The art of distraction


My ex wife often used the term “distraction”, to identify a need to remain on point when pursuing a particular course. Reminding yourself that anything that causes you to lose focus or deviate IS a distraction, whether intentionally or organically is very important to us as individuals and twice so on Sundays, when it comes to us as a group. Keep in mind that we ARE a race….or specifically and truthfully IN a race…for economic, social, political and judicial  viability, with others in this RACE for relevancy and survival under white supremacy and yurugu domination. That being said…over the last 3-5 years, more so than previous, the subject of intra and inter ethnic conflicts, has had paid talking heads, grant whores and various uneducated, unintellectual, moronic, or agenda driven types arguing on both sides of this controversy of “race” in Amerikkka, Canada and the varied European and Asian countries, as they relate to people inside and out side their respective borders. Amerikkka, for example, not only leads the world in prisoner population, by leaps and bounds, but also leads the world in internal and external violence AND in propagating distractions to remove peoples focus on what this empire does on a daily basis.

These distractions are funneled through big media in the form of entertainment or “news” sources and programmings, geared to reeducate, condition and retrain, those who are fertile mental grounds and those who have grown skeptical or disillusioned about the premise of Amerikkklanism, western democracy and integrity or fallacy of white supremacy. In the so called post Donald Sterling case, where a billionaire Khazaar– one of the about 60-70% ownership in the NBA– is being targeted by media and the populace for being bigoted, racist, hateful and channeling a slave master mentality over a group of bucks on his plantation (my words), those with discerning eyes are seeing a major distraction being played out. It is quite interesting that while brother Dr. Umar Johnson is striving to procure a school that is Afrikan owned and run, without corporate pimp money, we have millionaire knee-grows. vying to impress the easily impressed over them, thinking about, considering, musing about wondering, if they should entertain the thought of buying Sterlings NBA team. At the same time, one of these “news” sources had put out that the Clippers could be the first team that will be sold for a billion dollars. This was month after the Milwaukee bucks were sold for something like $550 million. In both instances, Amerikkka and knee-grows get distracted by the mouse in the house, but miss the cougar in the room. That cougar being white supremacy specifically and how, the mentality of Roman-British feudalism and imperialism, has controlled and ran Amerikkka, North Amerikkka in fact, since Plymouth rock first landed on the original inhabitants and subsequent immigrants, both legal and illegal.

I mean I overstand when other Caucasians buy into the “white” is superior, “white” is right business as promoted by a yurugu media, a corporate ran and yurugu controlled government, judicial and edumacation shitstym. They ARE expected to do so, because whenever the sit in front of the idiot box, all they see are people like themselves,acting all “beautiful”, sexy, violent against others and building great monuments and protecting each other against aliens, predators (code word here) and other sorts of things. Hell when other “RACES” or ethnic groups channel their inner yurugu, I can accept that as well, because ultimately they have a culture they can fall back on, when they get their collective asses kicked for inviting themselves into the white supremacy party. knee-grows on the other hand, will continue to be seeing as inferior, sub human and stupid, by ALL OTHER ethnic groups. Whether through media creation, again, or through their own stupidity and failure to practice Sankofa and learn from the past, I personally believe that until we get our shit together, I have no problem with an Asian, Hispanic and or yurugu, believing we are inferior. Only an inferior people will get constantly kicked in the ribs and come back for more. inferior intellect. Inferior morals. Inferior spirit. Inferior though process. We equal parts pity and are disgusted at the kicked dog that keeps coming back for scraps and like wise this is how knee-grows are viewed by others. This morning I had the opportunity to view the video where another billionaire NBA team owner, Mark Cuban spoke on his feelings around prejudice. I decided to view it because a friend, called me last night, outraged that he, Cuban, would say what he said.

