosexual; it is obvious that the Hollyweird attack on Afrikan movies has been ramped up.  It’s not enough that all these slave and butler movies flooded our consciousness in an attempt to keep us feeling devalued and useless, but any questioning of the reasons for these slave, butler, maid, knee-grow bed wench movies, seems to offend that Afrikan people are refusing to swallow the distorted images of Afrikan men they keep throwing our way.

As far back as the confession of Nat Turner, by two salt and pepper sex savages, James Baldwin and William Styron, attempted to besmirch the ancestral memories of the great man Nat Turner, as a Yurugu female, closeted homosexual, to the lies about eh Honorable Marcus Garvey as a scheming fraudulent hustler, to getting a knee-grow spit licker in Manning Marable to accuse (through speculation) that El Hajj Malik Al Shabazz as a flaming homosexual hustler, to now Dr. King as a serial philanderer.

I am tired of protesting, tired of Marching. Hell I have become increasing tired of writing the same observation on this blog, because I feel we are constantly living a ground hog day experience, with very little idea of how to change the script. Even though it is obvious, THEY know that we are becoming restless, so now they use their lap dogs to garnish to poo, poo platter of Yurugu assault on Afrikan men, women and children. They are decimating the image of Afrikan masculinity while holding up Afrikan femininity and body as commodities to be savaged by the planets most savage of people. Don’t be mad when I say that. Yurugu’s his-story, academia and narratives are where I get my sources from.

Nat Turner Rising

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