The blood game Pt 2

The more things change, the more they stay the same….

By this time.after a couple of weeks…if you are informed, or has informed yourself… you will realize that this Ebola thing is about population control and western imperialism and recolonization of Afrika.  in studying the etymology of disease, you will realize that natural occurring disease does not follow the pattern set out in the “official” report on Ebola. Just like in the AIDS epidemic, the origin is and was obscured behind rhetoric and scare tactics. Same for swine flu and bird flu..etc.

Please don’t respond to this post if you believe all the propaganda put out by the CDC, the UN, WHO and the amurdikkk propaganda machine. I am only speaking to people who are cognoscente of the western worlds his-story of germ warfare and biological attacks on each other and other non yurugu groups, the animal kingdom and nature in general. The United Snakes alone has committed more wars on foreign soil than any civilization and empires on the planet. Their own narratives tells us they have committed more atrocities against Afrikan people within its borders and in other Afrikan countries, more than the brutish empire, Belgium and the rest of Europe combined.

The following is a short presentation of how blood nourishes the body from perspective of traditional Chinese medicine

From a TCM perspective, Blood does more than run through our veins and oxygenate cells. It ensures we have nourishment and moisture for the entire body. Blood keeps our tendons, skin and hair healthy, strong and flexible. It lubricates joints and allows for smooth movement. Blood also nourishes the mind and is considered the material basis for mental activity. Strong Blood ensures good sleep and helps us wake feeling rested. It keeps us calm. Our mind is nourished so we can remember things easily and feel more grounded in our thoughts. The overall feeling of having strong Blood feels like we are together, that we have strength and vitality to take on the day and have a clear mind. Our reactions, focus and memory are sharp.

Strong Blood helps us feel like ourselves and is the basis of sensation and groundedness. It provides sensation to the limbs, skin and muscles. We feel vital. We feel stable in mind and are well grounded in our physicality. We don’t get stressed out as much. There’s a sense of solidity that helps us feel our physical, mental and emotional borders. In a sense, we know our boundaries: who we are, where we begin, where we end, and what we are responsible for.

How Blood is produced and stored

The physiology of Blood differs from what you may be used to. In TCM, the Spleen’s function is often described as a pot, cooking the food with digestive fire. Food is received and ripened by the stomach and then transformed by the spleen into nutritive Qi (food essence). From there, it is sent up to the Lungs where it is combined with air. Here, the Lungs and Heart transform nutritive Qi and air into Blood, which is then circulated throughout the body. It is then stored in the Liver and sent out when it is needed for activity.

  1. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, it is said… Blood is denser form of Qi (energy)
  2. Blood is inseparable from Qi
  3. Qi moves Blood; Blood is the mother of Qi
  4. Qi gives life and movement to Blood, but Blood nourishes the Organs that produce Qi.
  5. Blood and Ying (Nutritive) Qi are particularly closely connected: flow together in the vessels.
The Origin of Blood

Food Qi produced by the Spleen is sent upward to Lungs, and Lungs push it to the Heart, where it is transformed into Blood. The transformation requires the assistance of the Original Qi stored in the Kidneys. Kidney Essence produces Marrow: this generates the bone marrow, which contributes to making Blood. Therefore: Blood is formed from the interaction of the Postnatal Jing (source of Food Qi, refined from Food by Spleen and Stomach) and the Prenatal Jing (stored in Kidneys).

Chinese theory of blood forming function of the bone marrow predated the arrival of Western Medicine.


Nourishes the body: complements the nourishing action of Ying Qi. As a denser form of Qi, it flows with the (Ying) Qi in the vessels and channels all over the body. Moistens body tissues, ensures that they do not dry out. Blood is part of Yin, fluid-like and moisteningSupports the Shen. The Shen is said to live in the Blood Vessels, which are part of the Heart. The Blood nourishes and supports the Shen, giving it a foundation. Where Blood is deficient, the Shen can become uneasy, with symptoms of vague anxiety, slight irritability, unease and inability to fall asleep.

Relationship of Blood with the Internal Organs
The Heart

The Heart governs the Blood. The Blood Vessels (tissue associated with the Heart and part of the whole system of the Heart in TCM) are where it circulates. The Blood is made in the Heart, via the Heart Fire (Yang). Blood on the other hand, cools the Fire and prevents it from flaring up.

The Spleen

Spleen produces Food Qi, which is the basis for the formation of Blood. Spleen Qi keeps the Blood in the Vessels so that it does not extravasate. (Deficient Spleen Qi can result in Qi being unable to hold the Blood, resulting in hemorrhages.)

