To blunt the enemies weapon!


The word “propaganda” is usually associated with dishonesty and lies.  However, a working definition of propaganda look like this:  “Propaganda consists of the planned use of any form of public or mass-produced communication designed to affect the minds and emotions of a given group for a specific purpose, whether military, economic, or political.”   According to one dictionary source, propaganda is also:

 1. Information, ideas, or rumors deliberately spread widely to help or harm a person, group, movement, institution, nation, etc.
2. The deliberate spreading of such information, rumors, etc.
3. The particular doctrines or principles propagated by an organization or movement.

Ever since men have competed physically in a test of wills, stamina and strength for more or better lands, women or other designated trophies, the idea of demonizing the opponent, as an excuse for the justification to commit atrocities. To justify taken what the others coveted or possessed or simply to justify a reason for warfare, military philosophers and strategists have recognized the necessity of “psychological operations”. Psychological operations are a subset of propaganda, since it (PSYOP) is generally directed at a specific and quantifiable enemy, while propaganda is used on one’s own citizenry and has a much broader reach.  Sun Tzu wrote, “One need not destroy one’s enemy. One need only destroy his willingness to engage.” And Carl von Clausewitz wrote, “Killing the enemy’s courage is as vital as killing his troops.” How armies have gone about doing so demonstrates the full spectrum of wartime caginess and brutality, of ingenuity and comic ineptitude. Many greater thinkers than I, who toil to enlighten and encourage a certain mode of thinking and positive form of behavior among Afrikan people, on numerous occasions, relate our condition under white supremacy as similar to being an occupied people during a period of warfare.   Since we are at war and have seen our neighbourhoods, homes and mental stability being occupied by the propaganda machine of white supremacy, it is imperative that we first RECOGNIZE that we are at war. After all if you don’t recognize this state, then we are nothing less than sheeples in a slaughter house…trudging along and waiting to get gutted, foolishly believing the butcher is just some guy who feeds and house us. In warfare, it is conventional thinking that to be effective; one must neutralize or blunts the enemy’s offense of his most dangerous weapon. In this way the army doing the neutralizing, minimizes his losses while placing the enemy in a position to maximize their own losses.


The best and perhaps more precise definition of white supremacy, belongs to Neely Fuller Jr, who stated that white supremacy is:

“A system of thought, speech, and action, operated by people who classify themselves as white, and who use deceit, violence, and/or the threat of violence, to subjugate, use, and/or abuse people classified as ‘non-white’, under conditions that promote the practice of falsehood, injustice, and incorrectness, in one or more areas of activity, for the ultimate purpose of maintaining, expanding, and/or refining the practice of white supremacy (racism).”

The word “propaganda” actually comes from the Vatican, the re-lie-gious arm of the old Roman Empire, now the re-lie-gious arm of the Brutish Empire and her syphilitic bastard child in Amerikkka. The term actually is  the “Congregatio de Propaganda Fide” (The Congregation for the Propagation of the Faith) intended to defend Catholicism against the heretics of the Protestant Reformation. But even before it had a name, it was widely practiced.

Politicians, through out our story and history have used  invading forces as proxies and through their own political campaigning, have been employing psychological warfare against foreign sovereign states and private citizens, for a long time. Some have had greater success than others. In Yurugu his-story, which is very parochial in comparison to the greater narrative of other cultures, Alexander of Macedonia was rumored to be one of their earliest propagandists. After conquering most of the world known to the feudal states of the Mediterranean, his army was stretched thin. Forced to retreat and regroup with armies he had left behind, he realized such an action would advertise that he was vulnerable to attack. His only option, supposedly, was to intimidate opposing forces as a deterrent. So Alexander is said to have had his armorers build over-sized breastplates and helmets, ones that looked as if they were fitted for eight-foot tall soldiers. As his army retreated, they left the big-and-tall armor behind, scaring possible pursuers who feared they’d be doing battle with giants. During the Vietnam War, American operatives tried to trick the North Vietnamese into thinking they were facing giants of another sort, by planting foot-long condoms along the Ho Chi Minh Trail. I am at a loss as to why leaving foot long condoms would be seen as deterrents to a committed under dog, who was determined to run barbarians from their soil. However, this later tactic more than anything was indicative of Yurugu’s fear and the driving force behind his thirst to conquer other peoples. This if any indicated his very real and ongoing fear of genetic annihilation.   In order to combat the enemy’s propaganda, an invaded or about to be invaded nation must overstand a few key points that were initially codified by Sun Tzu in his ideas on war fare…The Art of War:

 “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.”

