What white sex assault looks like.

I had been having a conversation on my face book page with on a sister’s time-line, about the sexual abuse of children and the devastating effects it has on the children’s minds and future activities. Both females and even males. And while engaging in the back and forth, started thinking about the nature of my  indentured servitude. Indentured servitude, as I am currently toiling in a, place I do not like, in a field that is highly stressful and combative from all sides, but affords one good livable wages in a city with a 7.6% employment rate. A city on a Condo building binge, with an expanding homeless crisis with out an end in sight, that the so called fat fuck of a crack head Mayor is doing nothing about, except “saving” tax payers from governmental over spending. I have been working in this homeless environment for 12 years, and its my second go around, by default. The stories I could have told, if I had followed up on the discussion years ago between I and a few other people, would have filled volumes of pages… because these stories never get old. I have seen cats get their heads punctured, leaving fleshy stuff on the ground, had to stop cats from plunging syringes in their necks, tried to close a gapping wound that some dude put in his arm. Tried to revive some cat that appeared to overdose on $300 worth of crack, been aware of some other cat who had his head bashed in with a fire extinguisher. Tried to assist some other cat who had his face beaten in, while his pants was down around his ankles, constantly broke up fights because bitch ass crack head would steal money or refuse to pay for crack, while trying to run inside the building to avoid a ass whipping.As well, I have been attacked numerous times, just for trying to enforce house rules, trying to break up fights or for just being a staff. Accused and suspended after claims, i have beaten up clients. Been called nigger and so many other pejoratives, it has become water off a duck’s back. Very few series of incidents or things boggles the mind, as much as the predilection for white sex and sexual predatory acts, in that place. From conducting nightly patrols and coming upon one cat, raping a dude, while holding a knife to his throat, to going into dormitory and catching cats giving each other blow jobs, fucking each other in the bathroom stalls or the showers. It was suggested that at least 60% of the cats that stay at that mad house are either sex predators, pedophiles or go there to engage in white sex activities. I think that 60% figure is too low, based on my observations over the past 12 years alone.

The conversation on facebook that i had discussed how more females have been sexually abused than we know or care to admit to. But it also delved into sexual abuse of males and how our community react to it. We know that the greater society, blames the males natural tendencies towards violence and females tend to be oh so innocent, despite information that contradicts both assertions. This same society that promotes porn, soft, hard or punish porn, that urges us to be ourselves, while claiming that restrictions should be resisted, is the same society that treats every incident of sexual misconduct, abuse, rape or aggression, increasingly as a passing interest, a respite, before going about their daily business of paying bills and watching entertainment on the idiot box.Yesterday I took a walk outside on my break and saw a site that..well..i am still trying to process.

I am walking on one side of the street almost going behind a truck that a movie crew had set up to d some filming, when just as I approached the truck, I looked on the other side of the street and saw, a cat dip his hand between the leg of a knee-grow street urchin’s legs. He was trying to get her to separate her legs and she obediently complied. Has anybody ever spun out while driving and experienced the surreal image of watching the event unfold, while the feeling of detachment  engulf you? That was how I felt as the street urchin not only opened her legs wide, but at the cats urging, lifted up her thigh high skirt and was showing, what i hoped was a pair of black panties. But know…! It was shaved vagina. Even while i was processing this, I saw a bunch of gollums whipping out their camera phones and snapping pictures, the instant the bulk of the truck blocked my view. While my mind was slowing down, my leg wasn’t. When i emerged from behind the front of the truck, I did slow down, to see, if what i saw, was what i saw. Yet their it was, only now a yurugu male was trying to dip his hands between her legs and she was as complaint as ever. When the first cat saw me, he laughed my way and told me, as staff, I should keep my head on a swivel, and don’t look.

In my line of work and where I work, i see daily , hourly increase in the amount of fresh meat, male or female, swoop by to buy drugs, sell drugs, sell stolen merchandise for drugs or suck a dick, turn up the ass or whatever it takes to get drugs. The most disappointing ones are the young females, of which I see many of our children. Staff has attempted to speak to them, i have tried to speak to them, to no avail. The addiction too strong. One staff was so enraged that he wanted to take out one yurugu male, he claims is bullying knee-grow females into selling drugs for him. I tried to tell him that the issue is not that dude, that taking him out will just leave a void that would be filled in days…hours. Not that that hasn’t happened before. The issues are bigger and require more in depth assessment, relating to state of mind, capability around handling stress, substance abuse and child abuse and the lack of will of the folly tricksters in actually creating programs to get people clean, employed and into affordable housing.

