Assessing the movie: An interview with a Vampire…

After seeing the disgusting pictures of Michael Sams shearing spit with another guy, after being drafted in round 20,000 of the NFL draft (so much for him being a player of worth), something made me go back and watch the 1992 movie interview with the Vampire. Since I have always called the homosexual lifestyle, a sex predator, vampire lifestyle, it is only fitting that in watching this movie for the second time, I was able to notice nuances that i never saw in the movie or even the book. michael sam kissing Note that before her husband was dealing with cancer. A situation that caused her (according to her) to become a Christian. Ann Rice was an avid lover of goth and Vampire culture. Thus her Vampire Chronicles and movies all have evidence and images of the types of imagery those of us with an opened pineal glands, can see about white supremacy and yurugu culture. Some of the imagery and themes includes:


Pedophilia: When the young Kirsten Dunst character Claudia was turned into a vampire, there was the theme of Louis, played by Brad Pitt…being her mother, father and unrequited lover. There was even a point where the young girl was about to give him a sensual lip lock before they were hauled away by the Vampire hoards for violating their code.


Necrophilia: This was a theme through out the movie, the books and in fact through out all vampire/werewolf movies. The love of the undead. You will often see vampires of varied genders, slowly creeping up on each other in erotic fore play, that are never played out fully.


Homosexuality: This was a major theme in this book and movie and again through out all other movies of this genre.Through out the movie, Lestat, Tom Cruise, tells Louis how much he adores him. How much he is beautiful and how much he needs him. When Lestat “turned” Louis, there again was the homo erotic element or feeling evident. When Louis went to Paris and met with Amand, played by Antonio Banderas. There again was the homo erotic theme played out to the point where Amand would allow his whole coven to be burned in a vengeful act by Louis, as long as he had him.


Violence and blood drinking: Of course we see that. but there is also the fact that they would highlight how drinking human blood is so much more invigorating, than any other.


Being god like: This is the crux of white supremacy and why yurugu, the fallen in god in Afrikan lore, became such a blood thirsty beast, that he would drink blood and savage all of Amma’s and ammA’s creation as a vengeful retaliation for being born without a complement. There was even a point where both Lestat and Amand on separate occasions, expressed how they are more god like than human, even though they are dead but not dead. Sort of like the theme in many yurugu cultural tales. Going public: Gerald McCullouch (left) and Derrick Gordon (right) walked the red carpet together at the Saturday evening GLAAD media awards in New York City, making their debut as a couple The above is a picture of homosexual college basketball player, Derrick Gordon, 22, in a publicity shoot, showing off his relationship with 47-year-old ‘CSI’ actor at the GLAAD awards.


This is the Vampire theme I am speaking off. Where the ancient predator, feeds on the young and vibrant mortal, using the youth’s vitality as a pathway for the predators continued longevity. This is also the Greco-Roman theme that is the foundation of Yurugu culture and social norms. For decades, the homosexual community have been trying to make their particular lifestyle relevant in a Christian society that preferred their fetishes to be kept behind closed doors or in closets. However, yurugu is not anything but dumb. Since invading Afrika and the so called New World, yurugu has used Afrikan bodies, particularly the epitome of masculinity, the Afrikan males as the road to relevancy when seeking to promote their brand of nastiness. From violence in society, in movies and music, to violence against women and children, to now violence against the natural order of creation and procreation.   While the last poets did declare that the white man’s got a god complex, I believe the Rolling Stone fittingly points a more accurate picture of what he is and how he is.

3 thoughts on “Assessing the movie: An interview with a Vampire…

  1. My buddy sent me this through email:

    Obama Congratulates Michael Sam, White House Says

    “The President congratulates Michael Sam, the Rams and the NFL for taking an important step forward today in our Nation’s journey. From the playing field to the corporate boardroom, LGBT Americans prove everyday that you should be judged by what you do and not who you are,” a White House official emailed to ABC News.”

    ” How does a man openly having a fetish for sticking his penis into another man’s anus becomes something to congratulate? How does the act of sodomy become something to single out amongst the hundreds of stories that entered the NFL draft to PERSONALLY congratulate? I’m more than sure there were some brothers who came from the ghetto under some the worst situations/conditions in the USA who persevered, graduated college and now have the ability to help their family and community; why aren’t their stories being singled out by the president and White House and congratulated? I’m sure there were some athletes drafted who have healthy relationships with their Black wives or girlfriends who carry themselves as Black men should, who could crush the stereotype of how Black men and women don’t get married or stick by each other but they aren’t being singled out by the White House (because they stick their penises in vaginas). Michael Sam BARELY got drafted. He was selected in the last round of the NFL draft. I would go as far as to say that he WOULDN’T have been drafted if he did “come out” to the world. How does a player who shouldn’t have been drafted/barely got drafted, gets endorsement deals? His first corporate endorsement deal is with Visa. This is what Visa had to say about Michael Sam. “We felt that Michael’s story was a perfect fit for our ‘everywhere’ campaign, which is meant to inspire people to reach their own personal goals and aspirations,” Visa’s chief marketing officer Kevin Burke told “We wish Michael the best on and off the field as he embarks on the next chapter of his life.” My question is exactly what are they “endorsing”? It can’t be his mediocre football ability. They are endorsing the fact that he’s “open” about liking penises in his anus and or the fact that he likes to put his penis into other men’s anuses. It’s really that simple. Have you ever heard of ANY corporations signing a endorsement deal with a college athlete who was BARELY good enough to be POSSIBLY drafted because he likes vagina? That sounds silly but that is the equivalent of what they are doing.”
    I agree with him 1000%!!! This is a WAR against black male sexuality! I will NOT stand for this $HIT! I will fight this sick perversion until the end! We can’t let our children grow up thinking this crap is normal! These sick bastards that run the media want us all to accept their version of normality. They can take it back to Greece and Rome! This crap is NOT African not will it ever be! Black people better wake the hell up and see what’s going on around us! These Europeans are serious about this controlling our minds.


    1. Barely made it indeed. But keep in mind that there have been rumors of Obomba, being homosexual himself. Being homosexual today is th ultimate in networking phenomena, this is why they seem to have a wealth base that is puzzling to those of us who actually do hard work for a living.


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