Half the story has rarely been told….

I have a young bredren, who is a co-worker and dyed in the wool Pan-Afrikanist, who not only is Egyptian, but Afrikan to the bone. This is a brother I respect and have learned a lot from, even though he is younger than me (being older doesn’t mean you can’t still learn something new). Recently I mentioned to a co-worker that my brother is Egyptian, the worker was incredulous. He thought that Egyptian looked like those Kats you see at the 7-11 or the shawarma restaurants. I told him, that yes, he was Egyptian, but since the majority of Egyptians, the ones you don’t see when CNN goes down there, are Afrikan, I am not surprised that you are in disbelief. I also told him that I have seen a picture of my bredren’s father and if you look at the brother, don’t just look at his skin or his name, look at his features, one can see momma Afrika all over him.. This is a brother who’s Afrikanness you can’t miss. But just because he has a Arab sounding name, knee-grows take off their thinking cap and go into full blown idiot mode. In fact, the brother’s father kind of looks something like this brother in the first video. Listen to him describe his father and mother and how he explained the agenda to separate us from our family on the continent.

This is what the confusion about our DNA does for knee-grows and yet they still keep wondering what they did wrong and why aren’t they accepted by other ethnic groups.

When yurugu says this, it carries little meaning until WE embrace it, takes it and runs with it! This young lady is saying something that most edumacated and older people refuse to or are too ignorant to overstand.