One step forward….10 step backwards!

How many of us, who read the news report, were ecstatic about the venture of actor Wendell Pierce, who had decided to open up his grocery store. Located in a retired Winn-Dixie location at 5969 Lapalco Blvd. in Marrero, New Orleans. You know New Orleans, the city of massive partying every year that people from around the world go to dance, drink and fuck with each other? New Orleans, the city in the state of Louisiana that was won FOR the Amerikkklans, by the Haitians, FROM the French, before both nations colluded to force Haiti to repay France for losing the Haitian revolution. Oh! how ecstatic some of us where to see a celebrity actually putting his money in investing into something for the people, instead of buying Bugatti, serock alcohol or any of the numerous toys knee-grow celebrities like to show off with. Check out the link below to see how people reacted to the news of this wonderful supermarket.

‘Treme’s’ Wendell Pierce opens first Sterling Farms grocery store

Below is a link to the same supermarket, one year later. The story is the same, the principles just changes. Daily, yearly, for decades. Another one bites the dust. Now to be fair. Afrikan business in North Amerikkka, are not the only ones that fail. Whether it is from cash flow, a solid plan, a good customer base or a great product. However, ours seem to fail most often from lack of lending support/cash flow or any kind of consistent customer base. As well Afrikan business are NOT the only ones that suffer from bad management, terrible customer service or poor products delivery. Yet those seem not to be the number one reasons we fail. particularly in the service industry.

Sterling Farms grocery, co-owned by Wendell Pierce, closes after just one year

This brief video give us a snap shot of the mentality that is necessary for generational wealth and wealth in a race for economic power in a highly competitive world. While this is just one of the discrepancies, it is not the only one. JUST THE MOST GLARING!



When the city of Detroit decided to sell off massive amount of buildings for a dollar or less, many knee-grows and POOR righteous teachers on the corner, lamented the fact that Asians and Arabs will be buying up on e of the most important cities in the ourstory of Afrikans living in Amerikkka. Notice I said lament. Not strategising or coming together to jump on the opportunity. After all most of these buildings are in poor shape and would require not just money but a vision to remodel and reconstruct them. Well thankfully one cats is doing all he can for himself and the greater good.



Keep in mind he is into Real Estate..not charity, so unless we have a matching type of venture, best not have any knee-grows complaining about him not fixing shit up and moving knee-grows into his properties, because this is a business and if he sells it to non knee-grows, well….this is business!


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