Many of us are still in denial as to how childhood environment and relationship with adults craft our mind set and world view. For instance i grew up around violence as a child and with my temperament, could have gone extremely that way, but for the fact that I was also an introvert, as a child, who enjoyed being with myself, books and my imagination, instead of some of the characters i grew up with or could have mentored under. Many of whom are not on the planet at the moment, currently experiencing freedom  or in any shape whatsoever to be called human. Yesterday near the end of my shift, i was asked to intake two cats, obvious homosexuals and more importantly new to the environment. Like I stated fresh meat. The first cat, a mixture of a German?yurugu father and Judge and a knee-grow female and medical personnel, who despite her husband was her self sexually harassed at work, which caused her to change job. Now he was telling me that he found out much later about his mother’s ordeal, as he was…traveling as a teenager, which is good on the surface, until i realize the traveling was more than trying to experience growth by seeing the world. Apparently this cat, in his own words, seemed to attract sexual advances, sexual assaults and other unpleasantries everywhere he goes. He suffered from depression, drug and alcohol dependencies and physically ailments, but not once spoke about any positive relationship with his parents, especially his father the judge. After awhile a pattern seemed to develop, which was consistent with those who practice white sex and that is prostitution, gender confusion or repeating the same abuse on others as was done to them. Apparently his so called partner, had a different story, but i was saved from his, as another co-worker decided to speed up the process by doing his intake. Though that other cat told me he feels like a 67 year old woman in a young man’s body. And tried to affect the mannerism of a female. man some days it is hard to maintain composure, in the face of some stuff, you know tries your patience or challenges your world view. Still this wasn’t about me, about about reflecting on my friends FB post, the stuff talked about there and the overstanding, i garnered after 12 years of working with people, that no text book can ever teach. Nor am i making any statement against the life style of white sex activities…at least not in this post. I am just observing how the pieces fits nicely into the narrative of child sexual abuse and the long term and devastating effects it has on the victims adult life and actions.

Yet that mannequin in Washington, or the sociopath in Ottawa, would rather promote a way of living that exacerbate, many of these same things, instead of …oh..I don’t know…put one of the 600,000 Amurdikkklan homeless, 30,000 in Canaduh, into homes that are sitting empty and being speculated on by amateur and professional real estate speculators. Or make Amurdikkka, once again a nation of producers of more than guns and violence, so that Canaduh can have some of that trickle down effect. Not saying these things will turn the table of sexual abuse or violence, but the mindset of  taking care of the people would eventually have the domino affect of looking into other areas where, emotional and mental deterioration might be curbed. Oh! hell, this is white supremacy after all. It’s all about white sex ….!

The following is from the Irritated genie’s website , War on the Horizon: Read in order to overstand….



What It Is and How It Works

Zeus Abducting Ganymede, ca. 470 BC, Polychromed terracotta


Pederasty: Zeus and Ganymede
In the Pedophiliac “Love Story” of the Ancient european World


white-sex is a term coined by the PanAfrikan community to describe the psychology of european thought and action.  It provides deep insight into european thinking and a primary social reference point from which to analyze european culture.  More than anything, it provides the most useful paradigm ever created to understand european psychopathology throughout history to include white aggression in the world today.  Traditionally, Black people have discussed white sexual misbehavior separately and distinctly from white aggression and/or racism.  For the first time in modern psychology, and perhaps the history of the world, a paradigm exists that can be used to comprehend white social misbehavior as a collective, organized mentality that governs the way whites behave in:

  • Economics
  • Education
  • Entertainment
  • Health
  • Labor
  • Law
  • Politics
  • Religion
  • Sex
  • War


white-sex is a term that defines white psychopathology (white social behavior)and associates their socially unacceptable misbehavior worldwide with their socially unacceptable sexuality.  In this way, we connect the white race directly to their sexually-backwards practices while simultaneously associating their perverse sexuality to their aggression.  These associations allow Afrikans worldwide to see, identify, and understand the white race in a collective and comprehensive manner for the first time in history.  whites are what they think and do – and what they think and do is what makes them white.
A simple definition of white-sex is:

Any act of sexual deviance or sexual/gender aggression deriving from europeans that occurs between other than a consenting man and woman including rape, “homosexuality,” child molestation, bestiality, orgies, etc . . . 


As we look deeper into the rubric of white-sex (white psychopathology), we see a pattern of misbehavior that appears to be attached to the history of their social development in the caves and hills of europe.  (For more information on the development of european culture in the caves and hills of europe, click here.)  whites’ sojourn through the trying elements of the caves and hills of europe took them on a very serious psychological journey into sexual perversion.  When whites have social, political, and/or economic control over another Race of people today, that people’s plunge into the depths of white-sex generally follows an order similar to the breakdown below:




Domestic Violence

Misogyny (the hatred for women) is the core of european male white-sex(white psychology).  It is also the first stage that men of any other Race/culture are subjected to when they fall victim to white rule.  This is the root of white-sex.


