The whores of Babylon, Pt I: Turning out our daughters….


Revelation 17:3 …’So he carried me away in the spirit into the wilderness: and I saw a woman sit upon a scarlet coloured beast, full of names of blasphemy, having seven heads and ten horns.’—-The European fantasy book

“Listening to the Rickey Smiley Morning Show and there 2 women on here talking about their business as side chick consultants, and they’re getting mad because people don’t agree with them. smh!“—-Christy Banks


“As one is walking, so she is met.”—-Yoruba proverb

“A fornicator is not choosy.”—–Akan proverb


The term RATCHET is commonly used, among Afrikans living in Amurdikkka, specifically but not exclusive to the female gender residing in that cultural group. A “ratchet female” is often pointed out as some one who exemplifies ALL the stereotypes attributed to the knee-grow sub group; such as being loud, obnoxious, vulgar, violent, overtly sexual, lacking in sexual or social grace and discipline and who dresses in away that is both inventive, yet perplexing. One example of a ratchet females mode of comportment while out in public is to sport a $300 weave or hairdo, while rocking ashy feet. Wearing an excess of gold jewelery, while sporting a face full of acne. Suffering from a serious case of Dunlap disease…i,e, sporting a belly full of stretch marks, that done lapped over some leggings that are incredibly stretched to the max.

I know I am using the most extreme examples of what a ratchet would look like, however, using that extreme does not negate the fact that this is real and these are things I have seen (oh the horror, the horror). Most of us however, either through the willingness to suspend common sense or through real ignorance, attribute ratchetness only to females who live in certain depressed economic circumstances or areas, while failing to attribute ratchetness to not only a style, but away of life and mindset. There are many females and males who have or make serious money, but whose lifestyle and world views should regulate them to the status of not just ratchetness, but whores as well. They are called equal parts sell out, trend setters and a host of contradictory appellations that fully indicates that the knee-grow in Amurdikkka, Canaduh and the rest of the non yurugu world, who suck on the diseased tits of Western (un)civilization, have lost the moral compass to compete with goats, cows and sheep in a world of wolves and foxes.

We have taken on the yurugu infection of becoming card carrying members of the cult of personality worship, where we have built a church to video ho’ Beyonce and alters to musical sluts like Rhianna, Niki Minaj and every walking vagina on the scene that uses the excuse of independence and sexual equality to promote and project a whores image into the minds and consciousness of impressionable boys and girls. The picture below of Rhianna is said to be daring by some, tasteless by others, yet achieves a couple of things. It for sure got people talking. It gets people  fans waiting breathlessly to see what else she will do. It allows exploitative yurugu males to put her on the slave bloc for other exploitative males to ogle and figuratively rape with their eyes and minds. And it also gives some one with the moral sense of a $2 ho’ walking the strip on Saturday night during world cup month in any city in the world, the impetus to strut naked, or semi naked, in public to excite attention and the idea of want me, can’t have me kind of sick fetish. These are SOME of the reasons why males AND females with a sex predator personality feel embolden to acting out their fantasies that are triggered in a society that tells us to let it all hang out.


I have personally seeing similar modes of dress on actual prostitutes on my way to the sugar plantation, when I was working my night shifts. And while that look is magnetic to the lower chakra (evidenced by the amount of cars I witnessed picking up and dropping off these usually knee-grow females), it does nothing to further equality, respect or promote musical talent or intellectuality in those dressed as such.

However, Rhianna’s dress is not just the only statement she makes during her musical …er…career, as she is notorious for the types internet pictures or video, from which the above pictures are taken from. She is known for being quite free with the vagina. As much as she is known to be violent, vulgar and quite the substance abuser as well. Rhianna is the latest and certainly won’t be the last of these types of females. The cultist supporters of Christianinsanity is one of many such organizations and members who have broken out to flex their “pussy power”….according to many lesbian and feminists! Ask a Christian female to submit, as the holly babble states and they mean mugs. Ask them to define submission and once they get the stupid look off their face, they equate submission with surrendering. Something so far from reality, yet something, they are quick to do, when they submit their bodies and moral perspective for fame, fortune and sexual exploitation.

