I want the Black guy to beat the fuck out of the Asian guy

Sports are the rawest evidence of human emotions, skills and physical prowess. No sports exhibit these states as well as combat sports. And no combat sport is as raw and emotional as boxing. Boxing is the oldest organized martial arts and while originated in Afrika, has for the past 200 or more years has been ran by yurugu, with the Afrikan being the celebratory pack mule and performing animal, in a sport, where the participants are treated as animals. This May 2, 2015 boxing fans will embark on the rawest and emotional journey, up to this point, when Boxing Champion Floyd Mayweather will finally fight the “people’s champ: Emanuel Pacquiao. Now I call him the people’s champ because this is all the people….those in the hate Floyd Mayweather camp have going for them. A fictitious title. Emanuel ‘Manny’ Pacquiao, has a whole country, the Philippines, a host of Spanish speaking and yurugu fans rooting for him. Interestingly enough, all these support is based more on the image crafted by a crafty, low life, conniving, small hat and a anti- Afrikan hating yurugu media. in reading numerous sports articles and opinions on fight forums, the one conclusion I have came to is that the Manny supporters are unified in their hate of Floyd Mayweather and in their delusion of his skill set being comparable or supporter. keep in mind he has a whole country behind him. Filipinos that believe he cannot do no wrong. This despite the fact that he doesn’t know his father, beats his wife, cheated on his wife, has children out of wedlock, was a coke user, drinker and suspected Steroid abuser. But ahhhh..he gave his life to the lord, so he is vested in magical powers that absolves him of all those previous indiscretions.!

The Floyd Mayweather detractors, of which there are many have accused him of being a coward. Yes a 38 year old professional boxer, that has been in the fight game since he was  a teenager, and has been undefeated since turning professional, 19 years ago…a coward. They have called him a pussy..I am not even going to deal with that one, as if pussy is a bad thing. Actually only fags disparage pussies. Which brings me to the other series of name calling. Calling Mayweather a faggot. Like I said, sports brings out the rawest of emotions, and some of the most anti-Afrikan rhetoric often comes from sports fans. Short for fanatic. This is why regardless of Mayweather flaunting his wealth, buying sprees and fake, WWF money may, persona…I want this black guy to beat the fuck out of this Asian guy. I want all his ignorant, slime ball fans to immediately commit mass suicide, in order to rid the world of these insipid blights on humanity. But unfortunately, these real life cowards that disparage grown man from behind a keyboard, will not do so. I can only hope, The main one I want to die an ignoble death, worthy of biblical proportion, is that slime ball Jew called Bob Arum. I do pray for this, because ever since his prized slave bought his freedom, this parasite has been attacking Mayweather like clock work. Yet it was just 9 years ago this piece of shit went public with this statement.

Bob Arum says…..Floyd Mayweather is greater then Ali, Duran, and many more..

Everybody knows of the fight that made Mayweather a pay for view star. Yet even the man whose hatred of Mayweather is only surpassed by Arum had this to say, after countless tries with other fighters and numerous blue prints.


Even when the sun rises in the East, Manny fans…or pactards, as they are so lovingly called, still lie and lie and lie, about the fact that Floyd Mayweather was everything  he isn’t. A coward and a so called ducker. Yet this guy has been saying the same thing for the past five years and NOW, they are calling him a liar because he was fired by that slime ball Jew.

Alex Ariza Blasts Bob Arum says he is making sure Manny doesn’t fight Floyd

here is a synapses of the journey to this May 2, 2015 fight, after sifting through all the lies put out by the hateful  media and the retards that support this Asian guy.

The Mayweather & Pacquiao Files / History of Date Blocking: by Youtube presenter 78SPORTSTV

What really pisses me off is seeing knee-grows jumping in with the same bullshit that the Asians and yurugu haters are defecating out of their mouth. Where is the support fro a great fighter. A great black fighter (cause according to him he is not Afrikan…so be it).

Full Video: Floyd Mayweather & Manny Pacquiao meet in Miami & exchange phone numbers

After this fight i could care less about Floyd Mayweather. He and his children will be comfortable and won’t know me from a can of paint. But be not deceived, this fight  is a proxy “race war”, with the Asian guy and the filliping world the proxy tool used to keep an arrogant slave in his place. Slave, because after 500 years yurugu, still have a hard time accepting that some of us are not begging them for relevancy. Some of us actually can forge our own path, be our own money maker and employ people to suck up to us if we want.