 On the battlefield of competition for valuable tangible and intangible resources…called race (competition) and ism (a distinctive practice, system, or philosophy, typically a political ideology or an artistic movement.)…racism is a system designed for group competition. Within that competitive environment, the winners are not  usually those who are the majority in numbers, but rather and more importantly, mostly in control of resources and power. The losers therefore are the numerical minority or most important, those who do not control the resources and are as powerless as a broken flashlight. knee-grows and many Afrikan souls know not the rules of the engagement, the playing field, the play book, nor who is on your OWN team , much less on the opposing team. Just in being in this state, we have violated Sun Tzu’s maxim about knowing ourselves and knowing the enemy.  In trying to get us to regroup and get an overstanding of our position under the invasion called white supremacy, Neely Fuller Jr, produce a definitive blue print called THE UNITED INDEPENDENT COMPENSATORY CODE/SYSTEM/CONCEPT , where he described the manual as a textbook for thought, speech, and/or action for victims of racism (‘white’ supremacy).  Neely fuller Jr’s basic premise is this:  “If you do not understand ‘white’ supremacy (as racism) what it is, and how it works everything else that you understand, will only confuse you”.

On page 44, the book: the author lists Four Basic actions of the Victims of Racism. It  exemplifies this behavior of ignorance under the guise of “Show-Offisms!”

1. “Showing-Off” (to each other) the things that ‘white’ people have allowed them to obtain.
2. “Showing-Off” (to each other) the information that ‘white’ people have allowed them to obtain.
3. “Showing-Off” (to each other) their ability to belittle (each other.)
4. “Showing-Off” (to each other) their ability to make sexual impressions on each other.

His explanation is that many “non-white”’ people spend much time, energy, money “Showing-Off” to each other. They do this as a means of trying to make the overall effects of racism (white supremacy) on their “personal affairs” seem unimportant and/or non-existent. This ‘show-offism’ serves no constructive purpose. it only helps non-’white’ people to become more pitiful, primitive, stupid and/or silly, in comparison to the activities of ‘white supremacist, and/or, in comparison to ‘white’ people in general. This show-offism is the domain of powerless losers, who have already conceded their place in the competition between groups for economic, political, entertainment, educational, spiritual, judicial, sexual, labour and of course combat relevance. Because of their powerlessness, show-offism becomes the defacto value system the losers engage in to make themselves feel relevant.

On page 64 of that book: Neely fuller Jr’s states: That we as a people should never accuse any alleged “white People of being responsible for any of our economic problem. The reason and or explanation are that in a socio-material system dominated by ‘white’ supremacists the ‘white’ supremacist is responsible for all problems involving the people who are subject to them. In being Afrikan and awakening in capitalist America, we know the enemy and it is all of us who are not seeking solutions to problems which are solvable.  In other words, we KNOW, yurugu placed us in the position of having up to 87% les chance of success within this society they called western society. However, speaking and knowing this, yet not making any effort to personally or as a group to rectify the powerlessness among us is on us and not on Yurugu anymore. Nowhere, more than the sports and entertainment industry, does our failure to adhere to Neely Fuller Jr’s warnings is this deficit seen.

In speaking with an associate of mine, someone who believes that often the entertainer/athlete must toe the line in order to continue to ply his trade, I realize two things. Those entertainers, who are about something virtuous and principled, will never achieve much within the scope of the parameters outlined in the entertainment industry. Those who willingly concede will have all the gains in the world, bereft of their integrity, their souls and often their lives. My associate is a huge sports fan and handicapper who interacts with a variety of ethnicities under the mutual umbrella of sports fan dumb. Therefore the kind of heated discussion he has with non Afrikans is and always will be something I will not have, mainly because I am more than willing to savage anybody talking shit about the knee-grow athlete, through a pinkish, parasitic pair of glasses. Two examples of the how propaganda and sports are intertwined in a war of attrition, within the social and cultural lives of Afrikan people can be seen in the next paragraph:


 1. A reduction or decrease in numbers, size, or strength: Our club has had a high rate of attrition because so many members have moved away.
2. A wearing down or weakening of resistance, especially as a result of continuous pressure or harassment: The enemy surrounded the town and conducted a war of attrition.
3. A gradual reduction in work force without firing of personnel, as when workers resign or retire and are not replaced.
4. The act of rubbing against something; friction.
5. A wearing down or away by friction; abrasion.

In his autobiography, Jim Brown attempted to explain the hierarchy of manliness in the wider society.

3- The actor: because he can create a character that fulfils a woman’s fantasy
2- The athlete: he is the manliest of men
1- The singer, because he can pull in all the women.

