Afrikan Pride!

Those who oppose Afrikan self determination propagandize that we don’r fight against oppression, but fight to oppress each other. Nature makes no mistakes, even if you still believe shit happens randomly from a nuclear explosion and believe that germs turn to fish turn to monkey and monkey turn to cave men. Those who claim we don’t fight for self determination,see nothing wrong when we fight to preserve THEIR self determination and goals.Yes! nature makes no mistake.We fight in the morning and at night. We fight against oppression and hue-man rights. We fight to preserve our ancestral ways, our image and our seed. We fight because the ancestors demands this of us. The fight may be physical, spiritual or mental. It may be cultural,educational or genetic. But we fight. We have always fought! But we may not have fought smart. The way to over come an enemy with superior strategy, is to have one of our own. The way to live and prosper in a white supremacy run world, is to live your culture, love your complement and raise your children in the ways and teachings of the ancestors. The way to defeat a vicious enemy is to be just as ruthless, just as exclusive of them and inclusive of us. We lose our hue-manity, when we fail to overstand this, not because we fight viciously, we certainly do so for the oppressor. No! We fail to overcome him, because we forgot the rules of war fare. Know yourself AND know the enemy and in doing so, can never be defeated in a hundred battles. We fail to overstand that the greatest weapon in the hands of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed. Take your mind, spirit and culture back from the vultures. Show your Afrikan pride, not just in your dress, but in your unconditional love for those who are you and who are walking the same path as you.

Instead…we love our oppressor and his proxies and hate ourselves…so how can we win? Is this not an act of insanity? Where is our Afrikan Pride. The pride in our image, our culture, our deities and our worth? Where is the love for our children, our complements, our elders and self? Show your Afrikan Pride…..


…. but be genuine…for those who fake the funk, will forever be devoid of that funk. And they will forever be cursed. Their names removed from the annals of ourstory. Your children will turn their backs on you. And your parents will not even bury you. Show your Afrikan pride, our you will forever be Yurugu’s bitch!