Floyd Mayweather Won’t Get Credit Until He’s GONE

This man has been on Forbes top sports earner list for the third year running a I believe. And has NEVER HAD ENDORSEMENTS. Think about that. this more than anything is the reason why i want the black guy to beat the fuck out of the Asian guy, Just like he did this white guy. This is no deep insightful post. It has nothing to do with uplifting Afrikan people or anything like that. This is just raw emotionalism here, and if you all don’t like it..fuck you all too! Because this is a proxy race war and I want the black guy to win!

Floyd Mayweather vs Arturo Gatti (Full Fight)

The evils that white men wrought


If you followed the sports reports you would have heard the glowing testimony of those who appeared thrilled with the accomplishment of this team.  The Jackie Robinson West, little league baseball team, that came second in the world little league championship, drew significant attention as it advanced to the tournament’s title game, where it fell to Seoul, South Korea. In a sport that increasingly struggles to attract Afrikan children in amurdikkka, the team representing Chicago’s South Side emerged as a force, beating Las Vegas 7-5 in the U.S. title game.The Chicago players were lauded for not just their prowess on the field but also for their sportsmanship, and they later were honored by President Barack Obama at the White House. However, if you listen really, really carefully, you would have heard the questions. Because there were a lot of noise, albeit over shadowed by the accolades.

The last few days, if you listen carefully, you would hear the hew and cry of the sore losers and the haters, who would uphold white supremacy at all cost. I call them sore losers because, yurugu will always complain about unfair advantages when they get their ass kicked, in any area they believed they should dominate in. It kind of gives lie to the superiority of his kind.

Little League punishes Chicago team

The Jackie Robinson West Little League team was ruled to have used players from outside its local area by recruiting players from neighboring districts.

According to the findings by the league, the coach and team officials were culpable in bringing in players from outside of district boundary to compete in this league. Sister Souljah once rapped, two wrongs don’t make it right but it just makes it even. Yurugu as a people, an entity are a duplicitous and disingenuous lot. Whose propensity for deception and under handed acts is rivaled by no other on the planet.

Gentrification refers to trends in neighborhood development that tend to attract more affluent residents, and in many instances concentrated, upscale commercial investment. Put it plainly, wealthy yurugus move into a neighborhood and through a combination of real estate malfeasance, police harassment, political shenanigans and income disparity which allowed them to benefit from income disparity and rental discrimination, Afrikans in amurdikkka are shunted away from that neighborhood to pockets of ghettos. The children of these wealthy yurugu, can then exist in an area that eventually was created for their pleasure and comfort. All this happened in Chicago in the late 1950s and continues to this day. A lot of the so-called black on black murders in Chicago are the results of living in an oppressive environment, that is run down, poor, heavily policed with an infusion of drugs, that Afrikan people are not suppliers or distributors of. The neighborhood i grow up in in Toronto, can’t even compare to a city or area like Chicago south side, but I am fully much aware of police dropping off drugs, collecting their money,shaking down dealers, pimping women and creating beef by snitching or claiming such and such is snitching on someone else.

Now I am specifically speaking of how gentrification has created an environment where yurugu children can benefit from the best coaches, the best sports program, that money can by. AS the article stated, the league was struggling to bring Afrikan children in. This is partly due to football and basketball being more exciting and popular among us, but it is also because they don’t want us around them….period.  So of course the level of preparation will not be the same. Before the national championship, Las Vegas had beaten Jackie Robinson West, something like 10-2. Therefore the team was good enough to have gone to Korea to lose to the Koreans. But what changed? Did they bring in older players? Did they bringing semi-pro players? No, the team just gelled and got better. One would think a team as good for so long like Las Vegas would be invincible, but once that bubble was burst, the sore losers looked for loop holes, that they caused to manifest, to deny these young children some shine.

