Time for some reflection and spiritual work

Awhile ago I saw this video and to say the least am impressed and humbled by what this couple has done and is doing for the orphaned and homeless children in Jamaica. I was a little bit bothered by the fact that if yurugu didn’t put it out, I and perhaps many more Afrikan people would not have been aware of her and her efforts.


This begs the questions though…how many of..especially with the means would or have done this? I mean I certainly don’t expect you to do it for recognition, but because this is something you believed in. I know the prevailing myth is Afrikan people don’t adopt..which is not entirely true. Because I am aware of a few that does it. A few! Now I overstand that there are problems associated with us adopting homeless or orphaned Afrikan children. The problem ranges from a lack of interest or care on our part, the desire to sexually, physical or financially exploit the situation (yes…from my experience, in the social service field, I know we do do that as well), but also the fact that yurugu gets more opportunities to kidnap our children, because there is money in it. So I ask the reLIEgious, who should know better than us heathens, why are you not doing more of what sister and her husband is doing?

I remember in school when this film came out. It was awhile after the disaster first came to light. A disaster that while the people have over come, many have still asked how did it came about? I remember back than I was pissed when all I see are how these people were so happy and worshipful of the UN aid workers moving among them and giving them mush and gruel. Of course I wasn’t in their position so I had to step back, detached from the emotion and view the big picture. I remember, back then “messy” Jessie and many knee-grows were holding meeting stalking about how terrible the famine was and how the government should do something. All the while yurugu was contributing money and supplies and volunteers to go over there to help out. What I realized was the families were worshipful of yurugu, because when they looked up from their condition, all they saw holding out bowls of gruel and mush to them was yurugu. Not one Afrikan hand. Now I also am aware now than then that many would have been excluded from being the area, because Amerikkka and the UN used this as an opportunity to exploit the situation, but not one even one knee-row organization tried to go over there. Interesting that shortly after this whole thing went down..Is-it-real…the illegal squatter Zionist state, flew hundreds and thousands over to their illegally occupied land and placed them as buffers between the Khazaar invaders and the Palestinian occupants. The story of the Falasha was born..even though the people insisted that they were not Falashas (strangers) but Beta Yisrel (house of Israel). Of course that narrative was quietly killed for political and reLIEgious reasons. Today these same Ethiopians, their children and other Afrikan immigrants from UN?Amerikkklan proxy wars on the content are being brutally imprisoned, raped, killed, sterilized and incarcerated as “filthy” and “diseased ridden” invaders. The Irony…

As i stated. Adopting homeless or orphaned children is big business for foreigners. It started with yurugu, but the scavengers from Asia is in there getting there pound of flesh as well, like the story tells it. Sexual exploitation, financial come up and organ theft….while nik naks, worry about the source awards and what Beyonce and Jay Z is doing.


Afrikans we have no friends. ReLIEgion and reLIEgion institution is not teaching us anything of worth. If your reLIEgion does not have a practical purpose it is useless. What we need is a collective spiritual evolution where we practice Sankofa. Returning to the past and recognizing how the ancients would take care of the poor and dispossessed. And do it because it is Ma’at.  Even if we are big brothers and sisters. Volunteer. Adopt. do something. Because I am tired of hearing and seeing the children suffering from the sins of the parents, adults and a society that cares more for stray dogs and cats than them. This is what spiritual work should be about. Don’t bloody come to me asking me if I heard the word of your guru, savior, prophet or wealth builder. Show me how to make concrete differences in the world and you will get a convert. And I am not talking about the shit that World Vision and Save a child hustle tries to pull on us. Not when 80-90% of our money goes to admin cost.

It is time now for each individual…especially the book revolutionaries…the street corner radical and the social network soldiers…including myself…to start doing something concrete to make us more viable in this world, not less so. And we have to start one person at a time.

Nuff respect to sister Annmarie Richards, brother Richards for setting the bar at a level that is attainable and honorable. You will be blessed and accepted with reverence by the ancestors.

2 thoughts on “Time for some reflection and spiritual work

  1. Thank you for this brother. That first video is very powerful and makes you think. That woman is a real saint. It’s a shame white folks have to bring these things to our attention. That’s cool but I still don’t trust them. I still think we have to help our people when they are in need. We must do for self! And that woman is a saint in my book.


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