Some a Jacket, some a portion, some a lawful, this is a rat race

Yesterday I got a text from a friend of mine about a fatal shooting in a court house in the city of Brampton, Ontario. Apparently a man went into a court house and shot a police man and was immediately killed by other police men present. I only had two questions as a reply…was he a yurugu or a South Asian. Turned out it was a South Asian…and we speculated on whether it was a family court matter. According to the main newspaper, the Toronto Star, “Charnjit “Sonny”Bassi, 45, was gunned down at the Brampton courthouse on March 28 after he first opened fire on Constable Mike Klarenbeek, wounding him, according to the Special Investigations Unit”

Today my friend text me about with further information that the cause of the shooting, was the fact that Bassi was paying for a child, he later found out was not his. To make matters worse, the court told him that he HAD to pay for child support. Immediately I knew I wanted to do a post on this, because my friend and I have had numerous back and forth about the noxious and toxic brew called the support system and how family court constantly abuses men, indiscriminately when it comes to support. My friend moves in certain circles , where he is constantly interacting with Afrikan men, who are despondent, depressed and have chosen a life of drowning their anger in alcohol and weed. All because they have had different debilitating experience with the family court and the po-lice. From being forced out of their homes by out of control females and aggressive court system, falsely accused of assault, forced to pay child and spousal support, while the women, enjoy certain protection and support, out of proportion to what is reasonable. Some of the narratives includes, a man seeing his wife, suddenly getting dressed and going out at 11:00 at night. When asked where she is going, he is told clubbing. When he insists she best stay home, the po-lice are called and he is addressed as a child and told that if he prevents her from going out clubbing, he would be in effect holding her hostage. Or a female in the process of having an argument with her man, insist on calling her girlfriend so she could get an ally, only to have the man take the phone from her and hang up. The police is then called and he is charged with assault and uttering threats. These are just some of the more tamer incidents but under scores the powerlessness men feel as home owners, bill payers and supposed MAN of the house, in a world where a woman on a whim can accuse him of anything from kidnapping, threatening, assault, rape or a host of other crimes and he is forced to either shut up and sit down like a good dog, forced to vacate HIS home or worse end up in jail. Now we know that many of our males are not saints and some do indeed abuse or take advantage of some female. Yet it seems that on above and below the surface, the females are never punished for making false accusations, are instantly believed and sympathized with and often can keep going back to that well when the man is too stupid to know when to bounce. However, few things accentuate the gulf between how women and men are perceived like the support scam currently being played out across, ethnic, cultural and economic lines.

My friend texted me and expressed surprise that Indian/South Asian women would dare to give a man an illegitimate child, considering the media documentation of them being violent to their women, I replied that women have alway done so through out the millennium. It is just in this modern society that the man is legally obligated to support her bullshit. I pointed out that this is the an example of the equity resulting from the feminist push to destroy the family unit. My friend couldn’t believe that despite DNA evidence, to the contrary, the court still insist that the man pay child support. I informed him that, this shit has been going on for a long time. There are even Caucasian males, that have been told to continue to support a child they found out later wasn’t theirs or risk prison, garnishment, loss of drivers license and affected credit ratings. This kind of thing, further embolden women, who are no different than when a man has a child out of wed lock, or out of the relationship, yet are different in that HE is supposed to pay for her indiscretion and ho’ism. For a women to have a child for another man while she is in a relationship is more risky, careless yet disrespecting than a man,because she is bringing that child home.

Of course the newspaper twisted the story, to questioning whether Charnjit Bassi,had mental health issues. Despite his ex wife,Sonia Chowdhry insisting he was not ill nor had he become a religious fanatic. The media found this picture to cast suspicion on the dead man. And you know dead men tell no tales!

Charnjit "Sonny" Bassi, 45, died after a shooting in the Brampton courthouse on Friday.

