What hate produced

As some of you may know or remember me saying it, I watch sports. As a former athlete, engaged in combative sports such as freestyle wrestling, football, boxing, and varied forms of martial arts, I tend to be partial to that form of gladiator trappings, even though I did run track and played ans coached basketball. Call it the warrior spirit, aggression, the manliness of masculinity….something in dire need in these times..masculinity that is! Or maybe I am one of those people that likes mayhem? Nah! truly I watch certain sports because it replaces the traditional tests of strength and competition that is safer than actual wars, or that we watch sports because it is a replacement of the educational system’s elimination of Phys ED from the curriculum of the public fool shitstym. Something many coach potato and Walter Mitty wannabe’s can live vicariously through. Sort of like athletic porn.

OK, enough with the pseudo analogy, back to your regular blackmystory programming. Boxing is as close to the ancient practice of fighting wars without large armies. Often times nations or individuals settle disputes by a single combat of challenge or duals. Usually to the death, but not always. While boxing became the sport of choices for the plantation societies in Amerikkka, the sport itself, found its genesis in the gladiator trials of Rome, the Olympic competition of ancient Greece and the even more ancient practice of Nuba wrestling…the oldest form of martial arts recorded.

Nuba Wrestling – Sudan

Lutte sénégalaise

However, the ancients also did many form of boxing or fisticuff. One particularly interesting form of boxing was called thumb boxing. The object being that one uses a thumb to pluck the eye out of the opponent. Suffice to say at one time there were whole villages of one eyed boxers walking around. I think I added that to the many reasons why my face and boxing was not a good match. Though I am at a loss to explain my affinity to participating in kick boxing, Oh well! Getting punched or kicked in the head does have along term effects…Lol!

Knockout in Dakar

No before I go into another one of my long ass post. I will let my readers know that the reason behind this post came about due to the unrelenting anti-Afrikan hatred and attacks on boxer Floyd Mayweather. I care not whether you dislike or like his public persona. If you are a unbiased follower of boxing, you should know that his is a public persona, developed to maximizes interests in him, his game and to create a polarizing image in order to get paid. And getting paid is one of the ultimate rewards in s sport where you can literally die on any given night.The fact is, even the establishment are at a loss as to what to do with a man that has been a champion for 18 years and counting. Never being defeated, except for a controversial “loss” in the 1996 Olympics, rift with political shenanigans. Has the best accuracy in the sport. Has the largest differential between his opponents hit percentage and his own and has beaten more world champions 22, than any other boxers, including Sugar Ray Robinson, Joe Lewis and Muhammad Ali. His punches are cleaner, sharper and travel in a trajectory that defies basic skills, unless you are on a movie set like Enter the Dragon or some Jet Li pic. The establishment AND the unwashed masses, those who hate just for the sake of hating, will discredit his articulation, education, and heart. They call him monkey, his fight boring, they call him a runner, his father and uncle crack heads, call him a wife beater and a PED user, call him a coward and a homosexual. All from behind their key board and in a time where you can do so and claim it is your right. Please overstand that all of these incidents are not because Floyd Mayweather skills are not great, but because Floyd Mayweather has been channeling several boxers who wanted to be their own men and not beholding to the yurugu mobsters. These includes Sam Langford, Ezzard Charles, Sugar Ray Robinson, Muhammad Ali and the one man who had received similar hatred from inside and outside of boxing ring, Jack Johnson.  See my previous post and comparison between the two FLOYD MAYWEATHER THE ARTIST AS A MAN PART I and FLOYD MAYWEATHER THE ARTIST AS A MAN PART I1, and of course this one on Jack Johnson himself.  UNFORGIVABLE BLACKNESS

I have watched the hate spewed on this man, not just by Filipinos and other Asians, yurugu and some trifling knee-grows, but by others in the business, mainly older fighters like Robert Duran, Larry Holmes and even Marvin Hagler. Yet when it comes down to it, the hatred is not about his skills, but about is alleged arrogance, his entertainment persona and his large wealth cache. Read that again….HIS LARGE WEALTH CACHE! From personal experience, a good boxer, usually comes from a hard scrabbled life. A life filled with poverty, crime, little or no education and a bleak existence that only sports, boxing being the main one, can lead to a better life. Every boxer will tell you that the love of boxing is not their first love. Even for those who love to fight. No! The desire to make a better life for yourself and your family is the first love. This is why boxing, a sport that since before the institution of the queens-bury rules, was a sport that attracted unsavory characters, mobsters, gamblers , drug pushers and other violent people. Boxing has always being lambasted as a sport without control, that seeks to control its main participants and after using them up, discard them like refuse. I have friends who talk funny. This is from years of getting punched in the head…repeatedly….and then going back for more. Some have money, most don’t. All live in the world of “I could a been a champion”. Many have drug problem, health problem, marital or relationship problems, problem adjusting to regular (as opposed to normal) society after they have had to leave the sports. Boxers are literally human cock fighters. Human pit bull fighters. Human excrement, that one wipes off their shoes, while feeling morally superior, because you are not the idiot getting punched in the head.

What Floyd Mayweather did was take what Sugar Ray Leonard did, in his time, used his skill and public persona and made money. Money. Money. Laughed all the way to the bank, bought expensive shit with it, spent it lavishly on friends, family and….this is usually not reported on…charitable causes! And all the while thumbing his noes at the establishment and the notion that in order for a knee-grow to be wealthy, it has to come with a yurugu stamp of approval.Yes! You see, Floyd Mayweather is his own man. His own boss. Signs his own god damn checks and let’s others know about it. So they hate him for that. He doesn’t drink. Doesn’t smoke nicotine. Doesn’t do drugs. Doesn’t get into fights in public. And has not being arrested for any criminal activity. Of course the bitch asses will bring up the domestic violence case and his 90 days in jail. Welcome to the world of an Afrikan man in a society where women run things and masculinity is an endangered creature. Welcome to the society where a vindictive woman and a just-us system with a lynch em mentality can turn Sherman Klump into Hannibal Lecter.

download download (1)

Today I saw a story where Neanderthals where debating MMA womans champion Ronda Rousey’s comment that she would take Floyd Mayweather in a fight easily. Now Rhonda Rousey is a damn serious fighter. But according to the report this was a tongue in cheek response to a flippant question, but whether that was true or not, it didn’t stop the debate about whether she, an undefeated female MMA fighter could beat an undefeated professional male boxer. In fact cats were saying that SHE was a fighter and HE was a boxer. Making the clear distinction that HIS skills were beneath to HERS, even though the two sports and skill application is different. But again, the venom was never really about Floyd Mayweather’s boxing skills, this is just a disguise to piss and shit on him as a wealth Afrikan male, who is not shy about expressing himself as his own man. Numerous chat room forums and articles, dwell on Floyd’s spending habits, and lavish lifestyle. Now I will confess that his showing out bothers me, but being that I am more conservative in nature but it’s none of my damn business what a man with more money that I will ever have in this life time does with it. I find it quite telling how his money seems to be more of a problem with everybody else except Floyd Mayweather and seems to be the underlining cause or reason for them to hate on him. Even when they point to his supposed public persona and domestic issues, him not fighting Manny Pacquiao, all which could be countered and put to rest. The theme always seems to come back to his money, spending habits and lifestyle.

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