The story on street harrassment

I first heard about this topic from a radio show by Tariq Nasheed, in which he stated that some knee-grow feminists where pushing the agenda on to Afrikan men and knee-grow males. Yes! they lump the two, just like they do Afrikan women and knee-grow females. Tariq Nasheed also warned that this yurugu feminist agenda will be another in the push to separate us as complement, and further drive that wedge deeper, by using the bitter, angry and hurt female and the bitter, angry and also hurt males. Of course the narrative about the damaged female is never balanced by the narrative of the damaged males. Nor will the remedies to ease those psychic pain similar. that’s why you have those insidious anti-rape campaign implying that rape is a natural male proclivity, so boys have to ..get this..learn to be more feminine friendly.

Apparently this street campaign was started by a yurugu female called Holly Kern. Nothing wrong with a female trying to start a safety campaign for other females. In fact I applaud this, because there are males that need protection from. But why is the visible FACE of the campaign knee-grow females? WHY? This campaign has the ear of the few semi media outlet that we have as evidence by the link below.

Now I am not going to get into a he says she said, because I have had it from friends of mine. I have witnessed it myself and I have also been on the wrong end of greeting a female and getting a death glare or similar reaction. Both of us are immature in dealing with each other and as males, we DO NEED to cut shit out about harassing the females. If your crusty ass is not pleasant, don’t nobody want you. Like wise I have seen strong sisters defuse a potentially fucked up situation using maturity, intelligence and strong personality, something many females won’t even try, much less knowing if they can do it or not.They just end up acting crusty like some of them thirsty, ignant nukkas.

Again, I won’t get into that. I would rather talk about that fact that this brief video in the newsone link, shows all Afrikan women, except one, who could be Latino, South Asian or even some other mixture. There was not one yurugu or East Asian in the lot. This is a deliberate attempt to coerce your imagination and brain to think that this street harassment thing are only done by Afrikan men. Yurugu females don’t get harassed by yurugu maples? South Asian and East Asian females don’t get harassed by their own?

The yurugu is a very smart creature. Wickedly smart as the honorable  Elijah Muhammad used to say. Get a bunch of females without the ability to think logically, bonus if they are damaged or just have a fucked up way about them and have them campaign against their own interest. This interests being trying to repair the gulf, hurt and pain that White Supremacy created between natures natural complement the Afrikan man and woman.

Here is the Tariq Nasheed commentary on this thing.

Note: if you don’t like Tariq Nasheed, bypass this post. Don’t fucking come here and tell me what you don’t like about him, because this is not a debate about him, but something deeper that needs to be discussed. Yurugu is still sing his pet the knee-grow feminist, ratchet knee-gresses, the sambos and and coons to prevent Afrikan people from uniting. Until we are able to come together and build, we need to recognize why we are in the state we are in and why we keep having road blocks in our path.

2 thoughts on “The story on street harrassment

  1. This issue of street harrassmenty is hilarious to me. These same women spend their money buying magazines with articles about “where to find a man”, and I see them on the bus reading Zane sex books. Join church for the sole purpose of jeezus bringing them a good man. Now I’am to believe they don’t want to be approached? Insanity!


    1. There are so many females in this society that have to be lead, because they are so scattered and scatter brained that they have become a danger to themselves. Unfortunately the enemy or doers of Isfet (chaos) has captured their brains and sensibilities and has left them with confusion and stupidity, instead of common sense and righteousness. Thanks for coming by Afrikan….Abibifahodie!


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