The hate that hate produced

This is a synapses placed under this post on youtube, obviously by a recessive gene yurugu (as if there is anything else), calling Afrikan liberation supporters racist.

Black Liberation Theology is a part of the Black Nationalist cult movement. Even the founder in the 1920’s of the modern mass movement, Marcus Garvey, called himself a Christian. Black Nationalists pose as Jews, Muslims and Christians, but in reality they are none of these, but a racist religious cult movement. Everyone in America should watch this documentary, made before the American media became politically correct and traitorous.  This 90-minute documentary describes black supremacist doctrine of Nation of Islam and other such Black Nationalist groups. The doctrine of Obama’s Trinity United Church of Christ, is part of this Black Nationalist tradition. Black Liberation Theology is largely derived from the theology of the Nation of Islam, which is not orthodox Islam but a black Gnostic sect. Black Liberation Theology is more sophisticated and appeals more to black professionals, like Obama. It has he same basic genocidal concepts as the Nation of Islam.  The basic belief is that the white man is literally the Devil/Antichrist, the black race is the manifestation of God on earth. A messiah, or messiahs, will arise from the black race to destroy the white race and America, which will bring on a physical, black-ruled utopian millennial paradise on earth. 

As Marcus Garvey once asked..if the white man thinks we are so inferior, why don’t he leave us to our own devices and see what we can do! They cannot you see because of their own genetic fear of annihilation and obsessive desire to control any and everything, they cannot leave Afrikan people alone. Whether it is to act negative, act positive, misbehave or love ourselves. Imagine Mike Wallace doing this documentary, using a title like the above, but spending the whole time lambasting the victims for responding to being victimized. Nowhere but under yurugu system does the notion of truth, reciprocity and Ma’at, is absent. However, blame, punishment and deflection is the most popular reLIEgious institution. Check out the documentary for yourselves and see how the do what they do!

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