The Liver

Liver stores the Blood. When person is active, Blood flows to the muscles and tendons (governed by the Liver). When person lies down, Blood flows back to Liver. Liver Blood moistens the eyes, ensuring good eyesight and also moistens the sinews, promoting flexibility of joints. Liver Blood supplies the uterus with Blood, together with the Penetrating Vessel (Chong Mai – one of the eight Extraordinary or Ancestral Vessels), with which it is closely related. Therefore Liver Blood is very important for regular and healthy menstruation.

The Liver, Blood, and Gynecology

Kidneys store Jing and Liver stores Blood.
Kidneys are the mother of the Liver in 5 Element theory.
Jing and Blood mutually support each other.
Jing is indirectly transformed into Blood, and Blood nourishes and replenishes Jing.
Kidney Jing controls reproductive function and influences Blood. (Kidney Jing creates Liver Blood).

Women’s physiology is more dependent on Blood than that of men.
State of Liver Blood is very important regarding menstruation.
E.g., if Liver Blood deficient, this can cause amenorrhea or scanty menstruation.
E.g., if Liver Blood is stagnant, this can cause dysmenorrhea.


Assist Spleen in sending Food Qi to the Heart to form Blood. Control the channels and Blood Vessels by filling the Blood Vessels with Qi to assist the Heart’s pushing action.


Original Qi (stored in Kidneys) is needed to transform Food Qi into Blood. Kidney stores Jing, which produces Marrow. Marrow generates bone marrow, which contributes to the formation of Blood. To nourish Blood in TCM, we must therefore tonify (increase energy of) the Spleen and Kidneys.  However, the Heart, Spleen & Liver have the most direct relationship with the Blood: Heart governs Blood, Spleen holds Blood in the Vessels and the Liver stores Blood.

The following piece of information was taken from the website Sacred Lotus


This time of the year is called flu season. This is due to the supposed influx of what are called colds and flue. Basicly a flue is a deeper much debilitating form of a cold.

  1. Cold symptoms usually begin with a sore throat, which usually goes away after a day or two. Nasal symptoms, runny nose, and congestion follow, along with a cough by the fourth and fifth days. Fever is uncommon in adults, but a slight fever is possible. Children are more likely to have a fever with a cold.
    2. Flu symptoms include:
    • A 100 degree F or higher fever or feeling feverish (not everyone with the flu has a fever)
    • A cough and/or sore throat.
    • A runny or stuffy nose.
    • Headaches and/or body aches.
    • Chills.
    • Fatigue.
    • Nausea, vomiting, and/or diarrhea (most common in children)

    Modern medicine…which in reality is an alternate to traditional natural medicine and should be called that… followed the ages long belief, postulated by Louis Pasture, that something called a virus, makes us sick and therefore, allopathic practitioners developed the idea that if one is given additional poisons vie, toxic germs or viruses, the body would eventually develop a solid defence against that illness. This acceptance of ingesting poison as a means to combat poison, creates a gateway to infusing deadly biological entities into the hue man bloodstream. Ignorance, more than anything, else is and will be the death of most of us.

    Allopathic medicine refer to mainstream medical use of pharmacologically active agents (unnatural) or physical interventions (a scalpel or inoculations) to treat or suppress symptoms or pathophysiologic processes of diseases or conditions. Pathophysiology or physiopathology is a convergence of pathology with physiology. Pathology is the medical discipline that describes conditions typically observed during a disease state, whereas physiology is the biological discipline that describes processes or mechanisms operating within an organism. Pathology describes the abnormal or undesired condition, whereupon pathophysiology seeks to explain the physiological processes or mechanisms whereby such condition develops and progresses. Pathophysiology can also mean the functional changes associated with or resulting from disease or injury. Another definition is the functional changes that accompany a particular disease

    A disease …dis·ease… is a disorder of a structure or function in a human, animal, or plant, especially one that produces specific signs or symptoms or that affects a specific location and is not simply a direct result of physical injury. To keep it simple and stupid, a disease or diseased state is when the physical body has started to or is in a state of optimum mal function or is in a state of break down, due to the sever impairment of the overall mechanism of function. The physical structure is not at ease…dis-ease, and therefore if intervention is not introduced then continued decay or impairment in the physical function of the body will cause that function to several be impaired or interrupted….die!

