Why yurugu still acts like he is my daddy! And why I must show him otherwise.

How do you invade a continent, colonize its people, involuntarily relocate and enslave millions of its people, intentionally keep that continent under developed and THEN with a straight face, tell that continent of people, “we’ll LOAN you some money to help you out.”—–Awo Yaa Asantewaa Ankomah

 I am going to say this….yurugu has us beat! He has used his superior knack for destruction, chaos and evil, to control, devastate and enslave people and nature on this planet. This planet of which he is not natural to. This planet that he knows he is just a temporary squatter on. He is not native to this planet and thus is continually at odds and in conflict with everybody, every animal and every natural thing in nature. He is yurugu, because he is a god of chaos! One who arrived here prematurely without the heart and the asilli or universal power/energy (innergy) that makes him compatible with the all! When my sister, Awo, asked that question, it was purely rhetorical. Because WE know how he did and continue to do what he does.  Yurugu is superior to us in his capacity to steal from us and in turn make us compensate him for his theft. When Nigeria and several other countries begged….begged i say…the brutish monarchy and all the other European countries to return stolen treasures, these pirates, collectively dropped their pants and told these so called sovereign states to kiss their monkey asses. But they aren’t sovereign you see. These alleged leaders are gate keepers, butlers, maids and lawn jockeys, preserving their countries resources for yurugu to continually rape and plunder. How do you invade, colonize and involuntarily relocate the Afrikan people? Because we let them. We let them in and we allow them to continue. And we give them ALL of our resources, both material and intellectual, they then loan us some colored paper, and sell us their trinkets, in exchange for our precious minerals and strategic location to access more materials. Then they demand the loans be repaid with compound interest. Compound interest is something that Einstein claimed was the greatest invention ever. Why is compound interest the greatest invention? Because it keeps the individual and the nation in perpetual servitude and enslavement, without physical chains and whips. in order to do that though, the superior god of chaos, taught the knee-grow, both continental and diasporic, how to be groveling dogs, worshiping at the feet of his image and begging to be “like white” in every way and means. It is said, by every yurugu economist and financial and military experts, that Afrika is the fasted growing economy in the world. It has already surpass China in many category index of success in such a short time, that a new scramble for Afrika has been enacted and is currently going on. Yet the Afrikans on the continent, just like us in the diaspora, continue to show our inferiority by allowing them on our soil to rape and pillage natural resources and to rape and pillage our physical bodies.

The barbaric states of Europe chastise Robert Mugabe for screwing up his country’s economy, even though they placed sanctions on Zimbabwe as a retaliation for him wanting to take care of his people. Today Zimbabwe has one of the best and fastest  growing economies on the Afrikan continent and is also the most literate. When Thomas Sankara, urged the knee-grows to boycott European aid, reject their colonial blood money…and learn to trade with each other, the leader, Félix Houphouët-Boigny of Côte d’Ivoire, at the behest of France, contracted Sankara’s best friend— Blaise Compaoré— along with Charles Taylor of Liberia, to assassinate him. More than 20 year later, Burkina Faso has lost more grounds than it covered in the three years that Sankara ruled. May those sell outs be buried upside down and facing the west, so they can never see the sun. This link shows five of the most crippled countries that the IMF mafia has devastated through illegal loan sharking. Loan sharking they get us to see with blinkers as AID. All five countries except Malawi has a strong anti colonial stance and carries a lot of weight in the past as Pan Afrikanist centers  and inspiration for Afrikans across the globe. All except Malawi, which instead is strategically situated right beside Mozambique, a country that supports Zimbabwe and in the past, the liberation struggles of the Azanian people. Overstand that in war, strategic location can trump superior forces. Nothing Yurugu does, in the political sphere, is done without purpose. The only country that should have nudged Malawi off this list is Haiti. Afrika’s first free republic and site of the greatest anti-colonial revolution. Haiti, who helped Amerikkka, steal the stolen land of Louisiana from the French, after they stole it from the Native people of that country. And what was the reward fro Haitian support of Amerikkklans tribal war with France? Amerikkka and France getting together and charge Haiti blood money as compensation, to pay back France for their own liberation. Something Haiti is still doing today…in ways even beyond compound interests.

This is why Robert Mugabe had urged the Afrikan leaders to boycott the misnomered EU-Afrikan summit. It is misnamed a summit, because a summit is supposed to be a gathering of equals, yet the devils in attendance, dictated as they always do, how the Afrikans should comport themselves, who should attend and I guess, what they can and cannot talk about. And like clock work of course, one of the “white Daddy” of the knee-grows in attendance, a sex predator and out of the closet anti-woman parasite, the Prime Minister of Belgium, lectured his unruly children about the necessity of respecting minorities, including other sex predators. Let that sit and marinate for a minute. Belgium, that country of King Leopold. He of the 10 million Afrikans slain He whose death camps inspired Adolf Hitler’s own imaginative genocidal scourge of 250,000 Khazaars, 800 Afrikans, countless communists, homosexuals, Russians, Poles and numerous German citizen, who opposed him.. Belgium, where the Bilderburg group meets to decide the fate of every man, woman and child on the planet. That Belgium.

