In a man’s world, so much for feminism…

Feminism and the Disposable Male

On Monday, while at work, I was talking to a couple of clients, of mixed ethnicity, when a street urchin, decided to jump into the conversation uninvited to giver her unsolicited opinion. Now this crack head whore…which she was. Disgustingly so, I mean wearing no draws and as unwashed and unkempt as a crack headed whore could be, this savage cave beast, had verbally attacked me roughly a week before, when i politely asked her not to physically  block the front door, as she laid spread out on the ground, eating food, that two female staff gave her. She got so outrageous that a sister, her self a crack head stomped on her for her disrespect and I even had to pull the young lady aside and cautioned her about committing violence under our camera at the front. So when this damn beast interjected her nasty self, into the conversation, I asked her not to interrupt men when they were talking. So of course, this beast, embolden by countless nukkas running up inside of her and giving her, her ghetto pass, started cussing me out, of course I gave as good as she gave. It went back and forth until being a yurugu beast, she went to the tried and true place of calling me a nigger and threatening my family. By this time i was an inch away from going outside and fucking her up. A couple of time when she came close to the fence I took a sewing at her but she jumped back. The bitch had the gall to call me a coward for trying to hit her, all the while calling me all kind of vile names in the book. Eventually a couple of the clients, restrained me and walked me away from the fence, urging me to cool down. Later on the supervisor, also went out and tried to speak to her about parading naked in front of the door and got cussed out. This was after she went inside and cursed out two female staff, for not reporting me for insulting her. Eventually the po-LICE were then called and she was eventually removed from the entrance.

Could I have comported myself a different way? Most assuredly. But my recounting of this story, is not about my dropping of my so-called professionalism, but the reaction to staff, not the street involved people, the male and female staff, who told me it would look good if I hit her, because I would go to jail (male staff) as opposed to any man who hits a woman is a coward (female staff). The dichotomy in view-point is so drastic, even though the general sentiment remains the same. No matter what the lowest scum bag of a female dog, does or say to you, you must as a man, tuck your dick between your leg and turtle. Now I have said many times, that I have a temper and I have been known to be violent with anybody, that touches me, gets into my personal space or verbally abuse me. So my reluctance to be emasculated because the society we live in demands it, is to me such an imbalance, that many men, are and continue to suffer such great identity crisis and self-esteem issues, no wonder, drug use and gender confusion are part of the issues we men have right now. I mean i could delve deeply into that statement to prove a point, but i would rather show you visibly how this western (white) society emasculate, criminalize, devalues and demeans men, while at the same time over value, and enables females, particularly those who represents the worst in the female population. For what purpose you ask? Well, I believe the total destruction of the family unit and the removal of male masculinity AND femininity, and replace it with something totally bizarre and evil.

Even within the anti-male rhetoric of white supremacy, there is the additional foul stench of anti Afrikan male hatred, as seen by the demonizing of a Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson as the face of both domestic abuse and child abuse. But this attack is so wide-spread, one doesn’t even need to include anti Afrikan male statistics to draw attention to this shit!

Before viewing the videos I posted, take a look at what post feminazism has wroth for men….

Reportedly, Randy Jackson‘s wife Erika also filed for divorce, after being married for 18 years!

Wealthy woman: Erika Jackson may receive half of Randy's $40 million fortune following the breakdown of their 18 year marriage

The wife of former “American Idol” judge Randy Jackson has filed for divorce after nearly 19 years of marriage.  Erika Jackson filed for divorce Friday in Los Angeles, citing irreconcilable differences. The pair were married in December 1995, and she listed their separation date as Sept. 11. They have two children together, and Erika Jackson is seeking physical custody and spousal support. Their younger child is 17.  Erika Jackson is asking to restore her name to Erika Riker.  Citing irreconcilable differences, Erika reportedly wants full physical custody and joint legal custody of 17-year-old Jordan. Their other child, a daughter, is an adult. Erika is also allegedly asking for spousal support in addition to Randy footing the bill for her attorney’s fees.

The highlighted part of this story is very interesting, in light of the fact that this woman has half of his fortune, YET! YET! is demanding him pay for her court initiated legal cost AND, he has to pay for her upkeep for the rest of …well what ever the judge decides.

I am not in the mood to write too much about this right now, I will let the videos speak for themselves and we can discuss how you feel about this.

Discrimination against men?

The Flipside of Feminism: What Conservative Women Know — and Men Can’t Say

 Thomas Sowell Dismantles Feminism and Racialism in under 5 Minutes

FEMINISM Satan’s War Against MEN & The Family

Feminist Hypocrisy

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