What if…?

What if knee-grows teach their children how to be entrepreneurial and to develop a greater love for science and math….instead of how to dance, run with a ball, or sing. What if these are the things we put up on youtube. And face book. And other social media sites?

What if knee-grow females show brothers their brains, instead of their asses….as an introduction to get likes. To get into a relationship. To tell them who you are.

What if knee-grow males, introduce themselves as nation builders. As community protectors. As warrior scholars, instead of a thug, a capitalist or as some one who sees our women as beyond redemption?

What if knee-grows stop calling on Jesus and Muhammad, every time they are called to speak on the condition of their people. Saying that it is “gods” will and praying for a solution?

What if knee-grow children are not trained and conditioned to be violent with each other, whether out of necessity or through indoctrination by environment and the media?

What if little knee-grows grow to have a well-balanced childhood with the right love and support, to enable them to grow out of knee-grow dumb?

What if this is the mantra of every knee-grow on the planet…on the continent and in the diaspora…..



What is this is what the knee-grow male does, when outside forces come inside our community to ravage, rape and murder our men, women and children…


What if our dollar takes 16 days to leave the community, just like it did in black wall street in 1921. Like it did in Rosewood. Like it should under normal circumstances.

What if knee-grows stop saying I hate yurugu, every time I say I love myself and my people, as an attempt to justify their fear of loving themself?

What if the epitome of Afrikan beauty is a dark skin, natural Africoid helix hair, with strong and full Afrikan features?

What if knee-grows see the world through an Afrikan, black, melenated eyes… instead of a European, white and melanin deficient ones, how much better would our place and lives here and now be?

What if every time a knee-grow kills another, just because he or she was angry, we bring the wrath of T’chaka Zulu down on them, to show others that we don’t play that.

What if we do the same to the armed agents of white supremacy, kind for kind, like manner for like manner?

What if we start doing all of the above? Without hesitation and without fear? Or much of a care for what others may say?

Then there would be no knee-grows. Just righteous people, Afrikan to the core, spiritually balanced and nobody to mess with.

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