    Many who practice natural hygiene or otherwise, herbal or naturopathic medicine, using natural plants, consider the body an organic machine and requires similar natural intervention to assist the body to heal itself. Alternative or allopathic practitioners also see the body as an organic machine, but feel that natures medicine is not strong enough to heal the body. They believe in using extracts of plants, magnified in a lab, should heal the body faster and better, than if the body was to heal itself with some natural prodding. Many who practice a natural lifestyle feels that food from the plant kingdom, should be eaten whole for the body to have optimal affect. While those who promote a non natural lifestyle feel that, separating certain properties and magnify its profile will have a more desired healing effect.

    The problem with the former is that we live in a society that wants instant results and natural healing takes time, because the body heals at its varied and individual pace. The problem with the latter is that each aspect of nature, which means plants, works symbiotically with other plants and with the properties with in each plants. Therefore separating the plants properties would make that plant less effective than if consumed whole. With the marrying of desire for instant results, with a desire to make money off of the science of healing, modern medicine soon was held hostage by special interests that see profits in plants, water, oxygen and even in hue-man life. The insatiable need to make a profit, soon became an all consuming  parasitic virus, that created further desires to aggressively destroy any and all things that interferes with this parasitic virus. Men who desire to rule the world (in reality another parasitic need) sought ways to eliminate competition for resources on the planet. One can only make profit from the resources the planet provides, i.e. water, oxygen, the minerals from the earth, the plants and animals.  this idea was echoed by Thomas Robert Malthus,so many centuries ago and was maintained from Charles Darwin, straight through to present day Nestles chief operating officer Peter Brabeck-Letmathe, who famously opined that ” water is a food that should be privatized, and not a human right”

    If more countries, government and people with the power to build on what peter Brabeck-Letmathe believes and endorses, we will have more of this:

    and this:

    However, water is only one way profit is gained on the back of a majority of the populace of the planet. There are a cabal of power movers, that have designed a system where further gobbling up of the planets resource must be mitigated by removing competition for such resources. But how must it be done? To overstand this, lets go back to Malthus and his view that soon “the world we know” will be in dire straights if the population continues to grow, and the food production continues to fail. This came at a time when Scotland was experiencing a long famine. Malthus suggested to balance the equation, one must either increase the death rate of those non essential, or decrease the birth rate. The Malthusian belief, was built on by Charles Darwin in his infamous book…” On the Origin of Species“, which detailed how survival of the fittest is based on those who are physically or intellectually stronger. Despite the fact that that book was shelves till after Darwin’s death, and revived by his nephew, both Darwin and Malthus became the inspiration of one Margaret Sanger, who in turn became and inspiration of one Adolph Hitler. The confluence of these disparate elements regarding the fear of genetic or species annihilation (the yurugu species to be exact) created a greater search for ways to balance the problem of population, resources and survival.

    By studying his story, i.e. earlier forms of population control, through disease and wars, modern European governments turned to scientific ways of increasing the death rate and decreasing the birth rate of non yurugu people, who are documented to grow exponentially at more than three times the rate of yurugu. It was deemed that war was not devastating enough, even with the introduction of greater killing machines, like nuclear arsenals and a whole shit load of weapons to start proxy wars all over the planet. The found that they had to decrease the birth rate through the introduction of abortion as a birth control and homosexuality as another form of birth control and lifestyle. Eventually these power brokers and survivalists, realize that as wars commenced and as poverty increases, natures natural instinct was to fight through reproducing itself. Oh! what to do and how best top do it?

    Attacking the competition at the source of their being, not after pregnancy and not with war, was eventually the best option for those who seek to depopulate the planet. Which again essentially is what balancing the population and resources means. Without controlling and depopulating the planet, through wars, and greed, corporations like Nestles and Monsanto, would not have this going on unimpeded.


    These are some images of devastation the Amazon river basin, which covers about 40% of the South American continent and is home to the largest rain forest on earth (7 million sq. kilometres) and includes parts of 9 countries: Brazil, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, Guyana, Suriname, and French Guiana. The area represents more than half of the world’s rain forests. The region is home to about 2.5 million insect species, tens of thousands of plants and 2,000 birds and mammals. The Amazon Rain forest produces about 20% of the earth’s oxygen. The Rain forest also provides water to theses countries, as well.

    Right now, Afrika is the largest continent, free standing and the most resource rich on the planet. It is also the wet dream of corporate conglomerates, morally and resource deprived nations and the shangrala of yurugu, who sees mainly the Afrikan natives as the main competition for these resources. It’s easy for competing foreign nation to agree to collectively divide Afrika….just like the Europeans already did, (1876-1914). But it would be harder if an Afrikan nation decided who they want to deal with and how they want to deal with a bunch of scavenger. Hence the continued destabilization, corruption, and assassinations  that continues to plague the continent, since the first European power went looking for “gold”.

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