The signifying monkeys we know

The signifying monkey in our folklore is representative of certain retrogrades amongst us whose only purpose penchant is to is to stir up shit. You see them at work, you see them on the street. They ride with your crew and get your ass in more trouble than you need. These signifying monkeys are the ones who bring gossip around the way, tell you they saw your man with another woman, said your girl stepping out on you. She is in the church, she is on face book, those signifying monkeys are the cause of many of us shooting and stabbing each other, cause they love drama and feed off of that mess.

This little shout out to who recognize the signifying monkeys among us. Kick they asses, just for tricks, cause the signifying monkeys aint, nothing but drama and waste. Listen to the lessons in this rap.

Rudy Ray Moore – Signifying Monkey