whores, tricks and scalawags how tourism and foreign investment continues to enslave Afrikan people

“I’m wondering if the Government of Jamaica knows that heavy
Chinese economic infusion into Jamaica could negatively affect the country’s sovereignty.”

This was a comment made by sister Tammy Smith in a Face Book group I am a part of. This came on the eve of me doing this post about how much Jamaica is sliding down that slippery slope of re-enslavement and cultural genocide. In response to her question, I posted this below…..

“Does a prostitute care who is paying for that ass? Or just happy that that ass is bing paid for?”

When I was growing up in Jamaica, my prepubescent awareness was in tuned to the respect that the native Afrikans had for the Chinese. However, it was not until I grew into my Afrikan self that I fully overstand why respect was given and for what reason. It turned out it was not a respect based on mutual or common ground, but one of a servile people to a conqueror. You see the Chinese, just like everywhere they go, including what they are currently doing on the Afrikan continent( I will delve into that later) are invading us through commerce and economics. However, while the Chinese (in Jamaica, we don’t really make much distinction between the East Asians, though the Chinese are the most dominant of the East Asians on the Island). I believe I really became alarmed when I witnessed the whole mess over the Island’s love fest with the Chinese female singer, Tessan Chin, When I questioned why is she given so much frenzied love, when there are many equally talented or more talented Afrikan women, That where worthy of such love. I was told by one person that I was not a Jamaican and I should stay out of their business. It seems that an Island 52 years after independence from the Brutish rule, an Island that gave the world and the Haitian revolution, thorough the inspiration of  Dutty Boukman, an Island that gave us Marcus Garvey, the Maroons, the Rasta movement, Reggae music and a whole host of other powerful Afrikan centered inspiring events….still suffer from colorism that many post colonial nations continue to suffer from. This disease is killing our survival potential in a world that practices racism (group economic competition) This disease sees many Afrikan nations, including Jamaica, savaging each other to the average annual murder rate of around 1,500, on an Island of 2.5 million. This disease sees us awarding a foreign entity, a Japanese female as dance hall queen, when this genre, was and is so very Afrikan.  This disease is what is causing many Jamaicans to be staunch supporters of the skin bleaching phenomena. In Jamaica, again, like many post colonial nations dealing with their own maturity and place in a highly competitive world, the regular folks are not the only ones susceptible to the vices of post colonialist self hate and suicidal tendencies. Many of the elected leaders  of the newer sovereignties are imperiled by their love, desire and devotion to slavery and the omnipotence of yurugu and all his ways, that they would perform whorish tricks and sellout the aspirations of the people for the right to head back into slavery. As the title of my posts indicates. The folly tricksters, politicians for those not in the know, are whores, tricks and scalawags who would rather re-enslave themselves and the people instead of taking responsibility and ownership of their freedom and compete as free men and women, for the resources out there. Many of these resources which actually resides in these very same sovereign nations.


1. a woman who engages in promiscuous sexual intercourse, usually for money; prostitute; harlot;strumpet.
2. to act as a whore.
3. to consort with whores.
4. Obsolete . to make a whore of; corrupt; debauch.


1. a crafty or underhanded device, maneuver, stratagem, or the like, intended to deceive or cheat;artifice; ruse; wile.
2. an optical illusion: It must have been some visual trick caused by the flickering candlelight.
3. a roguish or mischievous act; practical joke; prank: She likes to play tricks on her friends.
4. a mean, foolish, or childish action.
5. a clever or ingenious device or expedient; adroit technique: the tricks of the trade.


1. a scamp; rascal.
2. U.S. History  a native white Southerner who collaborated with the occupying forces during Reconstruction, often for personal gain.


To make a slave of; reduce to slavery: His drug addiction has completely enslaved him.


Often times male leaders of post colonial countries, are castigated for being morally deficient, willing to sell off resources and sellout the nations that they are charged to lead into prosperity. But women are not immune to this disease, which indicates it is not a gender problem, but a moral problem. A problem of self hate and greed. Portia Simpson-Miller is Jamaica’s only female Prime Minister. Yet she has been and is doing some foul shit not even the notorious CIA operative Edward Seaga has ever done. And despite a very suspect past, where her uncouth and ghetto behavior was initially covered over during the transition from the Patterson government to hers, one can very much concede that you can put lipstick on a pig but it will still roll around in mud and scavenge where ever it pleases. In other words it will continue to be be a pig, only with lipstick. But this is not a post about her ghetto behavior. Native Jamaicans already know about that. This is about her post colonial desire to sell off natural resources to foreign entities, to ensure that Jamaica, just like what they are trying to do in Haiti, continue to be punished for resisting colonialism and daring to be practice manifest destiny. She has been trying to do so since 2008, when she tried to sell off lands in the Cockpit country to large Bauxite interests. I hope that the fight that I and my ex-wife initiated contributed to that devils trick not going through. But whether or not this was so, she was thwarted from that venture. Still a whore never rests, when she can do tricks for more money.