In a statement delivered through lawyer Rishi Singh Bhasin, Sonia Chowdhry said she was “shocked” to learn of the shooting of her ex-husband Charnjit Bassi and was as baffled as anyone else as to how it could have happened.

These links further delve into the news story: Attorney general keeps secret criminal court files of Brampton courthouse shooterBrampton courthouse shooter’s actions baffle his friendsPolice officer injured, another man killed in shooting at Brampton courthouse

According to the more friendlier report….“She, Sonia Chowdhry, is currently in shock and in mourning,” A family friend said, adding he was never abusive to her or her daughter. “At no time during the marriage did Mr. Bassi illustrate traits of mental health illness, suicidal intentions or religious fanaticism.”  Chowdhry asked for privacy and time alone with her daughter. “Mr. Bassi was a gentle and supportive father towards Mrs. Chowdhry’s daughter,” Bhasin read from the statement. The two married in July 2001 in Scarborough when Chowdhry was 23. At the time, Bassi was a factory worker. He later entered into business with friends including running a cash-and-carry and selling used cars. According to divorce records filed between 2009 and 2012, Bassi and Chowdhry officially split in 2008 and the divorce was finalized in October 2012 without legal counsel.

Furthermore according to his friends and in an effort to dispel the innuendos put out by the yurugu media, friends of 25 years insist Bassi wasn’t depressed, nor did he hold any ill will against others. He had recently found God again, was caring for his sick mother and attending temple on a daily basis. He was also writing a religious text, his friends told the Star, much of which was already finished. He posted the work on Facebook at one point, but later deleted his profile. Chowdhry clarified Bassi became more “spiritual” not more religious, adding he prayed more and went to temple but did not wear a turban or grow a beard as part of his Sikh faith. Chowdhry remained living on the same street as Bassi and the two were amicable, his ex-wife said. He sometimes picked up her daughter from school or took her to the park. According to court staff, he had no matter scheduled in court on Friday and no upcoming court dates.

Now this is where things start drifting from straight news reporting to suspicious character assassination. According to the media, the Star has learned he faced charges for aggravated assault in 2000, which were dismissed at a preliminary hearing and was charged with credit card fraud in the mid-2000s, which was withdrawn. Note that all charges were dismissed, yet they are brought up again. This is how the media does with Afrikan people, males in particular, who are often stopped by the po-lice, have their names entered into data base and is often spat out if that person runs afoul of the law again, as …“man is known to the police!”  The media attempt to sell Bassi as a criminal is further set out when it stated that after the divorce was first filed, Chowdhry claimed her husband made $150,000 a year — finances that were not explained on paper for a man who is said to have not worked in several years. It is interesting that she mentioned this in the divorce, but it appears that no follow up was made. So let me get this straight. She bore a child for another man, fooled her ex-husband into thinking the child was his, carried on a friendly post divorce relationship with him..all the while knowing he was paying for a child that was not his. AND she expressed shock that he went off?

Some who knew Bassi said they can’t understand how someone so mild-mannered could end up in a gunfight with police. Longtime friends told the Globe and Mail he had become more devoted to his Sikh faith in the last 18 months.“I don’t know what happened or why,” Jaswinder Khosa, a friend of Bassi since they met in high school, told the Globe. “I don’t know how he ended up that way. It’s a very sad thing.”Khosa said he and Bassi met every few weeks. Bassi said he missed his ex-wife and daughter and talked a lot about religion. Though he was saddened by his divorce, he was not angry or aggravated, Khosa said. The view was echoed by other friends.“I was surprised to hear that he’d shoot somebody, all my friends are saying the same thing,” Amarjit Sangha, who knew Bassi for more than 20 years, told the Globe. “I’ve never seen him angry or I’ve never seen him swearing at somebody.”A next-door neighbour who identified himself only as Roop, called Bassi a “gentle soul,” whose actions are inexplicable.“I took it hard, so did my wife,” he told the Sun. “We’re starting to get used to the idea that he’s not here anymore.”Friends told the Star that Bassi emigrated from India in 1986 and lived with his family until he married in the early 1990s. The arranged marriage ended quickly and he remarried, but that union ended in divorce in 2012, though he apparently remained on good terms with his ex-wife.Bassi moved in with his elderly mother, taking her to cancer treatments and to temple, the Star said.Witnesses told the media a man tried to gain entrance to the building via the lawyers’ entrance, bypassing the security check and metal detector used by the public. The shooting started apparently when an officer directed him to the public line.Veteran Const. Mike Klarenbeek was hit in the stomach but was out of intensive care, alert and talking, the Star said.Bassi’s friends quashed speculation he may have wanted to commit “suicide by cop,” saying he was not suicidal. Some are upset that after the shooting Bassi was left lying face down in handcuffs until paramedics arrived.“They should have tried to save him,” friend Kelly Gill told the Star. “Then we’d have some answers now.”