Yeah! This Belgium!

The summit, is alleged to discuss ways to “strengthen” relations between the EU and Africa. Despite the fact that many Afrikans believe that homosexual acts are illegal in most African countries, where homosexuality is seen as “evil” and “abnormal”. THIS is the main topic that gets head line in the news media. NOT Belgium’s continued involvement in fratricide of the Kongo. Not Europes, continual trade in blood diamonds, under the Oppenheimer family (check the name). Not the illegal sanctions against Zimbabwe. Nor the fact that for the past 100 years, Europe continually enriches itself on the backs of Afrika, continues to dump toxic wast on pristine shores, create proxy wars on the continent or continue to steal our mineral wealth and have us PAY for them to do so. No it’s about fucking asses and eating coochie! If I am being raw, it’s because the sex predator lifestyle is as raw as raw gets. Fighting for the right to screw whomever you want, is not the fight they seek. It’s the right to spread their disease mindset and retrograde bestial acts to others who are innocent to their unnatural and destructive behaviors. Once this flood gate is opened, it becomes open territory to attack young boys and girls…because sex predators seek new blood. Just like vampires seek new blood. And every movie out of hollyweird will tell you vampires are predators. It’s not even about just homosexuality, but about unnatural sex. “We cannot tolerate that some are denied their rights and persecuted for their origins, their sexual orientation, their religion and their convictions,” said the sex predator Prime Minister, at a welcome dinner for some 80 leaders. Yet how many of you know that animal farms are set up in many European countries. And by animal farm I am not talking George Orwell’s book here. But farms where grown ass people can go to fuck and get fucked by dogs, donkeys and other animals.

This kind of insulting lecturing and world wide propaganda and attacks on Afrika, has embolden these candidate for the fire to come out and try to shame righteous thinking people into descending to their level of …shit! in a time when Afrikan male female complementary relationship is being torn asunder by folly tricks, ego, money, poverty and white supremacy ind set and systemic presence, what we don’t need are more destructive ingredient poured on our open wounds. When Afrikans and non Afrikans lambaste our men for not stepping up to defend, secure and support our women and children, can you answer the question this cat is asking?



You see, the homosexual agenda is a new strategy, insinuated into the conversation, because many Afrikans are realEYEzing that this AID and IMF scam is running it’s course. Many of us are questioning how and why we keep giving our resources to vampires and paying them to take it, through loans. In order not to interrupt their pipe line, we have proxy wars in Libya, Syria, the Kongo, Somalia, Northern Nigeria, Sudan and other countries. We have the half breed, empty suit, Obomba and the Amerikkklan invasion of Afrika, through the Africom network of military occupation across the continent. Amerikkka has more empty houses and homeless people in that developed country, per capita, than there are, per capita, in Afrika. That nation has more Afrikan men, women and children incarcerated than any other 5 major countries combined. Including Russia and China. Amerikkka as a so called leader of the free world, has more missing children, missing Afrikan children, more sexual abuses, rapes of children, men and women, than most war torn countries.Yet they are the leaders in threatening Afrikan countries who want to try and preserve their cultural and societal values. Oh! and I can not forget reLIEgion….the greatest drug currently being used in Afrika and the diaspora. reLIEgion, is such a groovy drug, it makes your mind and teeth white and gives you divine powers to ignore logic, common sense and Afrikan cultural imperative. ReLIEgion also embraces homosexuality…in some cases covertly..and in many cases overtly. What….? you think all those Arabized nut bars hanging together without a woman to “entice” them and make them act all sexual, is necessarily a good thing? Then there is the Catholic church…no explanation needed there. There is the Khazaar political entity and it’s circumcision practice of sucking the infants penis. There is Jim Baker, Jimmy Swagger, Bishop Eddie Long-stroke and everybody else in between. But Afrikans not wanting to engage in bizarre and unnatural sex acts are behind the times, savages and hateful. Savage? No! This is an example of a savage. And this is an example of more savage behaviors: Animal rape

And yes…I am equating the sex predator lifestyle with zoophilia, because it is not just about same sex, but about an unnatural obsession with sexuality below and beyond what nature entails for each species. It starts at various types of porn and swinging lifestyle, then it descends into abnormal sex and straight in to bizarre sex. Then it is not sex anymore but some form of evil possession.

Kenyas sex trade

sick man looking for sex in Brazil

foreign pedophilia in Romania

As a man who have in the past stated that hurting some one who doesn’t travel the same road as you is wrong, I reserve the right to fight for my integrity, beliefs and the preservation of the spirit  of Afrikan people who are victimized daily by vampires, incubus and succubus. So the more you keep pushing your fucked up ideology on me and Afrika,the greater I will resist…by any means necessary. Maybe Buju Banton is is on to something here!

boom bam bye