It is simply appalling that in 2014, it appears, that Jamaica’s National income sources are Tourism, Reggae music, being a half way point for  illicit drugs, between South Amerikkka and the Amerikkklan government run CIA,  and the selling off of national resources. Of them all, only reggae music is native to the island and has the least impact economically due to the parochial run  mentality of those who are supposed  to be keeper of that heritage. Jamaica’s dependency on Tourism has seen her threatened by local and foreign supporters of the sex predator lifestyle, who have warned in the past,  that failure to accept homosexuality into the pseudo conservative Jamaican  society, will see the tourism trade scavenged. Seeking to hang on to that last vestige of the servile slave past, apparently the Jamaican Government has it seems, conditionally waived visa requirements for tourists from China traveling to the island as it moves to boost visitor arrivals from that Asian country. Some 2,420 visitors arrived here from China last year, a 15 per cent increase when compared to 2012. There was an increase of 24 per cent in 2012 over 2011. In 2012, Chinese nationals spent US$102 billion on outbound travel, helping the country earn the classification as the leading tourism source market in the world. “For many years we have recognized China’s potential for growth as a tourism source market for Jamaica but have also remained cognizant of the difficulties entailed in developing this important market. Up to now, it has been difficult to achieve substantial growth in Chinese arrivals as many Chinese have had to travel great distances simply to obtain a Jamaican visa in Beijing,” Information Minister Sandrea Falconer added.To be fair, it is not just Chinese that have had visa requirement waived, as many other nations, interestingly not any from Afrika, have had theirs waived as well. The attempt to encourage foreign investors, comes with a price, since the government places more sweat into encouraging Chinese to come as tourist AND investors, and less so into encouraging expatriates back for similar. Of course the expatriates cannot compete against the economic backing of China. So money trumps sovereignty and culture. You wouldn’t dare see the Chinese do this to themselves. This is where the whorism comes in. Anyway you can read the full story in this link.   Free Passage – Gov’t waives visas for Chinese nationals.

Prime Minister Portia Simpson-Miller, has also stated that nothing will be allowed to stand in the way of development, warning that overseas workers will seize the increased job opportunities anticipated from the global logistics hub initiative, if Jamaicans fail to qualify themselves. “We need to prepare ourselves for the jobs to come when you hear the announcements because if we are not trained then we cannot complain if we have to get people from elsewhere to fill the slots,” said Simpson Miller. “Because we are not going to put any hindrance in the way of growth and development investments are a key to this growth and development. When we talk about the logistics hub we need to start to train persons.”  From my experience, Jamaicans are some of the more educationally hungry people, I know. Yet the impoverished educational infrastructure is perhaps only surpassed by the impoverished employment infrastructure. And they obviously go hand in hand. Yet this Prime Minister, instead of working to fix those two problem, has threatened to basically farm out whatever good skilled jobs out there to Asians and other foreigners instead. This deceptive practices only serves to anger the poor and drive them more into desperate activities such as the growing drug and prostitution culture. And she makes statements like these with a mouth full of ice that never melts. Foreigners will take logistics hub jobs if Jamaicans don’t qualify themselves — PM

However, when you think the government has hit bottom with their pandering to foreign invasion and take over of the Islands limited sovereignty, we uncover this kernel of depravity where The Japanese government will be investing just under US$107,000 (J$11 million) to resuscitate the local West Indian Sea Island Cotton industry, for which there is an annual global demand of six-million pounds of lint.  Accordingly, less than one per cent of that amount is being supplied now and the money from the Japanese will be used to purchase a row-crop tractor, a high-crop tractor, two boom sprayers, and a cultivator which are vital to get Jamaica on track to tap into this lucrative market where it enjoys significant competitive advantages.  So in other words, we will be picking cotton, to grow the Japanese economy. But the Japanese will not grow their own damn cotton and have their people pick it. My head hurts just reading what I just wrote.

WHITE GOLD – Jamaica Looking To Earn Millions From Cotton. Be not dismayed though Jamaicans. Apparently this cotton picking mentality is not just regulated to the whorish nature of the Jamaican government. Barbados, once the Island with the only group of people that used to call themselves British, even though they have never been there, have rolled out member of parliament, Cynthia Forde. Apparently Mrs Forde celebrated her 62nd birthday in a different style. Instead of eating cake and blowing out candles, she was in a field picking cotton. One has to read the story in order to get the magnitude of what niggerdom, or nigger dumb, really looks like. COTTON-PICKING CYNTHIA. Across the Afrikan world we are seeing a serious attempt to exterminate our mental and physical DNA and of course using the very knee-growpeans we elect to speak for us as the gate keeper to our re-enslavement…or extermination.

As Doumafis Lafontan on Face book recently stated, when the subject of the anti-Afrikan shenanigans going on in he Dominican Republic, came up…”It is simply white supremacy and racism. In the early 1950s #Arabs such as Lebanese, Syrians, and others relocated to Ayiti (Haiti). Today, their children make up the tiny elite that controls most of the country’s wealth. To this minority elitist must be added #Euromericans who own businesses and property, mostly through their local wives. A similar demographic shift occurred in (the) Dominican Republic, with a particular focus on whitening the population. For instance, watching TV one would think that DR is inhabited only by Euromerican-looking people. But that is not true. There is a significant number of Afrikans that live on the eastern region of the Island. Last year, the Constitutional Court of Dominican Republic issued Ruling 168-13 that rendered stateless its citizens with Afrikan ancestry dating back to 1920. In term of economics, Dominican Republic maintains a number of plantations that are owned by Euromerican businessmen. By and large, these economic interests are entwined with the white supremacy and racist system of Euromericans. In the final analysis, Dominican Republic is practicing ethnic cleansing as it is happening in the United States and Nazis Germany in the middle of the 20th Century.”  So while I rail against the bullshit Jamaica is doing, rest assured that this is happening all across the Caribbean and in Afrika, where Asians and Europeans are emigrating to the continent en mass, while we are sitting on this side of the Afrikan ocean wondering why yurugu hates us so much. Kwame Nkruma made a speech decades ago, warning against this kind of events and these kinds of people. But being suicidal, we have not heeded his and other calls by our great leaders. And our very survival suffers for it.

Kwame Nkruma
I am hoping the younger generation are not as fucked in the head as mine and the older generation and they can fight back in away we failed to do or teach them. Because we need to give out a a big payback.
The big payback