The more sensationalist shit rag called the Toronto Sun, was more blatant in their coverage. “Mystery still surrounds the reason why a reputed drug dealer walked into the courthouse in Brampton, Ont., and got into a deadly shootout with police. Neighbours and acquaintances of Charnjit “Sonny” Bassi said the 45-year-old Brampton man was quiet, decent and helpful, as well as recently religious, the Toronto Sun reported. There is also this nugget…Bassi, who had a criminal record dating back 15 years, was killed in the lobby of the Brampton courthouse Friday morning in an exchange of gunfire that wounded a police officer in the stomach. Police said Bassi was known by police to be heavily involved in the drug trade, the Sun said, but his previous run-ins with the law were not drug related. He’d been previously charged with aggravated assault and credit-card fraud, the Toronto Star reported.

During all of the speculation, few media outlet addressed the issue of the DNA test and the fact that the man, who came form a culture where there is a premium placed on honor and public image, was forced to be humiliated in such a fashion as to be ordered, against his will, to pay for a child that was not his. When my friend texted me and said that he should have left her alone, it wasn’t worth him losing his life, I agreed with him. But explained that an older culture like his, many are willing to choose an “honorable death” than live a cowardly life. It is not for us to chose for them, as we are not them. However, this fucked up society, continually treats people as pawns and pets, to move around, play with and abused politically and legally.Many of us may not think having a shoot out in a court house over being wronged in such a fashion, as the something we would do. But this underscores the fact that many men are fed up with the inconsistency of this family court scam and some have found ways of fighting back. I constantly see able body men, enduring similar fate at work, who decided that they will never work again and live off the system, just like many of these female baby making machine.

I also mentioned to my friend that while many other cultures do indeed suffer the same affects of this family court inequity, the Afrikan people are often used as the face of the baby making machine and so called dead beat dad narrative. And since we don’t even have a bloody neighborhood, much less a community, we can neither cover up, nor have a system in place to prevent all the out of wed lock babies and drama surrounding a male or female that are irresponsible and abusive of each other. Since we have no structure among us, not even in the reLIEgious brothels, we have developed a generation that continue to repeat the mistakes of the previous generation ad nauseam. While this is a story about a man from India who decided to do something drastic to make a point, this is another teaching moment for our Afrikan males to beware of the pussy politics that keep tripping us up. It’s also a teaching moment for the females that eventually things will even out, as it is already doing and neither one of us can continue to keep doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. Yurugu’s system is oppressive to the lesser of him. So how much do you thing it will be to us, who are deemed lesser still?

Incidentally according to statistics Canada, 1- 3 women have mental illness. So the excuse is built into the court system to justify the bullshit these women do. I can’t begin to talk about how many females use mental illness, bi-polar issues as an excuse to be irresponsible in their behavior. And even though many experts have taken the psychiatric community to task as a bullshit pseudo science. they still get massive funding and support from governments and the private sector. But they are a convenient tool to use in order by people with an agenda.


The above mentioned title is part of the lyric from Bob Marley’s Rat race!