As one poster stated…“Little League Baseball is the same as the NCAA. Every team cheats. It’s a don’t get caught policy. Someone was really upset that an inner city team won and took action. So now these games never occurred? Strip them of victory? Hardly matters now, these young men know what they accomplished. No board of old men can take that away from them.”

What the poster should have said was, no board of jealous WHITE men can take that away. But yurugu has cheated us in sports since for ever. There was a time when HBCU’s more than held their own or in some cases, dominated when they played a superiority funded college sports team, during a period of segregation. Remember the movie Glory Road? In 1966, UTEP (university of Texas El Paso , formerly known as Texas western Miners, were the first black starting five, to the NCAA basketball team to win the NCAA tournament, when they upset Kentucky 72-65 and notorious anti-Afrikan hater Adolph Rupp. Supposedly one of the greatest coaches in college his story. This after years of being denied the pleasure of rubbing up against the bodies of these good white boys.

When the NFL started, in the 1920s, a handful of Africans in Amurdikkka played in the new league. But from 1934 to 1946, there were no black players in the NFL. There wasn’t an official rule against them, but there was an unwritten understanding among the teams. The teams would not allow Africans in Amurdikkka into the league. Not as many kids — or adults — know about Kenny Washington. But Kenny Washington was the Jackie Robinson of the National Football League (NFL). Then there was Jackie Robinson himself.  Ernest “Ernie” Davis (December 14, 1939 – May 18, 1963) was the first African athlete to win the Heisman Trophy. Wearing number 44, Davis played college football for Syracuse University before being drafted by the Washington football team then immediately traded to the Cleveland Browns in December 1961

Harry “Bucky” Lew was the first recorded African to sign a professional basketball contract. Lew signed with Lowell, MA’s Pawtucket Athletic Club in the New England Basketball League in 1902. On November 2, 1902, Lew’s team faced a team from Marlborough, MA. After a few injuries to his team, the manager chose to play four on five, instead of inserting Lew into the game. In 1950, six players ended up on a NBA roster. They were:

April 25, 1950: Chuck Cooper drafted by Boston Celtics in second round.
Earl Lloyd drafted by Washington Capitols in ninth round.
Harold Hunter drafted by Washington Capitols in tenth round.
April 26, 1950 Harold Hunter signs training camp contract.
May 1950 Nat Clifton signs with New York Knicks.
October 31, 1950 Earl Lloyd debuts with Washington Capitols.
November 1, 1950 Chuck Cooper debuts with Boston Celtics.
November 4, 1950 Nat Clifton debuts with New York Knicks.
December 3, 1950 Hank DeZonie signs with Tri-Cities Hawks.

As the tide of competition changed,so did they idea of many yurugu team owners, who were primarily small hats and Khazar, hit upon the idea of pimping black bodies for profit. Sort of like back in the good old days of enslavement. So realizing that the better, more exciting, more magnificent athletes were often the Afrikan athletes, they started mining these black bodies, in our neighborhood, and Historical Black Colleges and universities. The NCAA set up a scam where they would defund the black colleges, super fund the white colleges and funnel Afrikan athletes to their campuses, those creating a new form of gentrification. Considering that knee-grows have no loyalty to each other and certainly do not practice race-ism, it was only a matter f time before black college sports started dying off. You don’t think we have no loyalty? When the Negro baseball league was thriving, parallel to the league was the rise of hotels, restaurants, taxi and bus services, concession workers and loads of money circulating from town to town, when the negro league games come to a “black” neighborhood. Once integration happened, all those opportunities died, because to this day we think the white mans toilet flushes better, his water is cooler and his game is better.

This is the same mentality that made the coach, pursue the route he did, in a league and a game where little black boys stood out like…well a bunch of black children in a sea of white. Of course many won’t see how yurugu, created the disparity and lived comfortably off of it for decades. That’s alright, the knowledge is not for everybody. More than anything, what I see wrong in this whole drama, is not that yurugu will seek to get an advantage over us…that’s his nature. What I see wrong is how we keep thinking that we have to be around them to enhance our worth.

It sucks to be the coach and these children right now. But it sucks even more if we don’t learn the lessons I laid out above, instead of talking some shit that cheating is blah, blah , blah. Fuck these mother fuckers been cheating us since they crawled out of the caves of Europe….