Interestingly enough, the actor and the singer all yearn to be like the athlete, because THEY know who has the requisite tools to qualify as a real life heroic figure.  Throughout the last several decades, we have seen people like George Plimpton and others, who tried to live a Walter Mitty type life by dabbling in professional sports. Albeit as briefly as possible before reality set in, This love and worship of the athlete as an heroic figure, is why cats like Jim Brown, John Carlos, Tommy Smith, Muhammad Ali, Curt Flood, Oscar Robinson and Bill Russell, etc. …. are dying breeds. These were men who overstood their place in ourstory and would willingly jeopardize their place on the athletic field behind that of the social sphere and cult of personality worshiping. Just like days of the past, the Afrikan athlete is seen as a scary monster that has the real potential to emasculate the figurative or literally  impotent yurugu athlete, by his skill, presence and physicality. Overstand that WE never went to them to integrate into their sporting world. Even when we yearned to do so. Even during the period when some of us sincerely believed that yurugu’s water is sweeter, his ice is colder and his values are superior. We never had that power. Yet THEY were wise enough and canny enough, to bring us into their sphere, when they realized that we had a more exciting and elevated game and they saw the potential financial windfall in sports integration, long before competition was ever a factor in their eyes.

Remember, Yurugu always believed in his physical superiority over us. And he always dreamed of ways to make money off our backs with as little work and risk as possible. Think of North Amerikkklan factories going over to a developing country, where impoverished children and women are enslaved to manufacturer their product while minimizing their cost and maximizing their profits. Imagine that and then take a critical look at the sports and entertainment industry. Where a league like the NFL makes billions, hand over fist off the backs of disposable circus animals, while masquerading as a not for profit entity. When the supposed superiority of yurugu was proven to be bullshit, he changed the narrative to his supposed mental superiority. When that failed he then tried to say he was morally superior. Now that all that bullshit had been identified and proven false, yurugu decided to flip the script one more time and took away our integrity and morality and replaced it with the mewling of sheep and the carbon copying of the worst of their excesses. Under white supremacy, the one thing they hate about us, more than anything, is our dicks and our ability and penchant for procreation. Therefore in order to win the war for the prevention of genetic annihilation, yurugu had to blunt the best weapon we as an invaded people have. The physicality of the Afrikan male. Yes! I know the power of the Afrikan woman, but she is seeing as a trophy, a booty and can easily be manipulated to go to he who she feels more comfortable in sheltering, feeding and protecting her. Under white supremacy, if the knee-row male abdicates his role as a freedom fighter against this system, he then can be used like a trophy, a prize….even a booty!

Case study one: The recent case of Michael Sam

 Sports Journalist, often an oxymoronic appellation are some of the more vocal supporters of people like John Amache, Jason Collins and now Michael Sam, all big “black” knee-grows, who have declared their penchant for and promoting of, having sexual penetration and numerous unnatural acts with other men. The accompanying narrative is that these males are courageous and brave for declaring their sexual preference, while engaging in a sport that has always been thought of as manly…basketball and football. Our society has wrongly and all too nonchalantly attributed manliness to athletes, to the point where we have elevated them to heroic status, despite so many of their documented personal failings on an epic proportion.

Questions such as, is the (fill in the sport league of choice) ready for a “gay” player, seems to be the major topic. Far supplanting the question of whether or not that “gay” player is actually good enough to be a serious factor in any league so far. This is what those who opposed the noise around Jason Collins and Michael Smith is saying. It shouldn’t be about this person’s sexual preference, but whether or not they can make the team and contribute to the team. Still the narrative is not even about that, but about emasculating the Afrikan man by making him the face of violent, misbehaving, out of control and now homosexual athlete. When people ask the question “is gay the new black”, they are really not asking a question, but indicating where the next  trend is going and how it will look like.  On the run-ways of Paris and New York.  In the movies, in countless magazines and on the idiot box, we see knee-grow excesses on the same low level, that people of my generation solely attributed to yurugu. In so doing the propaganda machine continues to take away the one weapon that is an effective counter against the encroachment of white supremacy….a strong Afrikan masculinity that stands on principles and values that counter to white supremacy. A strong Afrikan masculinity that shuns yurugu female companionship for an Afrikan one.

Dr. Francis Cress-Welsing once stated that in time they will have us lower our pants and eventually put on the dress, in order to show how feminized we are. And nothing more shows our pseudo femininity that being homosexual. Once it was deemed ok for a male to wear a dress, wear womens under garment, then it becmes so much easier for these same dress wearing males to be used as a female. So yes, the propaganda is less about sexual choices, than is is about who are the face of these choices. How the face of these choices are perceived and how the majority deals with an emasculated knee-grow male, they see as dangerous or useless as men and just as irrelevant in todays society. The propaganda is blunting the Afrikan masculinity and replaces it with what a Europeanized ideal of masculinity should be. Echoes of Alexander’s Greece.

