That’s entertainment

Below is a series of videos that gives us an entry level look on what goes on in Hollyweird. For those who don’t Belleville what is said on these videos, that’s cool, you are allowed your belief. For those who believe, take a long look at your stars from this point on and think. What made them such a star? At the end, brother Didian kimathi..irritated genie broke it down from the beginning.

Corey Feldman: Pedophilia Is Hollywood’s Biggest Problem

Thandie Newton describes sexual abuse on casting couch

Hollywood’s Casting Couch Satan’s Playground by youtuber Black Child

Irritated Genie….History of the Ashkenazi Jews


8 thoughts on “That’s entertainment

  1. Hollywierd has always been full of pedophiles. Elvis Presley,Woody Allen etc.
    This is a pretty good video. They put Michael Jackson in this video though. I heard MJ was set up so I’m not sure if I totally believe it. No doubt the brother was talented but I’m not sure if he was really messing with those kids. There were other reasons why the industry hated MJ. I can get into that at a later time. Either way,this video makes some good points.


    1. I too didn’t believed he messed with those children. And the child he had to pay off later came out and confessed it was a set up, orchestrated by his father. But curiously the father was never charged for extortion. I do thing Michael was a fag and the whole family was and is a dysfunctional batch. But i believed somewhere, someone got to Michael and started waking him up he started to step on people’s toes. And since they couldn’t intimidate him any more, they had to kill him. They used his priscription drug addiction and self hate and a friendly knee-grow face to do it

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  2. A very informative post brother. I’ve seen all these videos before. They are very eye opening for those still asleep. But our people should know by now how sick and depraved Hollyweird truly can be. It is full of racist demonic devil-worshipping faggots. And that’s being polite. The casting couch has been going on a very long time. But people never mention the male actors that have to go to the “director’s chair”. It’s rarely talked about. But if you don’t “take it in the ass” you can’t rise to the $20 million club. This is why most black men in the industry have to do one of the following:
    1. Wear a dress and wig
    2. Play a homosexual(kiss a man or implied same sex contact)
    3. Or get shot in the ass by a gun

    Getting “shot in the ass” is a subliminal message that you’ve been screwed in the butt. It’s kind of an inside joke to those in the industry. Do you remember in Training Day when the white boy shot Denzel in the ass? When I saw that I shocked at first because it’s never happened to Denzel in any film. I knew then what was up. I’ve also heard that they take pictures and record homosexual acts by all these male and female celebs. They use it as blackmail so that they can never get out of line or go against the elite that control everything. It’s really DEEP brother. I don’t think people realize how deep it really is. I also hear the music industry is even worse.


    1. I have never seen training day, because i thought after all the good roles he did, be given an award for glory and training day was an insult to hos skills. And it was only a couple of weeks ago i saw American gangster, because i didn’t want to see them glorify this devil Frank Johnson. When i was much younger i did some extra work, small time shit whenever they filmed here in Toronto, and while i was far from that cesspool that the big time actors swam in, the vibes of some of the people around me made me realize that people would do anything to get in front of a camera. There is a reason why people easily get into that, because there are many with weak character and no integrity. That’s why getting into professional prostitution and drug dealing is easy for many. No integrity!


      1. True indeed! I feel you on that. No integrity at all! And willing to sell your soul for fame and fortune.


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