Even before I watched the video, I was telling my friend that I see nothing wrong with a yurugu male expressing his disdain or dislike for me. I have said it repeatedly I want to know who does not like me. I don’t want you to grin and slap me on the back then when i leave the room, plot against me. Knee-grows are stupid in being outraged when people plot behind their backs and outraged when people out right hate them. This tells me that the narcotic of reLIEgion has been keeping us simple minded in thinking that people are NOT supposed to have prejudices and dislikes. All the while these very same knee-grows are showing their own prejudices and dislikes. According to the source I took the following video from, comes this introduction. …“Mark Cuban’s comments come at a particularly sensitive time for the NBA, which is in the midst of trying to force Clippers owner Donald Sterling to sell his team after he made racially charged comments.”

Cuban Makes Bold Comments On Race

After viewing this video, I see nothing that this man is saying I wouldn’t say myself. If I see a skin head with tattoos all over his face, I will have feelings of  prejudice. I MAY not cross the street, only because I have always loved a good scrap and am too stupid or arrogant to realize I am an old fucker and shouldn’t be putting myself in harms way. However, I would be extremely prepared and wary of being jumped. Even if the skin head passing by don’t even acknowledge my presence. I have also being in the presence of a large number of knee-grow teens and young adults and felt both threatened and disgusted, based on the activity and energy they put out. Hell,. when I see one or two, young bucks, with their low riding skinny jeans and thug walk, I am thinking (a) is he a homo thug ( i live in Toronto after all) or (b) am i going to expect something to jump off if I accidentally bump one of them or stare a second too long? Folks these are not so much natural reaction, but a result of media creations, implanted in our minds and constantly reinforced by the the reLIEgious factories, our homes and edumacation institutions. Are prejudices wrong? Yes and no. It depends on the type and source. When it is right, prejudices are safety nets that prevents your funky ass from being burned. When it is wrong prejudices can make you being unnecessarily antagonistic and vile. The difference comes with introspection. Introspection is something that this society needs more of. Now in response to Cubans very measured and honest opinions, comes these two knee-grows, Bruce Bowen and Ryan Clark. You know the mean machine will have a couple of sambos, they take off the shelves when they want to promote Amerikkka as a post racial society. Whatever the fuck that really means. Here these two knee-grows, ignorant to the ways of the world in general and white supremacy specifically get distracted with the terms race, prejudice and the expression of a rich yurugu male, while realizing that Afrikans and generally poor people in Amerikkka, are living in a two tiered society, where none of their fame and fortune can be of help, because they themselves have never given or applied a real solution to the problem that ails the nation. Instead the naively regurgitate the same vomit that the yurugu media condition us to see and spit out without rational thoughts being applied. Are you overstanding what I just said?

Will Cuban’s ‘Bigotries’ Affect Future?

  The whole Donald Sterling and now Mark Cuban thing are distractions, to get us to overlook what YOUR president is currently doing to the constitution, civil liberties, personal freedom and the over all survival of not only Afrikans living in Amerikkka, but the society on a whole. This is why people like Dr. Umar Johnson, Dr. Claude Anderson, Baba Mwalimu Baruti, Conscious Rasta, and a host of individuals and small organizations, both past and present, who recognize OUR past failures and obstacles are striving to correct. The distraction is in the fact that we are in a race for economic and social, political and judicial viability and have been rapidly losing ground on any gains we’ve made for over 60 years.I am not one to tell people what to do with their money. I stop telling, or am trying to not tell people who to live their lives. I may question certain decisions and opinions and mention what I would do or say in the same situation. But in year 2014, of the Roman calendar, NO ONE can and should call on ignorance anymore. Not with the advance of technology and the fact that library materials have now expanded to the Internet, where one can find more than world-star hip hop and war craft to educate and entertain us. If we continue to be distracted by the media entities, we will be seen as useless eaters and more wood for the fire. When that fire burns higher, it will consume every one. Not just the “other” reLIEgious types or those who are conservative or liberals. It will consume the wealthy and the poor, the so called conscious and sleeping. It will consume more than six and one half billion people. Which is the number that the elites want to divest the planet of, in their quest to “manage” the world population, so THEY can run around as gods on earth, nekked and perhaps cavorting with the animals. Heck they are getting a head start by promoting that particular set of activity as I type. Here is an antidote to us losing the race-ism and to the distraction of the Donald Sterlings and Mark Cubans of the world..

If You Have No Money You Have No Say

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