You don’t say?

I have to give thanks to Felicia Jernigan, on Face Book, for passing this bit of information on to me as I never knew of this. I remember after Django unchained was made, the report was there were going to be 10 more slave movies slated to hit the screens right after. It seems Yurugu wants to remind us, not only that ALL they see of us are beasts of burden, but will continue to remind us in the most inhumane and degrading way as possible. These psychological attacks coupled with the rise in Neo Nazis activities, KKK resurgence,  White Supremacist, Aryan groups and anti-Afrikan politicians calling themselves conservatives, all geared and preparing THEMSELVES and us for the pending internal conflict that will arise as the Amerikkklan empire falls on its ugly face. Least we forget, these cultural bandits are in the process of remaking the mini series Roots.  And just recently Spike Lee was removed from the James Brown Biopic for a yurugu director. I guess in that one we will see less, “I’m black and I’ proud” and more “King Heroin”. I don’t know why knee-grows keep fattening the pockets of these parasites as the ravage and rape us and our culture

You can click on the picture to read about Gordon Parks:

I am still waiting for the next series of movies of knee-grow degradation such as the “The Lawn Jockey”, “How Justin Bieber became black and the coons that support him” and of course the sure-fire hit…“I aint no Afrikan” and “Jesus was a great white man” starring Leo DiCaprio. I feel so warm and fuzzy inside, anticipating more of these great movies that tell our stories.  The Honorable Marcus Garvey and the ancestors are turning ferociously in their graves.

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