Female Domination

Feminism (the ideology that women are in a war with men and should fight to either rule over men or destroy them) is one of the primary characteristics of european female white-sex (white psychology).  It developed out of the resentment created over thousands of years of being mistreated and brutalized by white males in the caves and hills of europe.  Feminism is also used by europeans as a weapon to infect, undermine, and ultimately destroy the relationship between the men and women of enemy Races.




rape 1

Rape/Violence is the natural outgrowth of misogyny (and feminism to a lesser extent).  Once a male internalizes a serious hatred for females, the next logical step is to do something physical about it.  The most direct result of misogyny is violence and/or rape (the forced sexual assault of another person, often a female).   In cultures where feminism takes root, it is followed by a steep incline of female molestation of young boys.  This happens because females don’t normally have the power to rape adult males.  As a result, they take out their hatred for males on young boys or adolescents.

Rape and violence are used by europeans as systematic tools of warfare against enemy Races.  They establish dominion (total control) and power over the oppressed group.




Pedophile sculpture 1

Homosexuality & Pedophilia are the next level of white-sex (european psychopathology).  They are listed together because they were considered one concept in ancient european societies.  In other words, greeks and romans practiced something called “pederasty” which is the sexual rape of a pubescent or an adolescent boy by an adult male.  This was considered “love” in ancient greece and rome.  The idea of two adult males engaging in sexual conduct was not the norm in europe.  “Homosexuality” as we know it today, during the early period in europe, usually involved an adult male rapist and a young boy victim.  Hence, homosexuality and pedophilia were one-in-the-same concept.

This progression was (is) the next “logical” step forward into the mental derangement of white-sex (white psychology).  Once an individual hates the members of the complementary gender and has moved to the stage of violence and/or sexual aggression against them, the next stage is clear.  They will seek to have a sexual encounter with someone who is not of the complementary gender.  Since, there are only two genders in the known universe, the depraved individual is drawn into a sexual encounter of a member of their own gender.

Homosexuality and pedophilia are used by europeans as tools of sexual warfare against enemy Races.  The adoption of these practices demoralize the people of the culture and teach the children that their parents cannot protect them.  As a result of the extreme psychological trauma caused by these perverse practices, foreign cultures are completely eradicated when white-sex invades their nation/culture.




white bestiality 2a

white bestiality 2awhite bestiality 2awhite bestiality 2a

Bestiality is the next stage of white-sex misbehavior where the desire to exercise one’s sexual aggression moves beyond the point of sexually engaging with people to the point of sexually violating animals.




masochism 1

Sadism and Masochism are the next stage of white-sex.  Sadism is receiving arousal (often sexual) from bringing pain to others and masochism is deriving arousal (often sexual) from having pain inflicted upon oneself.  The combined european practice of these (2) ideas is called sadomasochism(deriving pleasure from giving and receiving pain).  The bizarre thing about this stage of white-sex is that the drive for physical aggression and pain becomes so intense that it can often take place without any acts of sexual intercourse occurring.

The effect that this particular aspect of european psychopathology has had on Afrikan people has been catastrophic.  This personality characteristic marks the mental state of the lynchers who would routinely hang and burn Black men, women, and children in the South during the early 1900′s.  The whites received sexual arousal and great excitement from the torturing of Black people; and they took particular pleasure in castrating Black men.


sister lynched 1


brother burned to death 6




jeffrey dahmer 5

Cannibalism is the nest stage in white-sex (white psychology).  This is where the white desire to aggress upon and bring severe harm to another entity becomes so intense that the culprit works to physically consume their victim(s).





Racism white supremacy is the next stage of white-sex.  It is a broader and more sophisticated form of cannibalism.  Where the cannibal focuses on devouring a single victim at a time, racism white supremacy is a collective organized system whereby whites agree to cannibalize other cultures and Races of people throughout the world.  Once their process is done, the victim’s culture will be totally devoured.  The victim group will have lost its language, its Gods, its interpersonal relationships, its family structure, its economic system, its security, its land, its hope and its future.

Racism white supremacy is a system developed by whites (a barbaric race of sub-humans whose inherent disposition is the destruction of all life) to conquer, exploit, and annihilate all non-white people on planet Earth.




french Troops Beheading Black men 1

Genocide is the final stage of white-sex.  It occurs after the white race has cannibalized a group to the point that it no longer is in a position to pose any resistance to white authority or white aggression.  Once the white race gets to the point where they no longer desire to rape the men, women, and children of the victim Race, and when the group can no longer defend itself, whites exterminate all of the members of the group and make mockery of their existence.

2 thoughts on “What white sex assault looks like.

  1. Great post brother! The images maybe hard for some to look at—but thr truth is always hard to swallow! This is what this assault is all about. People need to do real research and see for themselves the war we got going on. Make no mistake about it,it is WAR! We can no longer accept these sexual perversions and not speak up. We have cowards in leadership positions that are scared to speak up or just bought off.
    Have you read this book?
    I bought it two years ago and really changed my perspective on the whole issue. It’s worth a read for sure! I think you’ll enjoy it.


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