Brand New Second Hand Gyal

Brand New Second Hand Gyal

                                             —-Peter Tosh

Brand new second hand
You’re only acting like
You are somebody
But I don’t no say
You know nobody
You’re only A show off
Your painted face, yeah
But underneath that face
Your just A disgrace

You see them everyday…or nearly so. They are the ones who won’t return a pleasant greetings from you, or for that matter, will avoid eye contact with you. They are the same ones that will instantly smile at the little tow head child in the stroller. The ones who is happy to chat up some random yurugu on public transit, pretending that she is not like you, in your work clothes of the common man. You can tell her by her attempt to speak the queens English, with no cultural affliction other than a nasal haughtiness, that implies she was edumacated.

You’re just A brand new second hand gal
No man no wan’ no
Brand new second hand gal
You better go back around so
You’re just A brand new second hand gal
You think it’s the dress you wear
That make you A lady
Get that out of your mind gal
You must be crazy
Mama used to tell me
Long time ago yeah
Not everything you see glitter is gold

I often see her on social media, on dating site, on youtube videos, talking about you better respect me, as she takes another selfie in the bathroom, with her bra and panties on. She is on a dating site and demanding that no player, or insignificant nukka best come talk to her unless he was making 50 k minimum, be tall and have good clothes. But she is taking a selfie showing off her ass…sets, like day old cookies in a dollar store.

See you watch them pass I
Well hidy-Tidy
But them no-No say
You very nasty
Look ‘pon you footback
Look how them tough, yeah
And you jaw bone favor
Spanish town handcuff

They call her ratchet, but she saying you just hating. That her Brazilian hair is hers, cause she paid good money for it..despite the fucked up tracks. her nails was done by Mai Ling and her make up by maybaline. No, don’t look at her ashy feet, or the shoes two sizes small, making her hammer toes cry for mercy, to sound of Lt. Stitchie singing wear your size

Dick know ’bout you
And tom do
And harry just ’round the corner
Know ’bout you too
He got A police buk
And take it for fun
He must see no-No say
You judge to gun

There she is, she trading hand bags and clothes for sexual favors, she is not a round the way girl, a gear stick that men handle with rough intention. But don’t worry, because she knows that one day her ship will come in and the right man will wife her up. Until then though, she will keep trying on a new man and shoe, because she is all that, in her mind.

… Take man fe idiot
You’re just A brand new second hand… You’re wicked
Fool ya, you fool ya…

 There she is now, older and bitter, sitting in the church singing lord shall redeem us, as she flashes mean look at the younger women, with still fresh bodies getting the mens attention. She can’t see that her life was that of deception and pretense. Substituting quality for symbols. Brand new for used. And we will remember her in the days she seemed brand new but with second hand intentions.

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