Toni Braxton is one of the early proponent of Christian sexuality…or should I see Christian pornography. incidentally this dress came before the “white-a-Rican Jennifer Lopez’s nasty look, but way after that uncle tomahawk, Cher showed her nasty bits. So not only are knee-grow females daring to be whorish in looks and actions, but they have proven to be biters of that lifestyle. I am not sure if that is a complement or a sad state of affair.

This is why I tell people I think prostitution should be legal…IN THIS SOCIETY…as there are many whores out there, who profess to not be whores, but dress and act like one. Some even demand upfront money to play, yet decline to call themselves whores because…well because they don’t advertise in the papers or on the corner. One thing we can say about Niki Minaj,Toni Braxton, as well as Rhianna’s of the entertainment world though…there is no shame in their game.

Doing burlesque



The teLIEvision has never been shy about absenting knee-grows from credible roles over the past 60 years. And when they do invite us in the back door, it is as a butler, maid, lawn jockey, mammy, homosexuals, lesbians, thug killers or well dressed side piece and knee-grow bed wenches. It appears that not even the well crafted image of the consort of the empty suite mannequin in the “Caucasian House”, Michelle Obomba, can be as influential as that of Olivia Pope. She fights hard, styles hard and talks hard…but only fucks hard with the president. Millions of knee-grow females live out their ratchet moments, fantasizing about that power broker who can make them wet even while said power brokers are putting a dog collar around their necks and cutting off they balls of the knee-grow males in the show…with Olivia Pope’s help of course.

Yesterday, my FB pages was blown up with sympathies for the family of Ruby Dee, who crossed over to join her Husband Ossie Davis with the Ankh-cestors. They are truly royalties in the cesspool of broken dreams in hollywierd. More than that though Mama Ruby Dee was a class example of femininity and with her husband of so many years, promoted what the Afrikan family unit can look like if both exemplified dignity and not disgusting public behaviour. Today the entertainers…specifically the female ones are exemplifying the 1960’s feminist ideals of skinning out and showing out, for equality and respect. Something not even a retarded Llama can comprehend. Skinning out and showing out for respect. The knee-grow female is well trained to be a whore in Babylon, by the original whore of Babylon…the yurugu female, yet fail to realize that while you imitate, you cannot originate and therefore look just like the sad pathetic parody of filth that you portray. it does not help that the males, as per my previous post, is more apt to act feminine and fuck each other, instead of protecting the females and children and taking back whatever is left of their manhood, after white supremacy has castrated them. I mean even a physically castrated man and ex-enslaved personality, like Carter G Woodson, became a giant in science, so excuses not to make a difference don’t wash in my world.

I could make this post a long ass one, as there are ample supplies of videos and stories of our women who are acting whorish and our men who are acting cowardly. There are numerous evidence of each of us failing or refusing to protect the virtues of each other and failing to be a true example for our children. But I am trying to turn over a new leaf and am going to attempt to write more positive narratives of my people. Because there are numerous. This won’t mean I won’t came back occasionally with the beating stick. I am tired of highlighting ratchetness and ho’ ishness among my people, though. I am tired of highlighting the sambo and Jemima of knee-grow dumb and would like to share stories of Afrikan excellence. It seems there are many of us who delight in showing us in our more ratchet state. I am therefore getting off that train and taking the next one to positivity ville. But be warned knee-grows and knee-gresses, the Babylon kingdom is falling and when it does their will be a lot of salt standing around…figuratively speaking of course.

3 thoughts on “The whores of Babylon, Pt I: Turning out our daughters….

  1. Bravo! Bravo! This was a wonderful post brother! You really nailed it! It seems you and I are on the same page. I cover this subject a lot as it pertains to men. But you did a great job on how they’re trying to destroy the minds of our sistas. More people need to see this post! I’ll share this on Twitter to all my followers.


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