The Lottery, 21st century style.

The Lottery is a short story by author Shirley Jackson, about the villagers of a small town, who gather together in the square on a beautiful day, for the town lottery. In other towns, the lottery takes longer, but there are only 300 people in this village, so the lottery takes only two hours. Village children, who have just finished school for the summer, run around collecting stones. They put the stones in their pockets and make a pile in the square. Men gather next, followed by the women. Parents call their children over, and families stand together. According to the lottery rules, a slip of paper is drawn from a black box. No one should look at the paper until everyone has drawn. There were certain young people that suggested that the lottery was unfair and another town was threatening to stop the lottery. The older folks felt that giving up the lottery could lead to a return to living in caves. Eventually a young girl called Tess drew the winning lottery paper, which had a black dot centered on it. At that point, the villagers grab stones and run toward Tessie, who stands in a clearing in the middle of the crowd. Tessie says it’s not fair and is hit in the head with a stone. Everyone begins throwing stones at her.

Todays society has a similar lottery process, in the form of celebrity talent shows, thing you can sing, Canada/America got talent…etc. But none is as egregious as the the annual commitment circus for college bound athletes and the NFL lottery. Where many of these so called blue chip prospect, become potential investment in some wealth yurugu scheme.

We have often heard story about the failings of these blue chip college prospects, who have been recruited at 8 years old, enter in to the killing fields of high school and college sports, get spit out with nary the ability to read, speak or function on a basic level in a society that has high expectations of them. Besides the limited ability to read, speak or think critically, there is also the lack of financial awareness and the lack of investment knowledge, there are the very much talked about lavishness that play a big part in these athletes becoming broke even before their 3-10 year window of playing life is completed. When players encourage each other to spend lavishly on frivolities such as alcohol and women. Frivolities such as what ex-NBA player Rod Strickland did, by spending an estimated $4 million on a lifetime supply of grape Kool-Aid and Crush, you know something is rotten in Denmark…or in this case with the lifestyle of the rich and ignorant.

Yet when asked by one of his players “What’s the most dangerous thing that could happen to us financially?”, Carolina Panthers majority owner Jerry Richardson replied immediately, “Divorce.” The money stops flowing in. Without a prenuptial agreement,Michael Jordan’s $168 million divorce settlement was at the time the largest ever. On the other hand, Dikembe Mutombo canceled his wedding, when his fiancée refused to sign one the day before the ceremony.  Another factor is the sexual opportunities available to athletes during their careers. Players end up being responsible for child support.

Shawn Kemp had at least seven children with six women, Derrick Thomas seven with five, Jon Kilgore 15 with 4, and Travis Henry nine with nine. Henry was imprisoned for non-payment of an estimated $170,000 annually. And the list is extensive, which includes most famous failures as:
Vince Young – After earning $45 million in salary and endorsements, Vince Young is the most recent pro-athlete to go broke.
Antoine Walker – Despite earning $108 million in salary while playing in the NBA, Antoine Walker had to declare bankruptcy in 2010 listing assets of $5 million and debts of $13 million thanks to bad real estate investments and gambling debts.
Evander Holyfield – After earning $250 million as a heavyweight champion, in 2008 a bank foreclosed on Evander’s $10 million, 54,000 square foot, 109 bedroom Atlanta mansion.
Kenny Anderson – Despite earning $63 million in salary, Kenny Anderson was broke the day he left the NBA. After filing bankruptcy, Anderson became a K-12 school teacher.
Warren Sapp – In April 2012, Sapp filed for bankruptcy claiming assets worth $6.5 million and debts of $7 million. The $7 million is owed to the IRS, child support to four different women, and medical bills.
Allen Iverson – In February 2012 Iverson told a Georgia judge that he was flat broke and could not pay an $860k jewelry debt. Iverson earned $154 million in salary and $30-50 million in endorsements during his career. Iverson was known to travel with a 50 person entourage, blew millions of dollars gambling, lavished friends with expensive gifts and had massive monthly child support obligations.
Mike Tyson – earned an estimated $400 million over his career, but declared bankruptcy in 2003.
Sheryl Swoopes earned an estimated $50 million playing basketball, and declared bankruptcy in 2004, owing $711,050. Swoopes admitted, “I didn’t surround myself with the right people. I got in a position where it was like, ‘Oh, wow, what happened?

Yet while those of us who are astute, overstand the cannibalistic nature of these wealthy sports team owners, it is quite surprising and mind boggling when the parents of these athletes, seek to cast the first stone up on the heads of the winning ticket bearer. yes, even with the slave owner mentality of the commissioners and team management, knowing the opportunistic nature of these vultures, none of this compares to a parents attempt to pilfer money from their child’s bank accounts. These people lived vicariously through their children, then when the child becomes rich and famous, demand their pound of flesh or start throwing stones.  The story of 2002 Oakland Raiders,17th overall pick, Phillip Buchanan is one of a growing list of lottery winners who have had their heads busted open from the menacing stones hurled at them by those who are supposed to be their protector and support.

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When parliament came out with their song…”america eats it young”…its sums up the mentality of not only the parents living vicariously through their children, but it also sums up the nature of the society at large….

A luscious bitch she is, true
But it’s not nice to fool mother nature
The proud mother of god like all ho’s
Is jealous of her own shadow
So who is this young Vic Tanny bitch
Who wish to be queen for a day?
Who would sacrifice the great grandsons and daughters
Of her jealous mother
By sucking their brain
Until their ability to think was amputated
By pimping their instincts
Until they were fat, horny and strung-out
In her neurotic attempt to be queen of the universe
Who is this bitch?