Gay NFL Prospect Michael Sam Gets White House Shout-Outs Even they emasculated suite in the Caucasian house and his paramour have contributed to furthering the emasculating and the destruction of the Afrikan male image, by calling and sending out tweets to Sam, Collins and Robin Robertson, yet never once contacted Temar Boggs, 15 of Lancaster Township in Pennsylvania. For those who don’t know Temar Boggs is not only a hero, but he was an Afrikan youth, who does not fit the narrative of the useless knee-grow that the media likes to portray. You can read his story here.

Case study two: The political attack on Afrikan sovereignty

In one of my posts a couple of years ago, I mentioned how that butch dyke, Hillary Clinton gave a speech at the UN, warning Afrikan nations, specifically, how failure to assimilate the sex predator lifestyle into Afrikan culture would bring about punitive enforcement from NGOs and lender nations. In Haiti, after the last earthquake, women over 18 were given the choice of being sterilized to get aid, or…suffer! Planned parenthood became one of the ambassador NGOs for the UN in Haiti. Currently numerous Afrikan nations have retaliated against the forced promoting and parachuting into their culture of homosexuality through the church, tourism, NGOs and of course the Caucasian house of Barak Obomba.

These invaders and promosexual’s (promoters of homosexuality) main goals are to stifle and blunt the one weapon that is a deterrent to white supremacy. This is the Afrikan man and woman’s desire, need and ability to procreate. In procreating under a natural or symbiotic way with nature, we stand a better chance of raising children with their own desire to create legacies for themselves and their offspring. Even when they miseducated us, more and more of us are realizing that our “white” dream is really a nightmare. The promoting of the knee-grow as the face of sex predators is how the white supremacist blunts the weapon of the Afrikan man-woman. When we celebrate homosexuality as Afrikan, Afrikan in origin, or as an excuse to be separate from nature, we have now totally drank the poison of the west and are feeling the effects. All it takes is a little propaganda, repeated often, and a whole lot of bleating sheep and lots of parroting to make the propaganda  viable.

A nation can rise no higher than it’s women

This has been banded about on the Internet for a while now, but few overstand what it means and even fewer, actually tries to ensure that the Afrikan woman is lifted high enough so that she becomes the inspiration to other women and men. The Afrikan woman, just like the woman in any other civilized areas, are a man’s inspiration and reason to on a civilized level. My brother Malik once stated that Ancient Kimit was one nation, that when defeated, would never give up their women to the invaders, preferring to die than to see her violated. Somewhere between re-lie-gion, patriarchy, seeking out the womb of none Afrikan woman, enduring the horrors of the Ma’afa, reconstruction, (un) civil rights, feminism, homosexuality, child support scams and a whole list of bullshit created to separate us from each other….the Afrikan man feels it is not in his best interest to protect, support and lift up the Afrikan woman. Please don’t confuse me with some mealy mouth simp and feminist (whatever the hell that means). It is our duty to protect and lift up the righteous Afrikan woman. It is also our purpose to bring those who wallow in depravity to clean themselves off and walk up right if we want to talk about being gods and goddesses, kings and queens.

Recently a sister by the name of Angela LadyShabazz Freeman put out a book called sankofasHeru, This is a book that  teaches Afrikan children about our beloved leaders in an exciting new way. This book is designed for parents to read along with their children. Sankofa SuperHerus provides a brief summary of several revolutionaries, offering just enough information to encourage further study. Use this book as a foundation to make your child an expert in ancient and modern Afrikan history. After reading each story, feel free to enrich your child’s learning with further investigation, book reports, role play, art projects, or creating songs about each figure. Let’s make “ourstory” fun! Abibifahodie! (Afrikan liberation!)

This should be a natural encounter to so many of the bull shit books out there that does nothing to engender positive feelings in the hearts and mind of our children, for our story and who we are as a people. Yet, yurugu, being the nasty filthy animal he is, can’t and won’t even allow us to educate our children. WHY! Because the rise of Afrikan people is an antidote to white supremacy. This I can overstand from their point of view. So what do these devils do? ALLLLL the way from Azania, a bunch of illegal settler invaders have decided that they will attack this sister, who don’t know them from a pile of shit or a bucket of paint. They have reported her face book page for hate speech, trying to get that bastion of white supremacy from banning my sister. I am encouraging all Afrikans with facebook, whether on my friends list or not to go to this page: and report this fuckers for harassing her and even worse stealing her intellectual property by copying her book.

So many of us boast about I will die for my homie or my Jordan’s, or some other foul shit, as long as it is with us. Few of us are willing to kill for our women, our children and even for righteousness. At least those of us in the diaspora. Now i am not advocating for physically killing somebody. NO!, But I am urging you strong talking people to kill this attack on sister Angela LadyShabazz Freeman, so she can continue her righteous work. Even more buy her books. Buy them in bulk and pass it on to some parents as gifts for this month and every month there after.