A nation can rise no higher than it’s women

This has been banded about on the Internet for a while now, but few overstand what it means and even fewer, actually tries to ensure that the Afrikan woman is lifted high enough so that she becomes the inspiration to other women and men. The Afrikan woman, just like the woman in any other civilized areas, are a man’s inspiration and reason to on a civilized level. My brother Malik once stated that Ancient Kimit was one nation, that when defeated, would never give up their women to the invaders, preferring to die than to see her violated. Somewhere between re-lie-gion, patriarchy, seeking out the womb of none Afrikan woman, enduring the horrors of the Ma’afa, reconstruction, (un) civil rights, feminism, homosexuality, child support scams and a whole list of bullshit created to separate us from each other….the Afrikan man feels it is not in his best interest to protect, support and lift up the Afrikan woman. Please don’t confuse me with some mealy mouth simp and feminist (whatever the hell that means). It is our duty to protect and lift up the righteous Afrikan woman. It is also our purpose to bring those who wallow in depravity to clean themselves off and walk up right if we want to talk about being gods and goddesses, kings and queens.

Recently a sister by the name of Angela LadyShabazz Freeman put out a book called sankofasHeru, This is a book that  teaches Afrikan children about our beloved leaders in an exciting new way. This book is designed for parents to read along with their children. Sankofa SuperHerus provides a brief summary of several revolutionaries, offering just enough information to encourage further study. Use this book as a foundation to make your child an expert in ancient and modern Afrikan history. After reading each story, feel free to enrich your child’s learning with further investigation, book reports, role play, art projects, or creating songs about each figure. Let’s make “ourstory” fun! Abibifahodie! (Afrikan liberation!)

This should be a natural encounter to so many of the bull shit books out there that does nothing to engender positive feelings in the hearts and mind of our children, for our story and who we are as a people. Yet, yurugu, being the nasty filthy animal he is, can’t and won’t even allow us to educate our children. WHY! Because the rise of Afrikan people is an antidote to white supremacy. This I can overstand from their point of view. So what do these devils do? ALLLLL the way from Azania, a bunch of illegal settler invaders have decided that they will attack this sister, who don’t know them from a pile of shit or a bucket of paint. They have reported her face book page for hate speech, trying to get that bastion of white supremacy from banning my sister. I am encouraging all Afrikans with facebook, whether on my friends list or not to go to this page: https://www.facebook.com/censorbugbear and report this fuckers for harassing her and even worse stealing her intellectual property by copying her book.

So many of us boast about I will die for my homie or my Jordan’s, or some other foul shit, as long as it is with us. Few of us are willing to kill for our women, our children and even for righteousness. At least those of us in the diaspora. Now i am not advocating for physically killing somebody. NO!, But I am urging you strong talking people to kill this attack on sister Angela LadyShabazz Freeman, so she can continue her righteous work. Even more buy her books. Buy them in bulk and pass it on to some parents as gifts for this month and every month there after.


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