The Nine Lives of Marion Barry, the greatest politician Afrikans in amurdikkka has ever known

Some say Adam Clayton Powell was the greatest. But Adam Clayton Powell’s impact was mostly on a legislative level, no politician has ever used his influence to raise the quality of life among Afrikans in amurdikkka like Marion Barry. Under his stewardship, regular street level youth and men, unemployed or under employed trades men,ex prisoners and otherwise disenfranchised rose to middle and above middle class level, as measured by certain indexes.

Yet when he died, all the media focused on was his FBI million dollar sting and video taped arrest for allegedly purchasing and smoking what was claimed to be crack. And when that flaming small hat, from TMZ, promoted his death under the headline…”Crack head mayor dead”, while refusing to apologize, it was indicative of the disdain that these small hats and yurugu in general feels about all black politicians and we as a people in general.

Yet we have members of the congressional black caucus, allowing themselves to be lectured to by a flaming white sex practicing, anti Afrikan hating mulatto. We have knee-grow politicians who toe the line and are satisfied to being window dressing for a government that continues to not care about the people who are more patriotic than any other ethnic group in the country and, whose sweat made the country wealthy and powerful.

This is why Marion Barry is so important and why every student of politics should study his life and works and not rely on the khazaar run media propaganda machine to tell our story. Anything even half of what he does is better than decades of what we have had in the past 100 years. Nobody cares about who you are and what you say, they only care about what you have done for them. And at the end of the day, if your ideology don’t grow vegetables, i don’t want it

The Nine lives of Marion Barry:–

One thought on “The Nine Lives of Marion Barry, the greatest politician Afrikans in amurdikkka has ever known

  1. Great post brother. Yeah that was wrong how bigoted TMZ did Barry. But we all know those demonic bastards operate. Maybe TMZ really stands for Those Mean Zionists. Anyway this brother makes the same points you did in this video.

    He’s very much on point!


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